How-To Detail Your Vehicle

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I'm Chris Duke and today on Motorz we're going to show you how to detail your vehicle

Hey, Welcome to Motorz
for years now we've been showing you how to improve the look and performance of your vehicle through
through aftermarket products. But once you've installed all those great products on your ride
to make it look great, you've got to clean and protect it and that's what we're doing today
on Motorz, thanks to Mother's Polishes. Mother's Polishes hooked us up
with just about every detailing product that they make and today we're going to
show you how to properly use them. Now over here we've got everything you need
to polish your vehicle, from your chrome, aluminums and every single form
of wax you could possibly need, as well as their powerball
and their powercones which are simple for getting inside wheels and other
tight areas. Of course, they've got your car wash soap, headlight
restoration kit for bringing back those dull headlights, a clay bar
kit and everything you need for your leather, paint, and your
plastics. Now over here, we've got a ton of their microfiber towels
and brushes for scrubbing tires, cleaning carpet and upholstery
their microfiber applicator pads, and down here in the front
all of their spray on products such as their spray wax, their
tire shine, showtime detail spray, wheel and tire cleaner
glass cleaner, protectant and interior care

We've got an older Jeep Grand Cherokee we're working on
today in the shop and it is kept outside all time
the interior and the exterior need a lot of help. The paint has spiderweb scratches
and hazing of the clear coat. The headlights are heavily oxidized, dull and
degraded which is a safety hazard because it blocks the light and reduces your ability
to see at night. Also the leather interior and the carpet need some attention
as well as the wheels and tires. Lets check out some of the tools you may need for
detailing. When detailing your vehicle you're also going to need some
tools such as a vacuum such as our Craftsman 9 gallon shop vac for your interior
an orbital polisher with some clean bonnets, we've got a wool one here
which is a little more agressive for when your paint is really messed you've just got to be careful when you're using
something like this because you can also damage your paint if used improperly
so we're going to be using a terry cloth bonnet that's a little bit safer for your paint
now to protect your eyes, you'll need some safety glasses and to protect your paint
when you're working on your headlight restoration you're going to need some tape
you'll also need a variable speed drill for those powercones and powerballs from Mother's
Polishes. For more information on the tools from the Sears Blue Tool Crew
just check out our website. Now one of the products that we've talked about a couple times on the show
already is Mother's headlight restoration kit, it comes with just everything you need except
for a drill, some tape to mask off your tape, some water and some safety glasses
now depending on how badly oxidized your headlights are, you might be able to get away
with just the provided powerball and the polish. If they're bad like ours
then you're going to need to use the provided restoration pads, there's two of them
which have varying grit depending on which side you use. Now since we
have to use the restoration pads, we need to pre-soak those and while those are soaking away
in this water, we're going to mask off our paint.

Before we start using the restoration pads, we're gonna use
the powerball and this polish to remove any loose material from the headlight
that may prevent those restoration pads from functioning properly. So we're going to put a nickel size
drop right here and get to work. Now you want to vary your
pressure from light to moderate while keeping your drill speed between 1500
and 2000 rpm. The included restoration pads vary in grit
from 800 on number 1 all the way up to 2000 on number 4 now the way
this works if you want to start with number 1 and go left to right over the entire
lens until it is uniformly white, and then use number 2 and go up
and down spending a little more time than you did on number 1 then do the
exact same thing for number 3 and number 4 you might also want to keep some
water handy, because you want to keep this well lubricated while you do it
to avoid putting deep scratches in your lens use even and light pressure and keep the pad
flat. Well that looks pretty good for our
800 grit number 1 side, now we're going to switch sides to number 2 which is 1000 grit
switch it up 90 degrees and spend a little bit more time going this direction
well that is looking even better still
with our number 2 sandpaper, but we're not done yet, we've got to move onto our number 3 which is
1500 grit and we're going to start left to right on this guy and spending even
more time than we did with number 2
and now that we're done with the number 3 1500 grit, we can switch sides to the 2000 grit
on number 4 and go up and down. Now once we're done with this
wipe it down with a microfiber towel and then hit it with the powerball
Well those restoration pads clean us up pretty
good. Feels really smooth, but still a little hazy. We're going to fix that
with the powerball

Well that looks 1000% better
and even though it will take you about a half-hour to an hour to restore your headlights
it's a lot cheaper than buying a new set of lights. Now we might actually be able to see where we're
going at night. Now since the wheels and tires on our Jeep that we
have been working on are in pretty good shape, we wanted to work on something a bit nastier
so we pulled one of the wheels from our F-150 which is a chrome wheel
and we've masked half of it so we can show you the before and after difference
we're going to start with Mother's foaming all wheel and tire cleaner and we're going to spray a
liberal amount all over the wheel and tire and leave it there about 30 seconds
Now since these wheels
were so nasty, we're going to go ahead and use our brush on here just to be on the safe side
Now that we're about 30 seconds into it I'm going to
spray it with a strong stream of water and then let it dry to a spot free shine

Now that we've removed most of
the brake dust and loose debris from our wheel and tire using Mother's all wheel and tire
cleaner there is still quite a bit of work to do since this chrome is so pitted it's
still holding quite a bit of grime. So we're going to use the powercone and Mother's chrome polish
to take care of that, then to shine up our tire we're going to use Mother's FX tire
shine on just half of our wheel so again, we can show you the before and after difference
Before using the Mother's powercone make sure you put on some safety
glasses and put a little bit of chrome polish on the tip and get to work

Now allow this to dry to a haze
and then wipe it down with a clean terry cloth towel and then give it a good look
to see if there are any spots that might need a little bit more. Now as far gone as these
chrome wheels were, Mother's powercone and chrome polish did an impressive job
bringing these things back to life. Spray the FX tire shine
directly on the surface or an applicator. We're going to use this terry cloth towel so we don't make a
huge mess. Leave it on there about 4 to 6 minutes and then wipe off any of the
Wipe off this excess tire shine and then pull off our tape to reveal
the before and after difference. Wow! That's an impressive difference
on both the wheel and tire. It just took a little bit of time and little bit of Mother's
After washing your vehicle, the next logical step is usually to wax
it. But before you do, you might want to run your hand over your paint if it feels rough
you should clay bar your paint. Mother's makes this awesome clay bar kit that includes
2 clay bars, their showtime instant detailer and a microfiber towel
Clay barring removes contaminants and particles in your paint
that over time build up. And you want to remove those before you put on some wax
Now there's other surfaces that you can use clay bar on, such as plastics
chrome, and glass. Now let's get started on our clay bar
start by working your clay bar into a flat surface, then wet down your paint with the
showtime detail spray and move the clay bar back and forth
and side to side until it feels good and smooth. Now once it's smooth
you can move on to the next area, just make sure you keep it good and wet
and from time to time, you're going to want to rework this by kneeding it back and forth
like this.
You know when you're done because you can feel the difference in the paint, so you just dry it off with a microfiber
towel and move on to the next area. After clay
barring our entire vehicle, it's time to move to those hairline scratches that we have in the paint
on our Jeep there is quite a few, for that we're going to use Mother's scratch remover
You just want to pour a little bit into a clean terry cloth towel and
and polish it various directions finishing in a circular motion and then
once you're done with this area, you can wipe it off with a clean terry cloth towel
and then move onto the next area. Once we've finished the entire vehicle then we'll move on
to the wax. With all the
scratches in our paint removed. We can finally move get on to the wax. Now Mother's has this awesome
3 step system to get the job done right. Step 1 is a pre-wax cleaner
that helps prepare your paint for waxing. Step 2 is a sealer and glaze
that helps hide any remaining small imperfections and give you that deep shine
and finally Step 3 is their pure carnuba wax that gives you
that final layer of protection against the elements. Now lets get started with step 1
Step 1 is the pre-wax cleaner, we're going to pour a small amount on
to a microfiber, or terry cloth,towel and massage it in to
an area about 2 or 3 feet you want wait until this dries to a haze
and then use another clean towel to wipe it off. You want to this same process
for the next 2 steps as well. and now step 2, the sealer
and glaze.
and finally, step 3 Mother's pure carnuba
paste wax, you just need a damp terry cloth towel or the applicator pad
to apply.
Now we only did this small section of the hood so that we can show you the
difference between the protected as well as the unprotected paint. Now
we'll spray some tap water on the protected as well as the unprotected side so you can see the
difference. As you can see the water beads up immediately on the protected side
and rolls off the paint, whereas over here it's just sitting here stagnant
that is going to cause water spots which is going to be a lot more difficult to get off in the future
A quicker and easier way to wax your paint is with a liquid wax such as Mother's FX
syn wax and an orbital polisher. What you want to do is just apply a small amount
to your bonnet and while keeping that cord away from your vehicle, guide
the polisher around your paint without applying any additional pressure. You want it
to do all the work for you. Use a 50 percent overlapping pattern
for good even coverage. Now you can use this orbital polisher
with other products, just make sure you always start with a clean bonnet
after allowing it to dry to a haze use a clean towel and wipe it off

Here's a quick tip to help prevent your power cord from disconnecting while using your orbital polisher
just wrap the cord around one of the handle before plugging it in
After you get some wiping off your wax, use a Mother's
detail brush to get into nooks and crannies and around emblems like this
just use light pressure so you don't cause any new scratches
Now on your black bumpers and exterior black trim, you want use Mother's back to black
to bring it back to life, just pour some onto a clean terry cloth towel
and apply liberally, allow it to dry and buff it with a clean towel

For cleaning
your glass, you can use Mother's glass cleaner, but for those hard stubborn water
spots, you can actually use Mother's chrome polish to get those out

To prepare your interior for
protectant, use Mother's detail brush and a terry, or microfiber, towel
to remove all the loose debris from your dashboard and all the crevises
To protect and keep clean all of your
rubber, vinyl and plastic that's in your interior use Mother's protectant
just spray some onto a clean cloth and apply it evenly, allow it to penetrate
for about two minutes and then clean off any of the excess with another
clean towel. Now that we're done protecting our dash we can
move onto our leather seats. Now if you've got a leather interior
Mother's makes two great products to clean and protect it. To use the cleaner just
hold the bottle about five inches away from the surface and spray it on
and the using a clean microfiber or terry cloth towel massage it into
the surface and then using another clean towel
wipe off all the excess. Now to apply the conditioner
use another clean towel and allow it to penetrate for about two
minutes before wiping off its excess. Once we're done with all of our leather then we'll
move onto our carpets.
Now that looks much better! Before you get to the vacuuming
take Mother's carpet and upholstery brush to loosen up all the debris and
move it over to one of the sides, it's going to make it a lot easier vacuum up

After vacuuming out your
interior, you can clean your carpet using Mother's carpet and upholstery cleaner you just want
to apply a liberal amount to about a two foot square area and then rub it
briskly with a terry cloth towel
that's looking nasty! Now for some tough stains you may want to use a soft bristle
Then using another clean towel, wipe up any excess
and repeat as necessary until it's clean
Then allow it to dry and then vacuum it up again. Now in our area of Southern
California we're only allowed to wash our vehicles in certain places due to
water regulations. But here's some tips from Mother's polishes on how to
wash your vehicle. First let your cool down before you wash it
if there is any direct sunlight make sure you keep it wet. Beginning washing from the
top down and if you wash your mitt or sponge wash it thoroughly or replace it
to protect your paint. Then dry off your vehicle with a clean terry cloth or microfiber
towel. In between washing Mother's recommends using a
California duster for light dust and debris, their showtime detailer
spray and FX spray wax as well as a microfiber towel for
bird poop and other stubborn spots. Letterz.
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Mother's Polishes
makes just about every product you need to detail your ride. Now as you can see the results
are incredible, we restored our headlights, removed light scratches
from our paint, we cleaned and brought new life to our wheels and tires
and we detailed and conditioned our interior. Now for more information
on the products on this episode from Mother's Polishes or the Sears Blue Tool Crew
just head on over to our website. Thanks for watching Motorz we'll catch
you next week!