The Fourteen Foreskins of Christ

Uploaded by deathray32 on 02.06.2012

During the Middle Ages, there were at least fourteen churches in Europe claiming to have
a relic of the foreskin of Jesus, left over from his circumcision.
Now, it could be that because Jesus was divine, when he was circumcised, his foreskin immediately
grew back, and he had to be circumcised 14 times before it took. However, this hypothesis
finds no support in scripture. So let's assume there could only be one foreskin.
Then, if there were only one church claiming to have it, we might not immediately reject
that church's claim out of hand. But when there are 14 such churches, their
claims obviously cancel each other out. We are justified in regarding all the claims
as false unless one claim can be proved true. Perhaps that's why in 1900 the Catholic Church
made speaking or writing about the Holy Prepuce a crime punishable by excommunication. They
were aware how ridiculous the situation made them look.
What religionists don't realize is that a similar argument pertains to religions in
general. When there are so many of them preaching incompatible dogmas, they cancel each other
out. For example, fundamentalist christians say
that if you don't believe Jesus was a god, you will go to hell. Muslims say that if you
do believe Jesus was a god, you will go to hell.
They can't both be right, but they can both be wrong.
Even the most renowned theologians and apologists often overlook this elementary point. William
Lane Craig, for example, thinks he can jump straight from the god of the Kalam cosmological
argument or the god who fine-tuned the universe after the Big Bang to the god depicted in
an ancient dusty scroll written by primitive ignorant savages thousands of years ago.
So the next time someone tries to sell you on a god, just ask, "how many foreskins does
your god have?"