Prem Aggan

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Sapna! Sapna!
Name is Sapna. And your work is to dream.
Wow! What a bio-data!
Pooja! - Finally you have opened your eyes.
Yes, I have opened my eyes to drop a bomb.
And that bomb is in the form of a question.
Will you answer me?
I'm sure it is a strange question.
It is strange. But it is a very precious question.
What's the question?
Do you want to know when you'll die? - What did you say?
Do you want to know after how many years...
...months, days, or moments you will die?
I haven't even reached my adulthood.
And you are talking about death.
Sapna! Talk about life.
Life and death go hand in hand, Pooja!
So, do you want to know when you'll die?
No! - Why?
You want death to stand at my doorstep.
Every morning I'll feel that I've lost a day.
Death will be like a time bomb on my head.
Never! I don't want to die before my death.
Why are you laughing?
Sapna! What if I ask you the same question?
I would like to know when I'll die. - Why?
I want to taste every joy before death.
I want to satisfy all my desires.
I don't want any desires to be left unfulfilled.
And when death comes, I will smile at it.
I will say to it, Madame, where shall we go?
Madame! You sit and talk to death.
I'm going to college to deal with life.
You will come when you feel like it.
You're walking? - I'll do some jogging. Bye!
No sir! Please don't! It's a very dangerous dog!
Sir! For God's sake, don't leave the dog!
Sir! Please don't leave the dog!
It will kill me!
I'm training it to kill people!
You are afraid even with the protection suit?
No sir! Don't! - Get him! Go, get him!
No! Save me! No! Leave me!
No! Save me! No! Leave me!
Save me Sir! No! Leave me!
Stop it boy! Stop it! Sumo! I said stop it!
Stop it! Stop it! Stop it Sumo! Stop it!
Pooja! I'm sorry! Are you alright?
Vishal! It doesn't matter if I'm alright or not.
If you want me in your life you will have to...
...get rid of these dogs. Is that clear?
C'mon Pooja! - Ask the driver to leave me at college.
Just wait a few minutes, I'll come to leave you.
I don't want to be your dog's breakfast.
I'll see you in college. - Wait, Pooja! Women!
Good morning mama! - Good morning dear!
Where's Pooja? - She left.
Or else brother's dog would've eaten her.
You are responsible for all this!
If you were with her, the dog wouldn't attack her.
But you were sitting on a swing and dreaming.
It's very important for us to dream.
Man first dreamt about stepping on the moon.
And then he went and did it.
Man has already set his foot on the moon.
But what is your dream? You want humans to...
...become apes again and swing in the forest?
Apes were better than humans.
Humans are spoilt, like you. - No, like you!
Vishal! Have your breakfast and go!
I don't want to eat with this monkey.
You both are always fighting.
Yes, we are. Don't you and tourist dad fight?
Tourist dad? What are you talking?
Dad is away for 3 months at a time.
Is he not a tourist? I miss him very much.
Don't you miss him?
If it is dad, give my love to him. And you say...
...Please return to me my love. - Naughty girl!
Hello! JK! Sapna misses you a lot!
How are you? - I'm fine. And what about you?
I'm fine. Is it Sapna, or is it you that is missing me?
Sapna! You're speeding!
All are speeding. Why should I lag behind?
Everything has a limit!
Speed and love have no limits!
Everything has a limit!
Don't you know that sky is the limit?
I know. I also know that...
...There is a world beyond the skies too.
Jam your brakes! You fool!
I don't know to apply brakes! You do it!
You're crazy! You fool!
You silly! You shut up!
Hi Sapna! - Hi!
Are you crazy? Are you not afraid of death?
Brother, I have the fear of death in my pocket.
I want someone to steal my pocket.
And then I will not have this fear too.
Sapna! What happened to your brother?
He's in love with you. What else?
You call that love. I flew him a kiss.
He reacted as if I threw a stone at him.
It's not your fault. Vishal is very angry today.
Nowadays everyone is angry with me.
Who else is angry with you?
Our principle. I spent the night at your place.
The principle shouted at me saying...
...I'll throw you out of the hostel.
Why didn't you take permission to stay out?
Life is full of permissions.
Permission to love. Permission not to love.
Permission to come in. Permission to go out.
Permission to sit, stand and to talk.
Why so many rules?
Sapna! Whatever you say, college life is fun.
And only two things can spoil the fun.
Permission and restriction!
Worse than those is discipline!
Pooja, I feel like running away from all this.
You can run later. Now go to aerobics class.
Teacher called in sick. You've to take the class.
We'll have fun. I love exercise.
In Karate, if you loose your attention...
...You will invite death. Understood? Get up!
On your knuckles! Sixty push-ups! - Sir!
Ready! - Ready!
You wanna? - We wanna!
You wanna? - We wanna!
You wanna? - We wanna!
You wanna? - We wanna! Oh yeah!
You wanna be healthy, wealthy, sexy, wise?
Oh yeah!
You wanna be healthy, wealthy, sexy, wise?
Oh yeah!
Dusk and dawn! Day and night!
Girls do it! So do boys!
Exercise! Exercise!
You wanna be healthy, wealthy, sexy, wise?
Exercise! - You got that right!
Braise yourself, move it!
Stretch yourself, do it, do it!
A man should have strength! - Oh yeah!
A girl's face should be glowing! - Very true!
If your figure is in shape! - Really?
The world will follow you! - Alright!
Dusk and dawn! Day and night!
Girls do it! So do boys!
Exercise! Exercise! - You got that right!
C'mon, move it! Move it! Move it! Move it!
Don't be lazy! Don't lie down! - That's right!
Fill your body with energy! - Do it now!
The one filled with energy! - Wow!
Will flourish more than all! - That's right!
Dusk and dawn! Day and night!
Girls do it! So do boys!
Exercise! Exercise!
You wanna be healthy, wealthy, sexy, wise?
Suraj! - Sir!
You three! - Sir!
Come here! Attack!
Suraj! I just wanted to see if you are alert...
...If the enemy attacks from behind!
I was taking a trail of your sixth sense.
Here! I extend a hand of friendship.
Remember Suraj!
A hand extended in friendship...
...Can also be a message of enmity.
An enemy shouldn't call himself a friend.
You revealed your true self and your motives.
Vishal! I'm extending a hand of true friendship!
Suraj! I only make friends with equals!
Well done, Suraj! I'm proud that you have...
...maintained the great tradition of Karate!
This art is only meant for self-defense! - Sir!
Look at his walking style! What a gait!
Who is he? - Kiran (Rays )! He is Suraj (Sun ).
The sun never falls prey to the rays. - I'll see.
Prem! - Hey, stop it! What are you upto?
Oh! I'm sorry. I thought you were Prem.
He keeps writing me stupid love letters.
I'm really very sorry. - It's alright.
I like Pepsi. It's tasty. - And me? - Nasty!
What else do you like, apart from Pepsi?
I like talking very less to girls.
If you like talking less, then talk less.
I want to get to know you a little if not more.
Are you glue? - No, I'm not. My name is Kiran.
It's nice meeting you Kiran.
Suraj! Are you coming to the college picnic?
Suraj is everywhere. So, he'll be there too.
Hi Suraj! - Hi!
I still like the way you walk.
What a sexy gait, you killer!
I'm Jai Mehra. Can I help you?
I can help myself. - Did your car break down?
If you want, I can give you a lift.
Please open your eyes and see me.
Is there anything wrong with me?
Not one, you have three faults. - Three?
One, even a monkey will not like your face.
Two, you are a wearing a women's perfume.
Three, you name should be Gay, not Jai Mehra.
Gay Mehra? - Yes, Gay Mehra.
Who is this Gay Mehra?
He is the elder brother of Pandu Mehra.
You broke my heart. - It's better if you leave.
Or else, I will break three more things.
Three again? - Yes, three again.
One, the wind screen of your car.
Two, your glasses. And three, your head.
Alright, I'll go. Let me start my car.
Can you give me a lift? - Lift? On my cycle?
I can see two cars here. - My car broke down.
Why don't you take a lift in his car?
I don't like him. - Naughty girl!
So, you like me? - Yes, I like your cycle too.
Where do you want to go?
Wherever you want to take me.
What if I am a dangerous man?
I like dangerous men. - What if you regret this?
I never do anything that I'll regret later. Let's go.
To your funeral baby!
Silly girl.
I fooled him. And you supported me.
I've never met a girl like you.
I'm one of a kind and beautiful too. Right?
Not so beautiful that you can't take your eyes off.
Maybe if you close your eyes... - Hey!
...You'll see my real beauty.
Remove your hand. Or we'll die before time.
You love your life, don't you?
I don't know the fear of death.
I see the storm as a toy to play.
What fun! You live life just the way I do.
Did we meet before?
Maybe. But we didn't hug each other.
Why did you kiss me? - I liked it, so I kissed you.
I didn't like it? - What didn't you like? - This!
When people meet, they say their names.
My name is Suraj. - I'm called Sapna.
Sun rules the day and dream rules the night.
So they can never be together.
We are together from the moment you saw me.
You remember? - I was reading a book.
Then, how did you see me?
I just saw you by accident.
Are you sure you were reading the book?
Truth is, I was reading your face in the book.
What if you didn't read my face? - I would've died.
Our love is like an open book. Except one page.
Which page? - That is a secret.
Do we still have secrets from each other? - Just one.
This is my secret.
Such a deep secret?
I've dreamt about this since I was ten.
I want to hold my lover's hand and jump down.
Thank God, I'm not your lover.
Stop it. I'm serious Suraj.
Just imagine, we've jumped down the cliff.
We are flying like birds and talking to the wind.
We fell into the water with a splash.
And we are embraced by the waves.
And then we go deep down into the sea.
All this, without knowing whether we will be alive.
Wow! What an imagination!
Sapna! Imagine this too. We fell on the rocks.
Our heads are smashed and we became paste.
Death is holding you and me by hand.
It is walking on the waves and laughing.
I've got two lovers in my plate.
Are you making fun of my thrill?
Not of your thrill, but of your brains.
You have lots of money but no brains.
You donkey! What do you have?
I have no money but I do have brains.
Is it wrong to belong to a rich family?
No. But money should not get to your head.
If anything has gotten to my head, it's your love.
Foolish girl! Why didn't you tell me...
...about your childhood fantasy earlier?
Had I known that you want to drown and die...
...I would have never fallen in love with you.
I don't want to drown and die.
I want to fulfill my dream of seeing death closely.
Sapna! When did you become a member...
...of suicide bombing squad?
What rubbish! What squad?
Girls in this squad are ready to die to kill a man.
I'm just a normal guy. I'm not a politician.
Why do you plan to murder me?
Why are you talking about murder?
I wanna fulfill my dream. Aren't you happy?
I've heard of happy marriage.
I'm hearing of happy murder for the first time.
Stop your rubbish about marriage and murder.
Will you jump down the cliff with me?
I'm ready to die with you a thousand times.
What if one of us is alive and the other dies?
Suraj! I'm sure that our love is very strong.
So, even if we see the face of death...
...we'll still be alive to tell our tale to the world.
Love is making me helpless.
I wasn't like this before.
Before I change my mind, shall we jump?
I love you. Or I would be dead.
I'm crazy about you. Or I would be dead.
I love you. Or I would be dead.
I'm crazy about you. Or I would be dead.
Fire of love. - This is fire of love.
Fire of love. - This is fire of love.
You are my first love...
...I would die for you.
We love each other so much.
Even a hundred lives will fall short.
You shine like the rays.
You are my heartbeat.
I have your love in my heart.
It's like a fire and not wax.
I'm burning in this fire. Or I would be dead.
I'm crazy about you. Or I would be dead.
Fire of love. - This is fire of love.
I love you. Or I would be dead.
I'm crazy about you. Or I would be dead.
Fire of love. - This is fire of love.
This is the time of us lovers.
Even death has lost in our hands.
Your color is the color of love.
I want to be with you every moment.
You are destined to be in my arms.
You are the destination of my ways.
You are present in every breath.
Your face is present in my eyes.
I'm reading your face. Or I would be dead.
I'm crazy about you. Or I would be dead.
Fire of love. - This is fire of love.
I love you. Or I would be dead.
I'm crazy about you. Or I would be dead.
Fire of love. - This is fire of love.
Fire of love. - This is fire of love.
Suraj! Wow, what a name?
Come, we'll paint the shack. - Let's go.
Come, my Hira Lal. - Yes, my Moti Lal.
Hira Lal, we'll paint the shack.
But, what if the owner is penniless like us?
Money, money, money, always money!
Is money everything in the world?
Yes, money is everything in the world.
Or, you tell me what is most precious?
The most precious thing is beauty.
Beauty? But where does beauty lie?
Beauty lies in a woman.
You get the woman if you have money.
Yes, you get the woman if you have money.
But money can't buy a woman's love.
Money can buy a mattress.
But money can't buy sleep.
Money can buy food.
But money can't make you hungry.
Money can buy books. - Money can't buy brains.
Money can buy medicines.
But money can't buy good health.
Money can buy luxury.
But money can't buy peace and happiness.
Peace and happiness? You are right.
Money can't buy peace and happiness.
Is it clear then? - Yes, it is clear.
Why did you beat me? - Why did you take so long... understand this? - Sorry!
It's alright!
Why did you beat me? - Why did you take so long to explain this?
Hira Lal! - Yes, Moti Lal!
C'mon let's start painting it.
Suraj! Are you getting your shack painted? - No.
Did dad send you here? - Dad!
A father is called dad, you fool!
No one sent us. We are doing it for our pleasure.
We didn't take your permission... we will not take money from you.
No. If you give us money, we'll take it.
We are not painters, not fools.
We know that life runs only with money.
Alright. Paint it.
Suraj! Their colorful faces look so beautiful.
One more time.
When I was a kid I used to paint my face like this.
Will you paint my face like yours?
Why not? Our work is to paint.
It doesn't matter if it's a window or a girl.
Tilt the brush a little. - Why?
It's too big. - Shut up!
Don't paint her lips. - Stop your rubbish.
Let me paint a little too.
Fool! You'll make her look like a bat. Alright? - How do I look?
Like the Holi edition of a cheap magazine.
I am an artist. - I told you to paint my face.
And you painted my back?
Sapna! Let's go in. Or he'll paint your front too.
Wow! What an artist? - Shut up.
You were chattering in my ears, I got disturbed.
And she slapped me!
You are looking very good.
Don't move. Say love. - What should I say?
Love. When a girl says the word love...
...she has a special smile on her face.
Say love. - Love!
Not love! Say like this, love. - Love! Love!
Say again, Love! - Love! Love! - Lovely!
Mr. Suraj, since we are talking about love...
...Can you please describe your first...
...sensual experience with a girl?
What did you say? I doubt my ears.
I think your English is weak. I'll say it in Hindi.
Can you please describe your first...
...sensual experience with a girl?
Should I describe my sexual experiences?
Now you got it. Don't act innocent.
There should be no secrets between us.
And lying is not allowed.
Alright. Alright. Let me remember it.
Yes. This was before I met you. - Go ahead.
She was a foreigner. Indian girls...
...don't let you do anything on a first date.
Go ahead. - I met her on a beach.
She was coming out of the water.
She was wearing practically nothing.
I hope you understand what practically means.
Yes. I understand what practically means.
It means that she was in a two piece bikini.
Her hair was wet and was flying in the wind.
Rubbish. How can wet hair fly?
It happens. Her hair was half wet and half dry.
You just listen. - Go ahead.
Water was dripping from her face onto her body.
She came and lied down before me.
I went close to her and sat down. - Go ahead.
She was wearing anklets just like you.
Go ahead. - I kissed her anklet. She didn't mind.
What is he teaching? - Kamasutra! Keep quite!
And then what happened?
And then, I went closer to her.
To the centre of her body! You donkey!
I never thought you would do this to a girl.
You questioned me, you wanted the answer...
...and now you kicked me.
I don't care even if you die.
I can't breathe, Sapna! - Thanks to me!
I swear, I was joking! - Suraj! Suraj!
I'm in great pain. - Where is it paining?
Here! - You swine! You fooled me!
I'll kill you! You beast!
My Ragini! - I'm not your Ragini.
My Kamini! - I'm not your Kamini too.
Why did you beat me? - I'm Moti Lal.
Why did you beat me? - I'm Hira Lal.
Moti! - Hira!
JK sir's helicopter is about to land.
He'll talk to you in a minute.
Good morning sir!
Commerce Secretary Mr. Malhotra is on line.
Good morning Mr. Malhotra! What is it?
Good morning sir JK sir! You should've been in Delhi today.
You had an important meeting with Minister.
I know that I should've been in Delhi.
But I have an important work close to my heart.
You are the king of heart and wealth, JK sir.
Should I fix the meeting for tomorrow evening?
You save his throne till tomorrow evening. Bye.
JK. I thought you'll come next week.
Are you sad? - No.
I'm a free man. I can come whenever I want.
I'm not Independence day... come only on 15th August. - Very true.
What a pleasant surprise! - Really?
Before I give you one more pleasant surprise... quick and give me a kiss.
You are asking it as if it is some key to a locker.
A kiss is the key to life's locker, Sheena!
You are becoming more and more romantic.
Am I not becoming less romantic? - No way.
Vishal has come. - He's looking good.
Dad! - How's my son? - I'm fine.
Is everything fine with your college? - Yes.
How's Pooja? - She's fine. - Ok.
She worships you or you worship her?
We worship each other. - Wow. That's good.
It means that there is equal fire on both sides.
Sapna, my baby! - Dad!
I'm very happy that you reached on time.
You knew that I was coming?
Today is Valentine's day.
You told me that you fell in love...
...with mom on the same day.
Sheena! Sapna is just like me. So romantic.
Mom, didn't I tell you that God Krishna...
...will give you a surprise today?
Don't ever forget this day. - Never.
Or dad might find a new girlfriend...
...for his Valentine's day.
It's not important if I find a new girlfriend or not.
I definitely found something for you.
What did you find for me?
I'll tell you tonight after the business news at 8.
Sheena, I still love you the same... I did on our first night together.
Is a wife as eager to meet her husband... the husband is eager to meet his wife?
Yes. The wife is more eager.
But she is shy to admit it.
So the wife never shows her eagerness.
I love you. - Wow! What love!
Sapna! Your prince will love you...
...a hundred times more than this.
And if he doesn't, he's gone!
Dad! You can shoot later.
First, meet Rawal uncle and aunty.
They are waiting for you. - Oh my God!
It's very important to see business news at 8.
You both get dressed and come down.
Mom, do I say the truth? - Yes, you do.
Should I say the truth? - Yes, go ahead.
You are looking like a new bride.
No, I don't look like the bride.
I look like the mother of a bride-to-be.
Am I right? - Yes.
And now the biggest news of...
...International Business Sector.
JK Industries and Sangha Software...
...have made a deal at the international level.
As a part of this deal, JK Industries and...
...Sangha Software will supply the countries...
...around the world with software worth...
...Five thousand crore rupees approximately.
Mr. Jai kumar of JK Industries and...
...Mr. Ranbir Sangha, his son Rajesh Sangha of...
...Sangha Software shook hands in the deal.
This deal is considered very important... the International Business Sector.
Our special reporter believes that this... deal will bind both families together.
For International Business News...
...I'm Rakesh Pandey from Sydney, Australia.
This was my surprise! Rajesh!
Congratulations JK sir! After this deal... will be the biggest export house of India.
Mr. Rawal, you are the managing director!
You will have to take care of everything.
What do you think of Rajesh? Excellent boy!
He's smart! - I knew you would like him.
When did I say that I like him?
Alright. I know you'll like him one day. I'm sure.
Hi! - Hi! - Happy Valentine's Day!
Hi! - Hi girls! Hi! Hey! Hi Kirti! Hi! Hi Vishal.
Suraj! How did you come here?
My heart desired, my feet led me and I came.
My heart desired, my feet led me and I came?
This is not a public park. It's someone's house.
I know that it's your house.
I also know that it is not just your house.
Just because you know my sister...
...don't think that you are welcome in this house.
Look at your class and your status.
Status comes from personality, Vishal!
By the way, what is your status?
You are not great if you are born in a rich home.
Vishal! You can decide who is great...
...and who is not on some other day.
All are equal on Valentine's day. Come.
Dad! These are my friends.
Hello sir! - Hi! Enjoy yourselves. - Thanks.
Good evening! - Good evening sir!
And this is Suraj. My special friend.
What's the difference in normal and special?
A friend is a friend.
By the way, what's special in you?
Dad! Suraj has a black belt in Karate.
He comes first in all the subjects.
He got a scholarship from the college.
When I lag behind in studies, Suraj helps me.
You give him money for his help, right?
Sir, not everyone does everything for money.
I've never seen any sun on this earth... away free light. Never. - Sorry Suraj!
Young friends! Today is Valentine's day!
I'm happy that my daughter Sapna...
...has organized this party for me.
Many years ago, on a Valentine's day...
...I saw a beautiful lady. She is my wife, Sheena.
Thank you very much! Please enjoy yourself.
Suraj! I love you!
Love is God! - Love is Lord!
Love is God! - Love is Lord!
Listen to me, my love!
I'm finished, I'm in love for the first time.
Love is God! - Love is Lord!
Love is God! - Love is Lord!
Listen to me, my love!
I'm finished, I'm in love for the first time.
Look into my eyes and tell me.
Explain, what you see in me.
Why do you do all this for me?
Say the truth, why are you crazy about me?
How can I say what I see in you?
There's no difference between you and me.
It's difficult to live without you.
It's also difficult to die without you.
I can't bear to part from you.
You and only you are present in me.
Love is God! - Love is Lord!
Listen to me, my love!
I'm finished, I'm in love for the first time.
Why do you kill me and become a murderer?
It's my goal to achieve you.
Why do you desire me so much?
I don't need anything but you.
Why do you love me so much?
Because you are the source of love.
Tell me, what is this fire?
This fire is fire of love.
Come, let's forget Romeo and Juliet.
Let's teach everyone to love.
Love is God! - Love is Lord!
Listen to me, my love!
I'm finished, I'm in love for the first time.
Love is God! - Love is Lord!
Listen to me, my love!
I'm finished, I'm in love for the first time.
Ceaser! Oh Brutos! One more!
Dad! Are you angry with me? - Not at all.
You always take me with you for jogging.
But today. - I drank too much champagne last night.
Champagne? Is that mom's new name?
My baby! - Dad, did you like Suraj?
Answer me.
My answer is that I don't like him, nor dislike him.
But you answer my question?
Is Suraj just a special friend or?
Dad, you taught me to always say the truth.
And the truth is, I love Suraj more than my life.
Will you support my love, dad?
I can't answer that question right now.
I need some time to think.
Vishal is at the shooting range.
Let's go and test our aiming skills.
Excellent Vishal! - Thank you dad!
You'll win the championship this time. - Thank you
Why all the bullets in the dummy's stomach?
I'm seeing it for the first time.
I view the dummy as my enemy.
I shot the bullets in his stomach... that he doesn't die immediately.
He will be in pain and beg me for death.
Go on, Sapna! It's your turn now.
After you. I'm younger than you two, right?
Good shooting dad! - Wow dad! What aim!
I think you practice shooting in helicopter.
Why all the bullets in the brain?
As long as the enemy is able to think...
...he can become dangerous any moment.
That's why there is a saying...
...A snake is not dead until you crush it's head.
Anyway, it's your turn now.
Excellent! You've made a heart there!
I don't see anyone as my enemy.
Maybe that person loves someone.
I cannot see love dying.
I have a debate before college.
Bye Vishal! Bye dad! - Bye!
Dad! Suraj doesn't deserve Sapna.
I know. But Sapna will go to any lengths... get what she wants. I don't want to lose her.
Anyways, the sun has to set at dawn.
I'll try that he disappears in the clouds before dawn.
The enemy waits ahead!
Firing soldiers! Advance!
Soldiers, kneeling positions! Fire!
Come on!
Soldiers, take position! - Sir!
Soldiers, turn back! - Sir!
Soldiers, turn back! - sir!
Soldiers, at ease! - Sir!
Soldiers, line up in front of dummy! - Sir!
Soldiers, take position! - Sir!
Soldiers, march ahead! - Sir!
Suraj! Suraj!
Suraj! Colonel sent this bike for you.
Wow! Thank you dad! She's a beauty!
I never saw such a bike in my life.
How much does it cost? - A Gift is priceless.
Thank dad for me. How will you do it?
I'll salute the Colonel like this and say...
...Suraj thanks you a lot. - Good.
Hello! Were you missing me?
I missed you till last night. But not now.
What did you say? - You heard me.
I've got the lover of my dreams.
She's slick, she's sexy and she is beautiful.
Shut up! What do you mean?
It's true. - I'll murder her.
Murder her later. First let me ride her.
Ride her? You donkey!
Oh, so the donkey got a bike! Hurray!
I can't wait to ride her too.
First let me go and thank my dad.
Give my regards to your mom and dad.
You do it yourself.
I'm your lover and not your messenger.
Will your mom and dad like me?
They'll like you much more than...
...what your brother and dad like me. Bye!
When this world was created...
...Even our love was created in some form.
When this world was created...
...Even our love was created in some form.
Our lives and bodies were different.
But still our hearts were made one.
Man keeps changing forms for love.
My heart keeps burning in the fire of love.
Now I know why smoke comes from my heart.
When you are not with me...
...My heart keeps pining for you.
Left, right, left! Left, right, left!
Parade! Take position!
Rifles down!
Colonel! Soldiers are ready for you!
Soldier! - Yes sir!
Why did you join the army?
To serve my country.
Remember, you live when the country lives.
So serve your country with all your heart. - Sir!
Soldier! - Yes sir!
What can you do for your country?
I can give my life for my country.
I want enemy's life, not yours.
If you give your life, who will protect the country?
When the war starts, your aim should be to...
...put the enemy to sleep and come home alive.
Any doubts? - No sir!
Soldiers, there can be different positions.
But in the hour of need we all are just soldiers.
No difference between a general and a soldier.
Any doubts? - No sir!
After Independence, whenever we were...
...forced to wage war, our command has sent...
...courageous soldiers into the battle field.
They defeated the enemy...
...and came home with victory.
A good soldier doesn't keep counting...
...what the country has given him.
He always thinks about what he has done...
...for his beautiful country.
Soldiers! May our command be...
...on a great height as always.
And may Mother India be safe... long as this earth exists.
May our flag always be high in the sky.
Parade! Attention!
Parade! At ease!
Madam! Sir, hasn't come home.
Water is ready. Should I help you to bathe?
No Maria. I'll try to bathe myself today.
You won't be able to go down the stairs.
I'll try. You go and do your work.
But Colonel sir told me... - Didn't you hear me?
Go and do your work. Get out of my way.
Madam, be careful! - I told you to go.
And close the door behind you.
Sir! Madam has gone to bathe herself.
I told you not to leave her alone.
I'm sorry sir. I told her I'll help, she didn't listen.
Seema! Seema! Seema!
Did you get hurt? - It's just a small...
Let me see. Oh God! You are bleeding.
You hurt yourself unnecessarily.
Why didn't you wait for me?
I thought it'll be good to bathe myself.
It will ease your burden a little.
Why do you think it's a burden on me?
I'm just a burden in your life.
You take such good care of me.
I don't know when I can repay you.
Seema, you shouldn't say such things.
I am not able to serve my husband.
I'm the most unfortunate woman in this world.
Just think, what if I was badly hurt... that accident instead of you?
Wouldn't you take care of me?
Talk positively. I will kill myself...
...if anything happened to you.
If you killed yourself, who would care for me?
I can't care for you even if I am alive.
Maybe it's not in my fate to make you happy.
Seema! - I've only given you sorrow.
You are so innocent.
You don't even know what you gave me.
You gave me a precious gift.
Just like God gave this earth. Suraj!
Suraj! Is he coming home?
You didn't give me a chance to tell you.
Suraj will come at any moment.
Now I will bathe you. I'll dress you up.
Even the mirror will feel shy looking at you.
There, our Suraj has come.
Let's go in. - You go first. I feel awkward.
Where is your courage?
Why are standing like a little mouse?
Let's go in. There's no cat in the house.
Shut up Suraj! You go. I'll come later. - Alright!
How are you my son? - I'm fine mom.
What happened to your forehead?
Nothing, it's just a small scratch.
You came home after a long time.
Are you feeling better than before?
Yes. Sometimes I feel like my old self.
Mom, I want to see you walking again.
I'll start running if you come more often.
Hello my dear! She is Sapna, right? - Yes!
Why are you standing so far? Come here.
May you live a long life.
You are more beautiful than what I heard.
She is beautiful. But she is a wild beauty mom.
Wild beauty? What rubbish?
My daughter is very beautiful.
You go and meet your dad.
Dad! - Soldier! About turn!
Soldier! Catch your weapon! Good!
Take your position! - Sir!
Line up in front of the enemy! - Sir!
Move and attack!
Soldier! When you attack the enemy...
...maintain eye contact. - I'll remember that sir!
Good! Now let's meet like a father and son.
Son! Your hair has grown too long.
It's alright. You look handsome.
Very good. You make a beautiful couple.
My heart and my eyes too are pleased.
What are you saying? She is feeling shy.
Come with me. You move.
Are you hungry? - Yes!
Mom, she eats humans when she is hungry.
You keep quite. Come dear.
Son, they say, you can't trust luck and a girl.
No one knows when they change.
How much do you love her?
Dad, I love Sapna more than my life.
Good. Your love has fire power. It should be so.
But she is the daughter of a rich man.
Will you be able to afford her life style?
Dad, Sapna is not attached to her money.
And then she loves me very much.
You are very fortunate, my son.
May God favor you both with happiness.
Thank you. Dad, I forgot.
Thanks for the motorcycle.
Oh! You are welcome my son.
Did you use all your savings to buy the bike?
So what? I don't have a daughter to marry off.
But such an expensive bike?
It is expensive, but you wanted the same, right?
I'm proud of you my son.
You've outdone everyone in the exams.
You came first. You got a scholarship... study in such a big college.
You've made your father proud.
A colonel of the Indian army...
...can afford to buy a bike for his son.
Any doubts? - No sir!
Here dear. Let me feed you.
Suraj! Come fast. Aloo Puri is ready
Son, should we go on the bike to eat food?
I'm not so hungry, dad. - Is that so?
Let's go marching, then. Left, right left!
Left, right! Left, right!
So much love in the first meeting.
I've never seen this before.
I'll love her as much as I want.
Why are you talking in between? Take this.
The relationship of a mother-in-law...
...and a daughter-in-law is not always like this.
We can talk about the love and fights later.
First, let them get married. - Married?
Yes son, you'll definitely get married.
You are a soldiers son, you'll win this battle.
After all, you are colonel Veer Bahadur's son.
Yes sir! - Any doubts?
Hira Lal! - Yes, Moti!
Remember, it's rainy season. Sometimes... can get a shock from the electric pole.
This is a wooden brush. You never get a shock...
...with wood, you fool. Understood? - Yes!
You swine! - You did get a shock!
Not wood, but a girl can give you a shock.
What did you say? - Sorry madam!
We painted the wrong place.
No. I'll slap you at the right place.
Good you slapped him. We're equals now.
Or else he would eat my head. - Idiots!
Moti! - Hira! - Moti! - Hira!
Go and start painting.
Oh no! Hira!
Hira! - Moti! - This is the same girl!
I had to wash away her finger prints with petrol.
Please don't slap me. Please go quickly.
Hi beautiful! - Hi handsome!
Wow. She said, Hi Handsome.
Luck has favored you.
Don't miss this golden chance, Kundan.
Or else the girl will doubt your manliness.
Stop your rubbish. She had a boy with him.
If that boy meant something to her...
...would she call you handsome?
You have a point. - Yes I do. - Let's go.
You like getting into trouble?
When did I get into trouble? - You'll see.
Trouble and fight go hand in hand.
Let the time come, I'll see. - Yeah.
Pepsi please!
Hi sweetheart! - There comes trouble. - What?
If handsome and beautiful meet... will be like a flower meeting it's perfume.
You bloody fool! Get lost!
I'll smash your face in such a way that...
...even your mom won't recognize you. - Yeah?
If you are done with finding trouble, let's go.
She got what she wanted.
But I still didn't get what I want.
What do you want?
I want to wash my hands... the sacred river of her beauty.
You are a dog covered with mud.
You want to touch the sacred water?
Wow! What a kick?
He's like Ronaldo. - He scored a goal.
Wow, what a punch! Why did you beat me?
Wow, what a punch!
JK! Sapna didn't come home last night.
Where did she go? - I don't know.
Hot tea! You want tea? - No!
And you? - I said no! - Why do you get angry?
Do you still love me?
Won't you answer me?
I'm thinking about your remedy.
I'm not sick. Even if I am, you are my remedy.
Your remedy himself will fall sick.
You prefer falling sick or will you leave me?
How will I leave you?
We're locked in!
Suraj! I'm sorry.
Sapna! In love there's no sorry.
I told you to call me later. - Suraj!
Wow! So this is your effect on my daughter!
A girl who lives in luxury...
...had to spend the night in prison.
Dad, it's not Suraj's fault.
Your love has reached a stage of madness.
Is it not his fault?
He cannot fulfill your needs and desires.
He has no right to love you.
Mr JK! You can't weigh love... the scales of money and status.
I'm Suraj's dad. Colonel Veer Bahadur Singh.
Colonel Veer Bahadur Singh, I'm surprised.
Why didn't you raise your son with discipline?
If there is any discipline in love... is honesty and loyalty for each other.
Apart from that, love is free.
It fights with everything that comes in its way.
I assure you, your son's way is full of difficulties.
Maybe he doesn't know that many people...
...were destroyed in the way of love.
Their very existence is forgotten.
JK, lovers are not dead even if they die.
But his love shows that a silly shack... dreaming to be with an elegant mansion.
Even blind people dream. But they feel... pain when their dreams are shattered.
Because they return to their blind world.
I agree that love is blind, but lovers are not blind.
Your son is dreaming with his eyes wide open.
But his dreams will soon taste mud.
You put some sense into your son, colonel.
My daughter's love will be dangerous for him.
I can clearly see JK, intoxication of wealth... greater than the intoxication of love.
The one intoxicated with wealth feels...
...that the sun shining in the sky is a small fire fly.
He feels that the vast earth is a small village.
He feels the Himalaya's are just dunes of sand.
It is strange to hear about wealth from...
...the one who has never seen wealth in his life.
Wealth is given by fate. And when fate decides... bring a proud one to his senses...
...all his wealth will turn to dust in a moment.
In the house of love, wealth is just a servant.
Love! Love has given the world just some...
...stories of sacrifice and nothing else.
But wealth has given the world...
...Taj Mahal, a beautiful and wonderful building.
Buildings will collapse.
But stories of love will never die. Never.
I know that stories of love never die.
But maybe you don't know that the lovers...
...who are a part of these stories...
...even their dead bodies are often not found.
JK sir! Colonel! The owner of the Motel...
...took back all his allegations.
Your secretary has paid for the damages.
So, your daughter and Colonel's son are free.
I'm sorry dad. - Not to bother my son.
In love and war, you've to take two steps ahead.
And then take one step behind.
So we will always be one step ahead.
Did you teach your enemies a good lesson?
I'm your son. - Good. Very good.
When the heart is broken.
When the heart is broken.
What's the use of living?
Hello! - Mr. Balan! JK here! - JK sir! JK sir!
Excuse me! I'm honored to hear from you.
I need a small favor from you.
Just say the word and it will be done.
I don't want Colonel Veer Bahadur's son...
...Suraj to study in your college. Throw him out.
But JK sir, we need a reason to do that.
It's not my work to find a reason, it's yours.
But JK sir, Suraj is a brilliant student.
He is being given a scholarship.
Giving a scholarship will reduce the college fund.
And I'm the biggest donor for college fund.
Yes sir. But we need a complaint against him.
He was involved in a fight at a restaurant...
...After that he was put in prison for a night.
Is that not a valid point? - Yes, but I heard that...
...your daughter Sapna was also present there.
I know that Sapna was present there.
But she was not involved in the fight.
Alright sir. I'll discuss this with the Board.
Mr. Balan, finish it as soon as possible.
It will benefit you and your college too.
Hi Suraj! - Hi!
Hi! - Hi!
What's wrong man? - Can't you see, you fool?
Principle has called you, he looks very upset.
When the heart is broken.
When the heart is broken.
What's the use of living?
What's the use of living?
Good morning sir! - When the heart is broken.
You wanted to see me? - When the heart is broken.
Yes. - Sir, are you crying?
I've spent all my life crying.
Kundan Lal Sehgal's song is like tear gas.
Or me, and crying? By the way...
...crying and laughing is my private matter.
It's none of your business, understood?
Right sir! - Sit down!
But sir, why did you want to see me?
I want to tell you about three things.
First two things are your future, and my chair.
These two things are in great danger.
And you must forget the third thing just like... forget a nightmare when you wake up.
What if the dream was beautiful? - Shut up!
Alright. Just answer this question.
How many girls do we have in this college?
In the college? There's just one girl in college.
Suraj! I've given you a scholarship.
But your arithmetic is so weak.
There are hundreds of girls in this college...
...But you can see only one. Suraj!
Dear boy!
You count the girls with glasses of love.
Remove those glasses and throw them away.
I was talking about this girl. This girl.
A woman's lips have destroyed many homes.
They've sent men to desserts, bars, prisons...
...toilets and asylums. These lips have killed...
...more men than all the swords and guns.
I don't know why poets call them rose petals.
Suraj! Napoleon won the whole world.
But he fell at his lover's feet just for these lips.
I almost killed myself for these lips.
Maybe I was destined to be a principle... that I can put some sense into you.
Leave this girl, love another girl.
What else do you need? - I need Sapna.
Sapna! Sapna! Again Sapna!
That girl is out of your reach...
...Don't try to achieve her Suraj!
You know that her father rules this college.
He will throw you and me out of this college.
Listen to me and please forget Sapna!
How can I forget her? She's in my blood.
She's in your blood! Of course! Of course!
How could I forget? Sapna is in your blood.
Do one thing. Transfuse the blood of an...
...enemy of love into your body.
Or you'll face dire consequences.
You still have time. Leave Sapna!
You want me to leave Sapna and sit with you...
...and listen to this song? - Shut up! Listen Suraj!
You are my favorite student...
...But you can't take advantage of my mercy.
May I go now sir? - Get out!
Listen! Just think... Go, Get out! Just go!
Sir! - What is it? - Your old cassette got spoilt.
So I got you a new one. - Which cassette?
When the heart is broken.
Alright. Keep it here and go.
What did the principle say?
He said: Suraj! Sapna will definitely...
...send you to an asylum one day.
You won't go alone. We both will become mad...
...and go together. It will be so much fun!
Sapna! This is the Library.
Mad people can say and do anything.
No one will stop us. We will not be punished.
I saw an old lady who was mad.
Her hair was open. She had big eyes.
She saw Suraj and said, Come here Suraj!
I'll use you as wood and cook my meal.
You don't have to act as a mad lady. You are mad.
I'm mad too for falling in love with a mad girl.
Leave this madness and open your Biology book.
You are very weak in Biology.
Biology is man's knowledge about life.
His own life and that of all other creatures.
This knowledge is not just a collection of facts.
Charles Darwin&
Why are you misbehaving?
I'm not misbehaving. It's the teacher's salary.
And today is the last day of the month.
Wealth loosens the screws of a brain.
And I know to tighten them up.
You are insulting Suraj. Just go away.
Listen. Return your father's money to him.
Sapna, did you tell Suraj that you are going...
...abroad for your studies after two months.
I'll see what the poor colonel will do... send his son abroad for studies.
You wealthy dog! How dare you talk of my dad!
Stop this nonsense. I'm ashamed of you.
This is a college. It's not a battle field.
We teach you about humanity and manners.
And you are giving proof of cruelty.
You should be ashamed.
I'm going to report the matter to the principal.
Now get going.
If you talk about my dad another time...
...even your fate will not be able to save you.
Suraj! Suraj! My brother is a fool.
Why are you punishing me?
I've always ignored your father's insults, your...'s misbehavior. I did it for you.
But, I can't bear if you hide something from me.
What did I hide from you?
Did you know that you are going abroad?
Dad told me yesterday.
And you would tell me just before leaving?
No. I didn't get a chance to tell you.
And even if I'm going abroad to study...
...It doesn't change anything between us.
Will the distance affect our hearts?
I love you and I always will.
How long? How long? - Forever and ever.
Forever? Our love will die in two months.
How can you call that forever?
True love lives on for hundreds of years.
Love is like clothes and jewelry for rich people.
Wear it and remove it whenever you want.
What rubbish? Are you out of your mind?
I'm right Sapna! You will be married off to a...
...billionaire when you go abroad.
You'll start a new life with new dreams.
And I will keep burning for ages like the sun.
You'll burn and make me burn too.
Is it my fault that my father is rich?
I decided that the day you'll ask me... marry you, I'll convince my father.
If my father didn't agree, then I would rebel...
...against him and this world and be with you.
But Suraj, you have a heart of stone.
Forgive me for making this mistake.
I was searching for love in a stone.
Sapna! - I won't stop. I'll never see your face.
Sapna! Will you marry me?
Yes! Yes!
Dad, he's asked her to marry him. - What?
Suraj! What does this Shiv Ling symbolize?
It symbolizes both man and woman.
Like you and me. When you and me embrace...
...each other, we'll come together as one.
Life's waters flow from this embrace.
I can't control myself when I see you.
Your fair body puts me on fire.
I can't control myself when I see you.
Your fair body puts me on fire.
My heart tingles, I'm helpless in your love.
I can't control myself when I see you.
My heart and body is on fire.
My heart tingles, I'm helpless in your love.
Your touch makes me go crazy.
I'm thirsting for you, I'm on fire.
Say something, unravel the secret.
Why am I on fire? How to put off this fire?
You are on fire. I am on fire.
Come, I'll tell you how to put off this fire.
When your heart meets my heart.
When your lips meet my lips.
Only then we can put off this fire.
This is the fire of love, yes... is the fire of love.
I can't control myself when I see you.
My heart and body is on fire.
My heart tingles, I'm helpless in your love.
My body is burning in a sweet fire.
I feel that even the time has stopped.
My heart is fluttering with impatience.
I feel that I'm living a new life.
Come, hold me. Drink the wine of love.
It's the fire of love. It's a wonderful love.
How long to suffer? What's the remedy?
Why am I on fire every moment?
This is the fire of love...
...yes, it is the fire of love.
I can't control myself when I see you.
Your fair body puts me on fire.
My heart tingles, I'm helpless in your love.
Suraj! Give me that sweet pain!
I don't want to share it with anyone else.
I want my body to be your treasure.
My heart keeps burning in the fire of love.
My heart keeps burning in the fire of love.
When you are not with me...
...My heart keeps pining for you.
When you are not with me...
...My heart keeps pining for you.
My heart keeps burning in the fire of love.
We lost ourselves in our emotions.
I have not yet married you.
It's not the time for us to become one.
I was testing you, Suraj!
I'm happy that you were successful.
You should go home. It's very late.
'I'll go when the rain stops. I love you Suraj!
Suraj! It's dad!
You look like a cheap and shameless woman.
Cover your body!
Dad! It's not what you think.
No. You've brought disgrace to your family...
...You offered yourself up like a prostitute...
...In one night, you have ruined everything.
No sir! Nothing like that happened.
An ant is trying to stop the mountain!
Finish this rascal in a merciless way.
His soul should shudder at the name of life.
Come! - Dad, please stop your men!
If something happens to Suraj& - Shut up!
Please tell dad to stop his men!
They'll kill Suraj! Please save him mom!
What happened? - You want to know?
I'll say it in three words. She's a prostitute.
No, dad. Our love is pure. - Shut up!
My mouth is small and brain is big.
That's why I talk very less.
Dad, please don't kill Suraj!
Suraj will continue living on one condition.
You'll never meet him after this day.
This is not a hand. It's a hammer.
Dad, I love Suraj. I always will.
If something happens to Suraj, I'll kill myself.
If you kill yourself, I'll shoot myself.
Do you want to see your mother as a widow?
C'mon tell me. - JK! What are you doing?
Sapna, don't you love your parents at all?
I beg you, save this house from destruction.
Please tell your dad that you'll forget Suraj!
Alright! I'll never meet Suraj again.
Please tell your men not to kill him.
Yes sir! - How is Suraj? - He's half-dead!
Leave him alive. - As you say sir!
It's a deal Sapna. You'll marry as I wish.
Promise me that you'll never meet Suraj again.
Alright dad. I promise that I'll not meet Suraj.
I also promise that I'll never talk to you again.
You'll never hear my voice again in your life.
Beautiful climate and a pleasant journey.
Beautiful climate and a pleasant journey.
Seema. Everything has changed over the years.
Yes. - But this town is just like that.
You remember? - I remember everything.
I'm sure that even Suraj will celebrate...
...his first night in the same town.
Yes, he will. Why is he not coming out?
He must be asleep. - We'll wake him up.
Hey soldier!
Did you tell Suraj that I'm coming with you?
We army men attack suddenly.
Soldier! What are you doing?
You are a soldier's son. You shouldn't be afraid of an attack!
Where are you hiding, my lion?
Suraj! - What happened to Suraj?
What happened? Tell me, what happened?
Who did this to my son? - What did they do?
What happened to my Suraj? - Mom!
Is Suraj alright? - Seema, you don't worry.
Suraj is absolutely fine. He is my son.
Yes. But what happened to him?
Whoever did this to you - What did they do?
Will have to pay for every drop of blood.
Why are you not telling me what happened?
Take me to my son! - My son! - I want to&
My heart keeps burning in the fire of love.
When you are not with me...
...My heart keeps pining for you.
When you are not with me...
...My heart keeps pining for you.
My heart keeps burning in the fire of love.
My heart keeps burning in the fire of love.
Suraj hasn't come to college since two weeks
I've heard that he is not giving exams too.
Are you hiding something from me?
Pooja, find out where is Suraj and how is he?
I should find out? Did you fight with him?
Hey, Sapna! Why are you crying?
Alright, I'll find out about Suraj and tell you.
Now wipe your tears.
Pooja! Suraj shouldn't know that I sent you.
I should find out about Suraj.
And he shouldn't know who sent me.
God of love! Don't create such situations.
Thank God that you are out of danger.
What if something happened to you?
Mom! - Who attacked you so brutally?
Who are those people? - I don't know mom.
Suraj, you don't know but I know those people.
Suraj doesn't know. So, how do you know?
Seema, they were hired men.
JK sent them to kill Suraj.
No, dad! That can't be true.
Suraj, JK threatened to kill you outside prison.
He threatened us because he was angry.
But it's a different thing to actually kill a person.
Your love for Sapna is making you say that.
I'm sure that those were not JK's men.
If you are so sure, I'll accept it.
Son, no matter how strong the enemy is...
...a wounded soldier has to fight his own battle.
You are a soldier's son.
Whoever it is, you should take revenge.
I'm your son dad. I'll surely take revenge.
That's my son.
Sapna! Sapna! How are your exams going on?
Sapna! That was your dad's voice!
I heard him mom!
How long will she not talk to me?
I understand your pain JK. Give her some time.
Everything will be fine.
Kick! Kick! - Suraj!
Have some milk.
How are you feeling now?
I feel much better mom. - Thank God!
Suraj! We've had our share of love.
From now on, our ways are different.
Suraj! This is our fate. We can't fight it.
Fate is a court of life.
It has no hearings, no allegations proved.
It just gives out decisions.
Fates decision is that we forget each other.
Yours at some point, Sapna!
Finance minister's secretary is coming... meet you at the Delhi airport.
I remember. I'll discuss the project with him.
Mr. Rawal, I'll keep visiting India.
Our business is very widespread now.
So your responsibilities will increase.
You have one thing less on your mind, Pooja!
I'm taking Pooja along with me.
She will keep company to Sapna.
And then Pooja will study abroad.
You please don't worry about her.
Why should I worry about Pooja?
She is going to be your daughter-in-law.
You will give her the best. - Of course!
Where is Sapna? - She'll come.
Happy journey Sapna! - Happy journey Pooja!
You'll have new friends in a new country.
Don't forget us. No need to write letters...
...But please keep calling. - Sure.
Is Suraj going with you or will he come later?
What do you mean by this letter?
You've accepted defeat before fate, Sapna!
Lovers are ready to fight God if necessary.
What do you know about love?
Dad! Stop it! What are you doing?
Sapna! What happened to you? - Nothing mom.
Let's go!
Sapna! Sapna!
Even blind ones are afraid of death.
You can see, but still you came to meet death
I'll tell you if I came to meet death or...
...Death came to your doorstep.
Will you come one by one or all together?
Will you come? Will you come? C'mon! C'mon!
You think too much of yourself, don't you?
Boss of these villains, a bigger villain.
You said these hands were hammers, right?
Now lift your broken hand towards me!
You said your mouth is small but brains are big.
Take this! - Have mercy!
Take this! - Have mercy!
Here, I show you mercy.
Well done soldier!
You proved that you are a soldier's son!
I'm proud of you my son!
My heart keeps burning in the fire of love.
My heart keeps burning in the fire of love.
When you are not with me...
...My heart keeps pining for you.
When you are not with me...
...My heart keeps pining for you.
My heart keeps burning in the fire of love.
When you are not with me...
...My heart keeps pining for you.
Go Rajesh! Keep it up!
That's my boy! Good!
That's it! You are doing fine!
Mr. Sangha! - Welcome JK!
Keep it up Rajesh! Don't fall down!
JK, I was waiting for you.
Did you have any trouble in the journey?
I was so eager to meet you Mr. Sangha that...
...even trouble didn't feel like troubling me.
That's good! I like that!
Very good!
Sapna, did you see that?
C'mon Rajesh! - 40 seconds.
C'mon, that's the spirit! - 50 seconds.
Oh my God! Mr. Sangha, is he hurt?
No. Only the brave fall in the battle field.
It's difficult to sit on that horse for 5 seconds.
I know Mr. Sangha, I know!
Shoot! - Are you alright, Rajesh?
I'm fine, I'm fine. Be cool.
Mr. Sangha, Rajesh is surrounded with girls.
JK, this is Australia. So forget about the girls.
Rajesh is crazy about Sapna.
He fell in love with her photograph.
Mr. Sangha, after all, she is my daughter.
Okay! Okay!
Excuse me!
Hi Rajesh! - Hello uncle!
You are a good horse rider! - Thank you!
Beautiful! You are very pretty dear!
Hello aunty! Hi Vishal! - Hi Rajesh! - Hi! - Hi!
Rajesh, here is your dream girl Sapna!
Sapna, he is my only nephew Rajesh!
He is going to be your life-partner.
They look like a very romantic couple!
JK, looking at them I'm reminded of my youth.
Mr. Sangha, angles of heaven and you will...
...never be old. - And you too.
You are still young. I'm still young.
And we are still young.
So tonight will be for Rajesh and Sapna.
Yeah good!
Champagne glasses are full.
Do you just serve or do you drink too?
Beg your pardon sir! - Oh nothing!
It's not your fault Mr. Sangha.
You've been a bachelor your whole life.
I am a bachelor, but I was never single.
That's a good one. - I wouldn't remain a bachelor too...
...if I got a woman like Sheena.
She is not only beautiful but also rich.
Cheers to Sangha and JK group! - Cheers!
Cheers to Sapna and Rajesh! - Cheers!
Lift your glasses! - Join your glasses!
Wave your glasses! - Spill your glasses!
Sapna, have a sip of champagne for me.
Sapna! Champagne!
Sapna! Dad is asking you to do something.
Sapna, Rajesh is asking you to sip champagne.
If you don't want to take a sip...
...just touch the glass with your delicate lips.
That's like my boy!
Sapna, this is to you and Rajesh! Cheers!
Cheers, Sapna!
Here! This is a glimpse of 21st century love.
Would you care to dance? - Why not?
Great idea! Let's go Pooja!
I'm happy to see Sapna and Rajesh together.
I'm very happy. - Mr. Sangha, we should...
...get these two engaged as soon as possible.
Of course! Cheers! - Cheers!
Oh Sangha! Haven't seen you for ages!
Gabriella! - Would you like to dance?
Of course my dear! Excuse me JK!
JK, I don't understand the ways of this land.
Whatever you are doing for Sapna, is it right?
I've never seen Sapna behaving like this.
She is taking revenge for leaving Suraj.
A daughter doesn't talk to her father.
How long can we hide this from the world?
Fahter's privilege for a dance, son!
Sure sir! You have more right than me!
According to the tradition here...
...I thought that you'll just take one sip.
Why did you drink all the champagne Sapna?
Why don't you talk to me? I'm your father.
I'm dying to here my daughter's voice.
Your silence is breaking something within me.
Don't you love me? Answer me Sapna!
Before us, many lovers wrote their names...
...on the walls of time.
Before us, many lovers wrote their names...
...on the walls of time.
Many Romeos lost their lives.
Many Juliets lost everything they had.
A prince died mourning for his lady love.
Why does nature's pen...
...keeps changing our fate.
My heart keeps burning in the fire of love.
When you are not with me...
...My heart keeps pining for you.
When you are not with me...
...My heart keeps pining for you.
My heart keeps burning in the fire of love.
My heart keeps burning in the fire of love.
This water, these rocks, these mountains...
...and the waves hitting the rocks.
This place paints a picture of life and death.
Does this remind you of a special moment?
Yes! - Yes, no, no Yes.
Sapna whenever I ask... a question, you just answer in yes or no.
You've been in Australia for six months.
Six months and seven days.
But in these six months and seven days... just spoke six or seven words.
Sapna, we are going to be life partners.
Don't you think we should get close?
Rajesh, I want to tell you something today.
Cheers to my lady love Sapna!
She decided to tell me something...
...after six months and seven days.
Rajesh, I'll never be able to love you.
Will you still& - Sapna, man has seen for ages...
...that after marriage a couple first makes love...
...and after that they fall in love with each other.
When two bodies meet... of love comes from the heat of emotions...
...and reaches upto the sky.
If you repeat something it becomes a habit.
Be it worship or be it love.
Why did you drink so much? Stop!
You will have to break your silence...
...and talk to me today. I said stop!
Father-daughter relationship is not a joke.
Do you know how a father feels...
...when his daughter comes home drunk?
What do you want to prove?
JK, what is happening here?
Sheena, just look at her.
For what is she taking revenge on me?
Mom, my fiancAc wants me to drink.
So I drink. Is that wrong?
My dad chose that guy for me. - Oh god!
You tell me mom, what should I do?
Sapna, you shouldn't join Rajesh in drinking.
Instead you should try to change him.
After all, you grew up in Indian culture.
Mom, things wrong in India are traditions here.
What is right there is considered wrong here.
Dad should've known what is right and wrong...
...before choosing Rajesh for me.
You will tell me what is right and wrong!
Shameless creature! - JK, what are you doing?
Keep quite. Pooja, take Sapna to her room. Go.
JK, you shouldn't beat your young daughter.
What should I do? She started drinking...
...after separating from Suraj.
And she is blaming me and Rajesh.
It would've been better if Suraj died that day.
Anyway, I still have time. I'll kill Suraj.
Relax, JK, relax!
Sapna agreed to marry Rajesh.
What else do you want? Please. Let's go. Come.
My heart keeps burning in the fire of love.
My heart keeps burning in the fire of love.
When you are not with me...
...My heart keeps pining for you.
When you are not with me...
...My heart keeps pining for you.
My heart keeps burning in the fire of love.
Son, how long will you camouflage your pain?
If you trust luck and woman, try them both.
Go. Find Sapna. Find out what's in her heart.
Sapna is abroad dad.
If I have to go there and live there...
...I'll have to sell my motorcycle.
I don't want to. - Son, motorcycle is nothing.
If Shah jahan had to sell Taj Mahal... find Mumtaz once again, he would sell it.
What is motorcycle before that? C'mon.
Dad, thank you dad! - Smile my son!
Welcome, Suraj, welcome! - Thank you!
Did you do my work here? - Of course!
You are my only friend in India.
How can I not do your work?
I found out her home and college.
And yes, her father is a very dangerous man.
Love teaches you to face all kinds of dangers
He's nice, isn't he?
Suraj, when did you come to Australia?
Forget that, do you know why I came?
Sapna didn't come to college today.
Where is she? - She is getting engaged tonight.
Sorry Suraj. I had to give you this bad news.
Pooja, just tell me if she is doing all this herself?
Or is someone forcing her to do it?
It's very difficult to answer that Suraj.
Even though I'm very close to Sapna...
...I don't know what's in her heart.
Don't tell Sapna that I'm here.
Suraj! Wait! Where are you going? Listen to me
Who was he? - My friend!
Why do you get so jealous if I talk to a guy?
Where there's love, there's jealousy dear.
C'mon, we've to go to Sapna's engagement.
We are getting late.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to announce...
...the engagement of my nephew Rajesh.
...Sangha with Sapna, daughter of JK...
...the great Jai Kumar of India. - Thank you!
Congratulations Mr. Sangha!
Same to you JK! - Thank you!
Sir, may I? - Why delay a good work?
God bless you.
Sapna, give your hand.
Thank you! Thanks!
JK, this day will never come again!
So let's celebrate today!
Sapna, this day had to come sooner or later.
When a daughter cries, a mother's heart cries.
Stop crying. For my sake, stop crying.
Please stop crying.
On the road of love, a lover is known by this.
He holds his life in his hand.
And he is not afraid of death.
That's the identity of a true lover.
Whenever I see you...
...My heart and body is on fire.
No one can put this fire off.
Every day, every moment.
Fire of love, fire of love.
I'm in love. I'm in love.
Every day, every moment.
Fire of love, fire of love.
He fell in love without a care.
She hurt him back. It wasn't fair.
My eyes have seen it.
I never imagined it in my dreams.
I never thought that you'll change so much.
My heart and body are on fire.
No one can put this fire off.
How can a flower bloom in a desert?
Earth is shaking. Heavens is bending.
Every day, every moment.
Fire of love, fire of love.
I'm in love. I'm in love.
Every day, every moment.
Every day, every moment.
Fire of love, fire of love.
She left him cold. High and dry.
She broke his heart. She made him cry.
My heart keeps thinking.
What happened to our love?
You have deceived me.
But still my heart will bless you.
My heart and body are on fire.
No one can put this fire off.
Life was like a bride.
Now it has become a death!
Every day, every moment.
Fire of love, fire of love.
I'm in love. I'm in love.
Every day, every moment.
Every day, every moment.
Fire of love, fire of love.
Whenever I see you...
...My heart and body is on fire.
No one can put this fire off.
Every day, every moment.
Fire of love, fire of love.
I'm in love. I'm in love.
Every day, every moment.
Every day, every moment.
Fire of love, fire of love.
Every day, every moment.
Fire of love, fire of love.
Coke please. - It's not coke...
...but champagne time my friend!
Every day, every moment.
Fire of love, fire of love.
A Greek god by face, an Indian by tongue.
I've never seen a handsome and great...
...performer like you.
Cheers! My name is Rajesh Sangha!
Thank you, but I don't drink.
Who has said that I haven't tasted?
Who is taking a false oath?
Whoever survives the wine house...
...Will definitely drown in your eyes.
This is my fiancAc Sapna and this is...
Oh, I haven't asked you your name.
My name is Surya. - Rajesh you promised... dance today. - C'mon lets dance!
Alright. Alright. You stay Mr. Performer.
I want to talk to you.
Darling, I'll be back in a second.
Is it a deep wound? - It doesn't matter if the...
...wound is deep or not. I like every wound now.
When did you start drinking?
Why did you come here Suraj? - I'm Surya!
Suraj is dead! - You go away from here.
Your life is in danger here.
How does it matter to you?
It was foolishness that I came to find my love.
Everyone searches for a love for his lonely life.
It's strange that you are searching for your love.
Your love is right in front of your eyes.
My love is right in front of me.
But it hasn't gone down to heart, my friend!
Since you called me a friend, listen to me.
Never give a lady too much place in your heart.
Because your heart will not be able to beat.
Poor man! His heart is totally broken.
Sapna wants to meet you tomorrow.
She said it might be her last meeting.
Will you meet her? Suraj!
What should I tell Sapna?
What do you want from me now?
Why did you call me here?
To tell you the truth.
To tell me the truth or hide the truth.
Didn't I see the truth last night?
No, I wrote the truth in my letter.
A letter is not powerful enough to end a love.
Suraj, all this happened due to circumstances.
I had to change my way. - By leaving me?
You deceived me. - I didn't deceive you Suraj
You have deceived me, that too for wealth.
Or you wouldn't throw my love and come here.
That night I was in a delicate situation.
What delicate situation?
If I didn't promise... that I will leave you...
...that night would've been your last night.
Dad threatened to kill himself.
I couldn't let my mother become a widow.
That moment I was defeated by time, Suraj.
So, I left you and came far away.
But, what is left in my life now?
How can I see you with someone else?
My life is not a life, without you!
I too don't think that life is worth living without you.
I've started drinking to try and forget you.
Liquor has become my medicine.
If I don't drink, life feels like poison.
I never wanted wealth. This engagement ring...
...means nothing to me. I called you to prove that.
Now, I only have to prove my love. I will die.
Sapna! Sapna!
Stop! Stop!
Sapna! Sapna!
Sapna! If you love me, stop!
Let me die Suraj! I don't want to live! Leave me!
You doubt my love! - No, Sapna!
I'll never doubt your love again.
I don't want to live. - I can't live without you.
You are my life. You are my heartbeat.
Please forgive me. I love you.
Say that you love me too.
I love you, Suraj! I love you!
I promise you, my sweetheart.
I'll love you in every life.
I love you, I say it from my heart.
I say it from my heart, I love you.
I promise you, my sweetheart.
I'll love you in every life.
I love you, I say it from my heart.
I say it from my heart, I love you.
I love you. - I say it from my heart.
I say it from my heart. - I love you.
All who love, meet by chance.
Like the flowers bloom on the way by chance.
So, you teach me to love by chance.
Embrace me and teach me to love.
I promise you, my sweetheart.
I'll love you in every life.
I love you, I say it from my heart.
I say it from my heart, I love you.
I love you. - I say it from my heart.
I say it from my heart. - I love you.
I'll search for you on the way of love.
Like a bee searches for a flower.
Like a lover searches for loyalty.
Let me tell you how I will search you.
Like a thirsty man searches for the water.
Like a worshipper searches for God.
I promise you, my sweetheart.
I'll love you in every life.
I love you, I say it from my heart.
I say it from my heart, I love you.
I love you. - I say it from my heart.
I say it from my heart. - I love you.
I promise you. - My sweetheart.
I'll love you. - In every life.
Suraj! You deceived Rajesh Sangha!
You said you were a different person.
Only a fool like you would dare to do that.
Rajesh! Very soon you'll know who the fool is.
You or Suraj! - Suraj, you are nothing!
Even the sun walks slowly towards dusk.
Maybe it is afraid to set.
Sun never sets. Earth turns aside.
Rajesh, listen! I didn't get a chance to tell you.
Rajesh, now I found my lost love.
I agreed to get engaged and marry you for dad.
How dare you play with me to please your dad!
Rajesh, let her go! Or you know what I can do!
I came from home determined to take her.
Your determination will stay with your corpse.
And since she is thirsting for love...
...I'll make sure she never gets any love.
Kill that bird of love! Finish him!
Where did he take her? - I don't know!
Vishal! Where does Rajesh live?
I want his address. - You are searching for...
...your death's address! And you found it!
Try to understand me! Sapna is in danger!
You want to kill Sapna's fiancAc Rajesh.
Vishal, I didn't come to fight with you.
We need to save Sapna's life.
Don't you care about your sister's life?
Are you a brother or a murderer?
Right now, I'm just a murderer for you.
Vishal! Stop it, Vishal! Stop it, Vishal!
Leave him! Leave him! Come to your senses!
Do you know what it is to take someone's life?
Mom, he came to ask for Rajesh's address.
This fool will kill both Sapna and Rajesh.
No, No! It's not true!
Suraj, because of you Sapna hates her dad.
Are you not happy? What do you want now?
Mother, Sapna's life is in danger.
I need to get to Rajesh's house right now.
Suraj! Sapna's love has distorted your mind.
Don't you know? Sapna is Rajesh's fiancee!
I know that. But when I met Sapna here...
...We both realized that we can't live apart.
Sapna broke her engagement, mother.
What? Where is Sapna now?
In Rajesh's custody! - In Rajesh's custody?
Rajesh forcefully took Sapna with him.
I don't know what to do! You go from here!
Don't you care for your life?
Mother, without Sapna my life is a dead end.
There is no way beyond that.
JK, stop! For my sake, please don't do it!
Don't stand between my motive and his death.
Why do you pity him? - Maybe he's right.
How can he be right?
This fool came to Australia from India.
Maybe he is trying to test my guts.
Today I'll wipe out his identity once for all.
JK, what did you do? What did you do?
Why did you kill him?
Let me go Rajesh! I'm sorry if I hurt you!
Don't say sorry. Don't say sorry.
Just give me what I want.
It's not so easy to get what you want.
I'm a mirror of Indian culture.
Today I'll show you the mirror of my culture.
This is Rajesh Sangha's culture.
You made me your fiancAc for one day.
Now I'll make you my bride for one night.
You idiot! - Now I'll show you.
You fatherless moron! You think that you can...
...misbehave with JK's daughter and get away?
Idiot! Are those the eyes that saw my...
...daughter in a wrong way? Take this!
Is that the heart that sheltered lust?
Sapna dear!
Will you still not talk to me?
Will you not call me dad? - Dad! Dad!
I'm at peace after you called me dad!
Sapna, I know that sometimes parents...
...take wrong decisions for their children.
But don't forget that parents... their children more than their lives.
They care about their kids more than their lives.
You'll realize that when you become a mother.
I agree dad. I agree.
Dad, men of this beast surrounded Suraj!
We need to save him. Why are you quite?
Please help Suraj!
What happened Suraj? - Nothing. Are you fine?
Yes, I'm fine.
JK, why did you do this?
I'm proud of what I did, Sheena!
Daughter... I came to know that...
...Suraj's love for you is full of fire.
Your love made me miss my target.
Otherwise I would've never forgiven myself.
Suraj, I regret the fact that I was a wall...
...between your love for a long time.
Forgive me. - What are you saying sir?
Not sir, now you too can call me dad.
I'm sorry son.
Where is Rajesh? - I've wiped that stain out.
There is his corpse!
On your own admission sir, you're under arrest.
You have a right to remain silent.
Anything you say will be recorded and used as...
...evidence. You have the right... make a phone call.
Rajesh! Rajesh!
Rajesh! My child! JK!
JK! Idiot! You killed my child!
Take it easy! Take it easy!
I'll use up all my money like water.
I'll make sure that you beg for life...
...before you are hanged to death.
Cool, cool it! Calm down!
I'll see you hanged! I'll see you hanged!
But even then I'll have a smile on my face
I can kill not one but 50 people and...
...get hanged in every life of mine... save my daughters respect.
Let's go officer! - JK, I'll come with you.
A woman has no place in the police station.
Suraj, tell the colonel for me...
...Wealth has lost and love has won.
We'll celebrate this victory after you return.
We'll wait for you dad!
Congratulations my son!
You've won the battle of love!
Congratulations to you too dear!
You've won the heart of the winner himself!
Now you both will never lose any battle in life.
Our blessings are with you! Be happy!
Have a long life dear!
Soldier! Attention! Salute! - Sir!
I promise you, my sweetheart.
I'll love you in every life.
I love you, I say it from my heart.
I say it from my heart, I love you.
I love you. - I say it from my heart.
I say it from my heart. - I love you.