Veja quem são os jovens que protestam na Inglaterra com o sociólogo Silvio Caccia Bava

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Agent will talk now with our interviewee.
Agent receives sociologist Silvio Caccia Bava.
Good morning Silvio.
Good morning.
Silvio is at our studio in Sao Paulo.
The Silvio, agent saw these images,
and it seems that the fuse, was the protest against the youth's death,
in that shootout with police, but the social context seems to have lost
the foundation in these manifestations.
What is happening now in its vision:
Is that people and young people would be taking advantage of the chaos to commit crimes?
No, I don't see like this.
I think a surprise, including the form of how the British government is facing
and analyzing these events, transforming in thieves, in vandals,
in predators, thousands of youths that are if revolting
against the condition that they have in the English society.
I think we would need to enlarge us that analysis,
to understand, a neighborhood as Tottenham, for instance,
has 35% of unemployment among the youths from 16 to 25 years.
It has suffered and suffers a constant intimidating presence of police.
In the previous week the those events that will happen now,
Scotland Yard had authorized the Police to do inspections,
to stop pedestrians, without any reason to can
to verify their documents, and to do an inquiry.
That was a hardening of intimidation.
And when dies Mark murdered by the Police, second all of the indications,
the a manifestation about 300 people, family, neighboring,
that space the police station to ask satisfactions.
And for 4 hours they are there without answer.
I mean, I'm realizing that there is a lack of institutional channels,
political to present demands,
and to face to a situation that has their reflexes also current of the financial crisis.
In Tottenham 75% of the money destined to social projects for those young ones was cut.
In the previous week, of the 13 centers of young culture of the neighborhood, 8 were closed.
Then we are seeing each other a horizon in that those poor youths,
a multiethnic neighborhood, discriminated by their origins, mostly black.
They are used a hood, for instance, in the street they are stopped for verification.
That neighborhood has been suffering, and it is not today a constant surveillance,
a constant discrimination, and those young ones, actually with a very precarious education,
and in the crisis that we have today in the world system,
with the future of the economy of England, they don't see future.
Doesn't have job, and possibly they won't have.
Then the social politics they are cut explode in revolts.
Well, I think what impresses the world in this conflict is the large number of these young people.
and of the whole violence. If they are not marginal like you is speaking,
who are those young ones, are students that were in vacations, and did they follow the flow of the violence?
They are not young that don't find job,
that has access difficulty the school,
and that live the whole luck of discriminations.
I would like to do, for instance, a parallel one with that happened in 2005 in Paris.
The Police pursued a group of those young ones,
of fear that already know how intimidating the interrogations that the police do,
3 of them tried to hide in an area of high tension of electric.
And they died electrocuted two of them.
Giving a margin then to the appearance of a revolt popular, young,
that ended up burning 10 thousand cars in Paris.
Then we will separate what is the event that could be said as the sparkle
in the straw of a context that is more and more conflitivo
and without hope for those young ones.
Now Silvio, you spoke that they are not marginal, but they are committing crimes,
and it is necessary to act against those crimes, wants to say:
As it is that the Police, or the government will act before a population
that is promoting a riot of those,
but at the same time they are not marginal,
they are young that are rioted with the situation, wants to say,
how is it that is the society on that moment?
Because it is very distressing you to see people of well attacks how those?
You would also call of marginal the 100 thousand young students of Chile
what were faced yesterday with the Police?
Wants to say: I understand that there is an impasse.
Wants to say: the government doesn't assist and it doesn't destine politics
and resources for those continuations of the population.
The discriminated youths, of color, of other nationalities, of the poor neighborhoods,
and as doesn't have a politics in fact to face the social problem,
they transform those young ones in gangsters.
Because the answer for that is more repression.
I find an enormous misunderstanding, wants to say,
those indications, they are a thermometer in the society.
If you notice that a violence action in a certain place
allows this to disperse for other cities of England,
that are enlarged in London that conflict.
It is because of bass of that social fabric, there is a lot of tension,
there much conflict, there is a lot of difficulty for survival.
Very well, we talked us with sociologist Silvio Caccia Bava.
Thank you very much for the participation, and a good morning for you.
It is a pleasure.