Stachys officinalis (with translation text)

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Stachys officinalis is a plant appertaining to Lamiaceae, or bilabiate, and it is also known as a purple betony.
Betony is a perennial grassal herb, and its roots are woody.
It has a basal rosette of petiolate, lanceolate, serrate and wrinkle texture leaves.
The other ones are smaller, and the petiole is shorter.
The stem is erect, and sometimes it is full of a kind of trichomes, hirsute, like inflorescences.
It flowers from June to September, and inflorescences are red or purple.
The calyx is formed by five joined sepals. Corolla is tubular and bilabiate; its upper lip, bifid, and its lower, trilobed.
They are pseudo whorled, placed in dense terminal spikes, with bracts. Its fruit is a nucule.
Traditionally, its inflorescences and leaves had been used with medicinal uses, for head diseases and wounds, but also for many other diseases.
Due to its content in tannins, this plant is an excellent healing and kidney vetch.
It is used as an astringent, and also as a neurotonic in migraine, heartthrobs and neuralgias.