Move-in 2012 - Housing

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>> Camillia Mckay, UNC Charlotte student
What’s up 49ers? My name is Camillia McKay
and I’m about to share some Move In 2012 info with you
As we all know, UNC Charlotte has never been in more demand than right now!
This fall we are welcoming a talented new class to Niner Nation.
As students and their families come to campus,
knowing where to go and what’s going on will be more than helpful for a smooth move.
First of all, have a look at
for more information on what you can and can’t bring.
Make sure to pack your things in manageable, labeled boxes or suitcases,
and get ready to make UNC Charlotte your home!
Look, make sure to arrive on campus at your assigned appointment time.
Don’t arrive more than a half an hour before
or you’ll end up waiting longer in the staging area!
Students living in South Village Highrises
(Moore, Sanford, Holshouser, and Scott Halls)
will enter at the Main Entrance and follow the red route.
Keep an eye out for signs on campus that will direct you day of.
Niners assigned to live in Hunt Village will follow the GREEN ROUTE,
entering campus at the Cameron Road Entrance.
Those of you residing in North Campus housing
(Wallis, Witherspoon, Miltimore and Lynch Halls)
should plan to enter campus at the Mallard Creek Road Entrance
and follow the blue route
Oak, Elm, Maple, Pine,
Cedar, Hickory, Sycamore and Hawthorn Halls,
plus Greek and Martin Villages make up East Campus.
If you’re living in one of these lovely locations,
make sure to take notice of the yellow route
and enter campus using the John Kirk Drive Entrance.
Students, family and anyone coming to campus
for Move In should visit
for the latest up-to-date information on assignment times,
routes, tips and more!
It’s a great time to be a Niner!
Stake your claim and welcome to Niner Nation! We’ll see you this fall.