Express Boy ep 5 (4/4) Eng Sub

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Oh no! We really don't have much time!
Hurry up... Let's set off!
We didn't call the delivery express today.
It's Dr. Su's.
You're looking for Dr. Su?
She's not here yet.
Do you want to take a seat over there first?
Then, when will she be back? It's almost ten o'clock.
Do you want to wait over there?
What exactly do you want?
She's strange... She doesn't have an appointment.
It's alright, she's just a kid.
You're looking for me?
Let's go in.
What? Is there something on me?
Do you normally wear that when you work?
What about it?
Don't tell me you're here only to ask me that question?
It's not that.
Do you want tea or coffee? Miao Miao!
No need, no need.
Actually, I want to ask...
Uhm... Is Lao Da...
you and Lee Sir...
What exactly do you want to ask?
What exactly is your relationship with Lao Da?
Do you like Lee Sir and not our Lao Da?
What does it have to do with you?
Which one do you like?
Are you... Elva?
Elva, I've known Ah Nan and Brother Biao for over ten years now.
We're very good friends.
So you like that cop, right?
I don't think who I like is your concern right now.
Isn't your company currently very busy?
How come you're free to chat with me so early in the morning?
No. Actually...
Recently, Lao Da has been acting weird.
His moods haven't been too good.
All of us are very concerned about him.
They sent me as the representative,
to ask about what happened between you and him.
You like Ah Nan, right?
Before you ask other people questions, shouldn't you ask yourself first?
If the answer in your heart is very strong,
then other people's answers shouldn't affect you.
Can... Can you slow down a bit?
No way! I have to be fast!
To all my dear travelers, thank you for your company.
We've reached our destination.
You're so fast you could race!
That isn't considered fast. Long Yan, the tires should be changed.
By the way, Mai Mai...
Have you gained weight recently?
What? I didnt!
Why must you say that of me?
Because the engine wouldn't start.
My guess is that you've gained weight.
Fine! Let's set off now!
Let's go!
Kelly's here!
Excuse me! Move!
Excuse me. Move.
Kelly, look over here!
My hair's messed up!
It's really tough to be a superstar!
My feet hurt like mad!
I'm so tired.
What's there to drink?
What? 6000 dollars?
Are you trying to rob me?
Haven't you heard "since it's limited, it's cruel"?
You should be glad that Ke Jia Gang's Brother Ji is willing to give up.
Ah Nan, I have done my best as a buddy.
Alright! Thanks, good buddy!
I know you can do it!
Brother Nan, is anything wrong?
Yeah, I need to shit.
I'm going to go squat on a toilet bowl; you take care of things here.
Do you need to go to the hospital?
No need, I gotta go pick up something later.
Call me after their recording is done.
No! I cannot love you!
Cannot! I can't!
I want to protect you too.
But I'm afraid I'll hurt you instead of protecting you.