Matt's Last Day in NYC!

Uploaded by liza183 on 30.11.2011

I'm almost at the Times square..
I'm supposed to be very excited right now..
but I just wanna get into any store around here soon
It's terrible..
Here is like Myeongdong in Korea,
There are various stores,
and lots of people..
Also, you can see musicals around here..
but the weather is crazy..
I don't know what to do..
I'm going crazy too.
Lots of cars, and the weather
is making the traffic terrible..
Now, I'm heading to a toy store..
"Toys R Us"
I'm getting into my the store
and it's my favorite store in NYC
You will get three times bigger if you eath those...
I'm at the Times Square!!
Here, it's the center right?
I have been thinking that I should do something special when I arrive here..
Hurray for the independent Korea!!!
Hurray for the independent Korea!!!
That looks funny, it's a stupid dance!
[I can do better]
Now I'm on the big screen that's in the middle of times square~
my feet are all wet~
It's the worst ever ~
worst weather ever...