Dennis Hopper's bullet-holed Warhol Mao up for auction

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Dennis Hopper's bullet-holed Warhol Mao up for auction
Artist Andy Warhol created this famous
Mao Zedong screen print in 1972 .
It will go up for auction next week in New York.
The painting is one of late actor
Dennis Hopper's collection of 300 artworks.
It is estimated to fetch between US$20,000 to US$30,000.
But the print has an interesting story.
In the 70s while drunk at one of his wild parties,
Hopper shot the print after thinking it was really Mao.
When Warhol learned of the incident
he didn't mind and even annotated the bullet holes
labeling them "warning shot" and "bullet hole,"
and even joking that the piece was now a collaboration.
When Hopper passed away last year he
asked for the artworks to be auctioned
and the proceeds distributed among his kids.
The Mao print is one of a series of ten Warhol made.
Hong Kong businessman Joseph Lau Luen Hung
in 2006 bought one of the prints for US$17.4 million
breaking the record for a Warhol piece of art.
His print is reckoned to be the best of the ten.
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