The Guild Season 6 Production Diaries - Day 2

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Sep 18, 2012

MALE SPEAKER: The first thing you're eating all day, and
what day is today?
I have no idea what day today is.
I don't even know what day of week it is.
Is it Saturday?
I know it's Day 2, but I didn't know the date date.
And it's Saturday, right?
MALE SPEAKER: It is Saturday.
CHRISTOPHER PREKSTA: It's Saturday, and it's only Day 2,
And I've already forgotten what day of the week it is on
Day 2, so I can't even imagine by Day 15.
I'm not even going to know what month or year it is, I'm
not going to know my name, I'm going to forget
all my family members.
I'm just going to be a director lost.
MALE SPEAKER: Enjoy your sandwich.
CHRISTOPHER PREKSTA: Maybe this steak sandwich will
reverse all of that, yeah.
JEFF WINKLER: Hey, everybody.
My name is Jeff Winkler.
I am the producer of Guild Season 6.
I'm going to show you a little bit of behind the scenes what
goes on to make this show happen.
Because there's a lot of people that make this whole
machine work.
So I'm going to show you a little bit of stuff.
So first we come inside.

This is production.
This is where coordinators hang out, this is where our
line producers hang out.
This is where everybody that has any kind of problem
throughout the day, they come to us.
They come to production and they say hey, I need you to
solve this, or this is not working right, or this isn't
working, or this has to happen, this has to happen, it
all comes to production.
A lot of our production people actually aren't here right now
because they're out doing stuff, because they've already
been tasked with an assignment.
But they'll be back soon.
Also over here is where we keep actor holding.
You can see there's Robin, and there's Brent, and there's
Vince, and they're all hanging out.
This is when they're not on screen and they're not doing
their shots, they're hanging out here because it's nice and
cool in here.
Wardrobe is hanging out here today, you get to see we've
got wardrobe.
Makeup is over there.
So this is where we put vanities for the day.
And every day that we go to another location, we set
everybody up at different areas.
But today, this is production, this is wardrobe, this is hair
and makeup, and this is actor holding.
This is our craft service area.
Sofia, she's the craft service person.
She goes to the store for us and she buys
food for the crew.
So when we're hungry and we're on a quick break and there's
really not much to do, people can run outside and they get
yummy treats for themselves and they keep themselves
nourished throughout the day.
We'll go inside and actually see some production going on.

So now we're going on to set.
Now, if they were rolling they would have told me to be quiet
and we would be sitting here waiting for them to cut.
This is the actual set that we're shooting at today.
We're doing all of Clara's webcam stuff, and we're doing
Wiggly and Clara and Bladezz talking about all sorts of
stuff today.
But this is the main set that we're shooting at.
And there's Chris, our DP, and Steve, he's the AC, and Dan--
so this is the whole camera team.
And what they're doing is basically just lighting right
now to make it look as good as it could possibly look.
Everybody else, Chris is over there as I said,
that's our sound guy.
So all these people behind the scenes you would never see,
they help make this show work.
I didn't want to stay in there for too long because they're
busy, and having me talk is just going
to interrupt everybody.
But that is a real quick behind the scenes look at what
goes into making a show like The Guild.
There are at least 30 or 40 to 50 people behind the
camera at all times.
And it's all those 50 people that make this show happen.
It's Day Two, and I'm going to show you a little bit of my
wardrobe-- it's extensive.
It's all--
not really, it's just this.
These are my 12 things the entire season.
And I change a good five dozen times, and I'm OK with that.
It's not hot or anything.
And notice that I'm not even on the hanger.
I'm not even on the actual deal.
I'm at the end because that's the extent
of my lovely wardrobe.
But look at how it brings out my eyes, so there you go.