Котобезумие ~^з^~ [Catmadness]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on 16.08.2012

Sup, I'm Stas Davidov.
Do you have sexual fantasies?
I have one [only one?]
And it's about me appearing on your screen and asking you if you have sexual fantasies.
While being naked below the waist.
And the first vid was sent by zgrHu-Carbon-Cobalt.
This cat's name's Teddy. And he's an ASS.
[anarchy in UK]
Newton's cat discovered gravity. And he's not amazed.
[not impressed]
And that look. As if he's saying...
Meh, just because I can. I'm too well bred to get in trouble for this.
Hey human, your jar's broken. Clean up this mess.
And gimme something to eat.
Or I'll break your dreams next [or tumble your pride]
Some cats just want to see the world burn Alfred Pennyworth, Wayne family butler
And this is Horosho!
The second vid was sent by the celebrity!
Coming right up, 12 seconds of animal pleasure for any viewer!
slow down!
Ok, continue shooting!
It's probably a set-up for the movie.
But nice, isn't it? [it is =3]
[like spilling a pan of borcht]
This scene in slomo, 3D and with an explosing is what makes a blockbuster [and tities, kitties and dubstep]
Although it's Russian, what blockbuster are we talking about?
Another ridiculous movie...
Why?! Why does this borchtmobile has so much sand in it? Is it a car or a vacuum?
Ah, so cameraman is a janitor and he's chanting a spell.
He still has to clean out the garbage.
Garbage :D *"garbage" (rus. "musor") is a slang for "cops"*
[Famous people quotes: TP, shi, shi, shi him! Slow down! Ok, continue shooting... - Shooting site janitor]
[Famous people quotes: And this is Horosho! - Stas Davidov]
And the third vid was sent by... the hell's with the names today! Screw you!
Cats are independent animals, come and go as they want [like a boss :P]
Woohoo, surprise, you primates!
Ceiling cat from the tax department is here! [falling on your head!]
And he suspects someone was masturbating in the room.
[i've seen it!]
I heard that construction workers sometimes immure eggs in walls if they don't get paid.
In this case it seems someone took something from them [revenge >;(]
[two eggs and a cat]
This cat is such a ... Cruise.
You know, Cat Cruise.
Cat is like Tom. Only backwards and with a K instead of an M.
Although what kind of Cruise is he!
Couldn't even land on his paws.
Although let's find out what caused the cat to fail to land on his paws.
And this is Horosho!
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What did Tsoi ever do to you?! *Viktor Tsoi, soviet rock legend*
What did Tsoi ever do to you?!
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So, how do you participate in knight tournaments?
With a victorium reinforcement rod.
I am Arthur, i don't want no tournaments, i want a princess, Merlin and a horsie
I have a pike in my hand.
I'd participate but my mom says no((
Don't junk your head with this knight tournament nonsense.
Like a pirate) with one eye and without a leg)
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And this is Horosho!
Ok :( �