Learn More, See More, B'More: Episode 4, Neighborhoods of Baltimore, Part I

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[Theme song plays] Lucie: Hopkins is an amazing university and Homewood is a beautiful campus
Noah: But what many students don't know is how much the city of Baltimore has to offer.
Lucie: I'm Lucie... Noah: and I'm Noah!
Lucie: We're students at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.
Noah: And we're here to help you Lucie and Noah: Learn More, See More,
Lucie and Noah: Ding!
Lucie: The Inner Harbor, just a five minute drive from campus, is a historic seaport and iconic landmark of the city of Baltimore.
Home to the National Aquarium, Barnes and Noble, the Hard Rock Cafe, and the Baltimore World Trade Center, there are a variety of fun things to do in the Harbor.
One of the most relaxing, being cruising on the water, on a dragon paddleboat.
Noah: The Inner Harbor is a popular tourist destination; there are live performances in the outdoor amphitheater, delicious restaurants, great places to hang out with friends, and
a wide variety of shops and boutiques to explore.
Lucie: The water in the harbor is the northwest branch of the Patapsco River and water taxis are constantly ferrying people to and from Baltimore's various waterfront neighborhoods.
Lucie: The Gallery Mall, with its beautiful interior, is one of the hot spots located in the Inner Harbor. We explored, ate,
and as you can tell from the high five Noah's about to give me - there it is - we had a great time!
Noah: Next, we made our way to Little Italy.
Lucie and Noah [singing]: "It's Friday√Čeverybody's looking forward to√Č" Noah: Learn More, See More, B'More
[Country music followed by Italian music]
Lucie: Just outside of the Inner Harbor, with its delicious Italian cuisine and narrow cobblestone streets, Little Italy actually feels like Italy!
Noah: In this neighborhood, the walls of the rustic buildings are covered by beautiful murals. There's so much to do and see; you'll never get bored!
You can watch an outdoor film, take an Italian language class, stroll through the friendly streets, or dine at one of Littly Italy's restaurants
that are renowned all throughout Baltimore.
Lucie: Little Italy is the place to experience the sapore (flavor) and ambiente (ambiance) of the old country Italia! Welcome to Balt'amore (spoken in Italian accent)!
[Country music followed by elevator music] Lucie: The quaint neighborhood of Fell's Point, with its cobblestone streets, brick buildings, and 18th century seafaring
charm, is constantly abuzz with outdoor markets, street entertainment, and delicious places to wine, dine, and enjoy life!
Noah: Fell's Point boasts everything from contemporary art galleries to famous restaurants and eateries.
Lucie: With delicious treats from ice cream shops and cafes, you'll be sure to enjoy your trip to Fell's Point.
Noah: And if you're not too tired by the end of the day, Fell's Point has an exciting nightlife. In fact, the second largest outdoor Halloween party in the United States takes place in
right here in Fell's.
Lucie: This is one neighborhood you definitely don't want to miss!
Lucie: We just came from Fell's Point and I got this beautiful new ring. Noah [whispering]: It's not that great... Lucie: It's great!
[Laughter] Lucie: He thinks it's that great, but he doesn't know. This is great. Noah: Well I think it's excellent!
[Country music followed by electronica music]
Lucie: Just across the water is Federal Hill, one of Baltimore's most historic neighborhoods.
Noah: This neighborhood is home to the American Visionary Art Museum as well as the Maryland Science Center, and is full of delicious restaurants and cool shops.
Lucie: Fed Hill is also home to the Cross Street Market, a recently renovated historic marketplace built in the 19th century which continues to serve residents
and is the primary social and commercial hub for the neighborhood.
[Muffled crowd] Lady: So you just pop that open. See how this is like a "V"? Open it up like that and you want to take it with your hand like that on the
leg and pop it up. See the hard shell? Just take your finger and pull it apart. Noah: Whoa!
Lady: Okay. So then you take it, you split it in half again and you can take the legs and just hold the body itself, and keep spreading it apart and then you just pick at it. And then you can just eat it around.
And just pull it off cause there's a spine in the middle, and you just take your teeth and just pull it. Noah: Ah, so I go like this? Lady: There you go.
Noah: That's really good! Lady: And then you keep doing it continuously! Lucie: This is really good!
Lady: ... like throughout the leg! Noah: Thank you very much! Lady: You're welcome!
Lucie: Thank you! Lady: Not a problem!
Lucie and Noah: Ding!
Noah: Federal Hill is named after an actual hill, from the top of which you can get a great view of downtown Baltimore.
Lucie: With beautiful walking paths and beach volleyball courts, where college students come to relax and soak up the sun, Fed Hill is a great place to kick back and enjoy the scenery.
Lucie: While the views through the camera's lens look stunning, you haven't seen a thing until you've been atop this hill for yourself.
Noah: We haven't even begun to cover all the wonderful neighborhoods in Baltimore. Lucie: So come back next fall to see part 2 of our "Neighborhoods of Baltimore" episode.
Have a great summer! Noah: Join us next time to Learn More, Lucie: See More,
Lucie and Noah: B'More!
Lucie: Crabs! Producer: Here we go, Lucie! Lucie: Crabs!