Employee Performance Management Done Right | SilkRoad WingSpan Video

Uploaded by silkroadtechnology on 25.08.2011

Let's face it performance reviews are a necessary part of running a
successful business. I mean, you need to know how your employees
are performing, right? But the reality is that most people within
an organization dread them. Today's jobs are fluid, day-by-day undertakings,
so more often than not, these reviews are based on a series of job-related tasks that
aren't really related to the job at all. Instead, they're an awkward, isolated, manual
process that lacks consistency across an organization, and there's really no easy way to identify
top performers just by looking at a pile of reviews.
And that's just what they become piles. Have you seen that ridiculous paper trail?
Even more importantly, as today's workforce ages toward retirement, traditional reviews
offer nothing in the way succession planning.
Seriously, how do you know who's going to step in and take the reins in your most crucial
So wouldn't it be great if you could turn performance reviews into painless activities
people actually responded to? And rather than making them a yearly trudge
through the standard HR line of questioning, what if you could create an ongoing process
that actually encouraged participation?
Well, the folks at SilkRoad believe that performance management should begin the moment a new employee
is hired, then continue throughout the year. And it should be comprehensive and scalable
at the same time, right? So that employee performance management fits your company's
needs, no matter how big or small you are.
A killer system should make it easy to create a review cycle that spans an entire period
of time, not just X date this year and X date next year.
And of course it should account for goals the employee's and your company's. Because you're
all trying to achieve certain things, right So what if the system invited multiple assessors
across the business, not just, like, HR Bob, who doesn't even know Sally from Shipping.
The assessment would be so much more complete, would it not?
And because you plan to be in business ten years from now, it sure would be great if
there was a way to addresses your long-term goals. With, say, an objective approach to
succession plans? Then you could easily identify, assess, and
groom potential candidates against core competencies. We thought you might like that one.
We're talking fully automated, uber-easy here, with a web-based platform and simple user
interface. Good-BYE, ridiculous paper trail. Seriously, you CAN take the hassle out of
your performance management. And WingSpan can help.