Photoshop - CutOut Painting Effect

Uploaded by hungnguyen520 on 11.11.2010

Duplicate the background layer, name the new layer Bottom layer
With Bottom layer selected, Choose Filter > Artistic > Cutout
Set the value as I do, Levels:8 Simplicity:5 Fidelity:2
Now duplicate background layer twice, name them Color and Relief
Please notice the order of layers (from top down): Color > Relief > Bottom > Background
In Relief layer, choose Fore ground as Black and Background as White
With Relief layer selected, choose Filter > Sketch > Bas Relief and set values as Detail:12, Smoothness: 3, Light: Right
Select Color layer, choose blend mode to Color
Now Merge layer Color and Relief together
With layer Color selected, choose Filter > Artistic > Cutout and set values as Levels:8, Simplicity:6, Fidelity:1
In layer Color, choose blend mode to Overlay
And this is what you have afte all :)))
Thanks for watching!!!