Installing iLok Software - Windows 7 - Troubleshooting Pro Tools®

Uploaded by avid on 28.06.2010

Re-installing your iLok software can sometimes resolve issues with Plug-In authorizations,
MP3 installs, and Toolkit problems such as the Factory Bundle
that use the iLok for Copy Protection. It may also help with computer lockups and freezing.
Now before installing or upgrading any software
it's a good idea to at least know which version of that software
you already have installed
and we can do this from
the Control Panel.
The Program and Features is a great place to find out this sort of information
You can see that the iLok, or Interlock driver is installed
and that my Pro Tools LE is version 8.0.3
Ok, let’s download the Interlok software.
I’m going to launch my Internet browser, from the Taskbar
and go to
using the address bar.
Now once you’re there, you can log into your account if you have one
or just click the Download button at the top of the page.
Here you’ll find the latest iLok software for both the Macintosh,
and the PC.
Now there are two
pieces of software for the iLok, the client,
and the driver.
Just install both.
I’m saving these files to the default location,
which is
the Downloads folder.
Now once that download
has finished.
I'm going to come back
and click
on the link for the Driver
again, I'm going to save it to
my Downloads folder.
Once that download is complete, I’m going to close the Browser as I don’t need it anymore.
Ok, so let's install the Interlok Software.
Going to open
My Computer from the Start Menu,
and then access my Downloads Folder from the
Sidebar, under Favorites.
I'm going to install the Client first, doubleclick
to start the Installer.
and let's Run it.
Here's the iLok Installer itself.
if you don't know what an iLok looks like
here it is.
Click Next
and then say yes
to the license agreement.
As always
many note of where the software is actually being installed.
Next, you'll notice there's a thirty two-bit and a sixty four-bit version
of the iLok Client,
I'm currently running Windows 7
in thirty two-bit mode,
so it will probably only install
the required version.
Click Finish.
Now the Driver itself. Same thing,
double click,
and Run it.
The dialog let's you know that you're about to upgrade the Driver that's already installed,
So just say YES,
and then hit Next
to begin the installation process.
Again it doesn't take too long but once it's finished
you're going
to need to do a complete system restart.
Once your Computer has re-booted and you're back at your Desktop,
launch Pro Tools as normal
to establish whether the problems you were having before have indeed been rectified.
You can always use the Start Menu to go back to the Control Panel,
under Programs and Features
to verify that there is indeed a newer version of the iLok Driver.
And there it is,
You can also see the iLok Client Helpter
just above it.