Interview with Dendi the Night Stalker (with Eng subs)

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Jul 26, 2012

- Hi Dendi,
- My congrats with the victory!
- Thank you.
- Are you emotions similar to those you got
after your first victories?
What are your emotions after yet another victory?
- It was hard after the first victories.
It's much easier now
but it's still pleasure for me to win.
Halls were not full of people, were they?
Our fans were not screaming so loud.
- And the approach?
As far as I know
fans rushed you before the game.
Was it a pleasure?
- Of course.
- did you excpect to beat mousesports 2-0
Do you remember that trick with Mortred?
- It's hard to call it a trick.
It was more like...
- Both Puppey and XBOCT
stressed that they wanted to do it.
- XBOCT was begging Puppey to pick Mortred for him.
SO Puppey had to figure out which trick to use.
- So was it prepared in advance?
- It was more like a counter-pick.
Moretred was good against the heroes mouz picked.
- Did you expect mouz to show the game they did?
- mouz were...
- The first game was a bit similar
to the one in a group stage.
- mouz play closed game.
They concentrate on their base and wait for you.
- It was difficult for them to play.
I don't know what to say.
It was not their usual play.
We bet them easily.
- How long did you practice
before the tournament?
Do you think your victory
was a result of a good practice?
Does it happen that you feel
like you are not ready
before the champ but you still win?
- Yes, of course, it happens.
- Was it like this here?
- Maybe.
- We bootcamped for 4 days.
We played one game during the first day,
we played 5 games during the 2nd day.
On the 3rd day Zero gave us some money
and allowed to have some drinks and party.
The party lasted till 2 PM of our last bootcamping day.
Then they slept till 7 PM.
They came here after all
and XBOCT told he was unable to play.
- As far as I know,
you played praccs vs mouz and you lost o-5.
Is it true?
- Yes, we lost many times online.
And it was not only mouz who bet us.
- Do you draw the line between
your LAN and online results?
- Of course.
Here's an example.
I go to the centre.
I know I have two mates
and a know Enigma to be in the enemy forest.
I play three times more careful.
I buy rewards by myself for 800 golds
and try to see Enigma moving out of the forest.
The one way to kill her
is to use smoke.
She's not likely to take smoke
as she's in the enemy forest
and she doesn't need it.
As a matter of fact I don't die.
It's good.
If I had played online,
I wouldn't have bought rewards
and I would have died 20 000 times.
- Do you like Puppey's picks?
Are his picks right?
- I wouldn't say I like it,
but I used to it.
I understand him...
and a wolf is behind you.
- Don't disturb us.
- Is your next stop in a month?
Will you participate in the online league?
- I hope we won't have a rest.
I see more wolves.
- Every man for himself!
Big Bad Wolves and Red Hats.
- Come here.
I need you.
I need you urgently!
Are you shooting?
It's my friend Sasha Evil Toast.
- Hello.
- It's he who makes music for my stream.
- A composer?
- And he ows Dendi $200.
- I heard smth, stole it and call it my song.
- We watch StarWars together. At my house.
- And the last question.
Hellos, thanks?
I know that fans presented you smth?
What was it?
- They presented me ta-ta-ta-ta
- Stop!
I have to censor it!
- It's a trinket.
The girl who made it had previously gifted us
a Pudge, Antimag and Oreon.
See the signature?
The International Na`Vi top 1.
I think you're filming smth else.
- And the other side?
- Dendi.
- Dendi.
And I suppose it's 2012.
- I got it.
Thank you for the interview.
Good luck and victory at the International.