Pain Management North - Hydrocodone - Part 1

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This is Doctor Shearing, Medical Director of Pain Management North.
We're going to speak today about hydrocodone. This is just an incredibly commonly used opioid
pain medication. If you've not heard of it, it may be that you're more familiar by several
of its trade names: it's also called Vicodin, it’s called Lortab and many, many others.
One interesting fact about hydrocodone though, is that it's almost always combined with medication
like Tylenol or aspirin. There is no commercially available form of hydrocodone that is not
combined with another medication in the United States. That's not true in some other countries
but or the time being, that's the case in the United States. There is one drug that
is being considered by the FDA for approval. It's a form of hydrocodone that is not combined
with Tylenol. In any case this an extremely commonly used medication - very effective
much more powerful than codeine, for example. For pain relief, it's significantly less powerful
then morphine, so this is a medication for people who have never been on opioid pain
medication before. This is one that they commonly start with - very effective. It does have
all of the potential side effects that we've talked about with other pain medications,
but none the less very, very useful.
That's all for now, this is Doctor Shearing for Pain Management North.
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