The Guild - Season 4 Recap

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Sep 14, 2012


This is The Guild.
Can you believe this [BLEEP]
has lasted this long?
What I'm about to do with you is have a little recap.
Let's take a look back, way back, back to Season One when
Zaboo's Mom-- that's Zaboo-- was possessed.
Oh, [BLEEP]!
What the [BLEEP]?
Meanwhile in Season Two, you better get out of here.
Then in Season Three, they fought another guild.
In the end, this hussy Codex sleeps with the leader of that
badass gang.
His name is Fawkes.
But I'm going to call him Skirty McBadass.
So in Season Four, Codex fesses up and it is
Look at that hair net!
She's got a squid hat!
Then, Codex's computer catches on fire, so Bladezz--
oh, but wait!
Codex tries to see Skirty McBadass, but instead--
Get out of here, stupid.
I made you a painting.
What do you think of this?
It's bull [BLEEP].
But then the real Skirty refuses to go out with her.
So what did she do?
She practically begs him to pretend to date her.
plot twist--
Zaboo's mother returns.
Only now she's nice, not a crazy bitch like before.
And speaking of crazy, Codex gets a job with Sneezy
McHairnet, but their boss thinks he's a pirate!
Then Zaboo, Vork, and Codex take Zaboo's mother out for
her birthday.
But guess who's coming to dinner?
And he acts so rude and nasty that Codex doesn't even want
to have a pretend relationship with him anymore.
Look what he does.
He takes his little lunch box and puts all his food in it.
What the [BLEEP]?
Tink figures out Codex has been lying about
dating Skirty McB.
Here's that stupid commercial with Hairy McFishnet.
God, look, the pirate's all upset!
But then, Clara brings business to the restaurant.
Arr, I'm hanging out here with you stupid gamers.
But oh no!
It's you again?
But it turns out that Skirty picked the wrong pirate
waitress to mess with.
I have an idea.
Let's get married.
He thinks she's going to say no, but watch.
No, I do want to marry you.
Holy [BLEEP].
And guess where they have the ceremony?
In the computer, of course.
But then everybody's like, don't do this!
And they're like, you're right!
And then they hug!
Oh, boring.
But all of a sudden, who's that?
It's a super-badass guy, and they're all like, oh my God.
Then it turns out it's just that one guy from that show.
And he changes the hall to make it look
so fierce and amazing.
And then he's like, oh my God, you were in that video.
And he promises to take them all to a gaming convention.
They're so happy with their stupid smiles.
Well, we'll see how long that [BLEEP]