How to Make Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup : Chop Parsley for Chicken Noodle Soup

Uploaded by expertvillage on 21.01.2008

Hi, this is Rich Buccola here in NYC. Today here on behalf of Expert Village I'm going
to show you how to make homemade chicken noodle soup. Beautiful slices I got my mushroom nice
and finished a good time now that the chicken is still simmering back there and getting
our stock. I'm just going to grab some parsley I need about 3-4 tablespoons of freshly chopped
parsley. Then you can always save some of this for decoration when you put the bowl
on someone?s soup. You can put some of this on the side or something like so, so just
chop it up same way that we chop everything. I tend to roll it I don't like these big stem
but I try to take majority of the stems out like that one right there. Just give it a
little row and chop and moving your fingers so you can get a good chop on it. Pushing
the parsley through and you want about 2-3 tablespoons so if you need a little bit more,
I need a little bit more just throw down some more. Don't worry everything is good now and
we're going to let this simmer come back up here. We're going to take out our chicken
we're going to let that cool and take our meat off of the bone and we'll add the chicken
later. We're going to add in our carrots and our celery let that cook a little bit and
let that get tender. Then we're going to add our mushrooms and we're going to add our spices
and put our chicken back in, it's coming together here on Expert Village, come back and make
it with us.