Mahabharat - Episode 18

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I had almost forgotten that...
... I was narrating the story of Mahabharat
I was totally lost in the story of Krishna
But it does not mean that the stories are not related
Krishna is the Great Hero of Mahabharat
So, how can his story not be part of Mahabharat?
Which is why, with respects to Sage Vyas...
... I started narrating the story of Krishna
I admit that...
... I was mesmerized by Gokul and Vrindaven...
... and would have stayed on there...
... had it not been for the shock of Kansa's death
Then I saw...
Lord Krishna entering the dungeon to free...
his parents and King Ugrasen
Devaki, God alone knows when...
the Sun of Happiness will...
... enter our lives
Your uncle Sudama is hatching a conspiracy
A part of the army may also revolt
Carry on Kanha. I will take care of Uncle Sudama
Where has uncle Kansa imprisoned my parents?
Come Sir!
Who are you?
Recognize me
I am Yashoda's son, your eighth son.
Why did she allow you to come here?
I was born to come here mother!
But if Kansa sees you, there will be trouble
Kansa is beyond all that
He will never know because...
your son Krishna has killed him
He is here to unchain you...
and seek your blessings
Why are you surprised?
You knew the future
You, too, bless me father
What blessing can I give you my son?
You are a blessing for us!
There is nothing greater than parental blessings
Release my parents now
No my son. Release king Ugrasen first
He has the first right to be free
As you wish father!
Who are you my child?
I am Nandlal.
Nandlal who?
Son of Nand and Yashoda of Nandgaon
I am here to release you
Release the king
Yes sir
Bless you
You are free now my king
Do not call me king, my child
My son forced me to abdicate
If you have killed him then you are...
the heir to that crown
O Son of Devaki, you have won Mathura
No. I have merely served my motherland
No. A warrior cannot accept charity...
even if it is from you
This is not charity, my king
My crown is this peacock feather
Only you are worthy of the crown of Mathura
My work in Mathura is over
Then crown Vasudev as King of Mathura
If he desired that he would never have...
told me to release you first
Why don't you ask Krishna to ascend the throne?
He has released us from Kansa's atrocities
His every desire is an order
I will ask Devaki to explain it to him...
that I can no longer protect Mathura
Take me to her
Come my lord
Please order the release of my parents
Explain to your son that the one who has lost...
cannot wear the crown unless he wins it back
There is no end to this dilemma
My parents will stay in chains together
Only you can have them released
I have not even seen my son properly
Allow him to come near me my king
It is for him that I accepted this darkness
Have these chains cut...
so that I can kiss my son
I, too, would like to go to Heaven my king
If that is so, I will break the chains myself
May you be happy!
Long live Vasudev Krishna
Long live King Ugrasen
Long live King Ugrasen
Long live Vasudev Krishna
Long live Vasudev Krishna
No. Don't say that!
Say: Long live Truth and Peace
Long live Justice and Gokul
Long live Brindawan and Nand
Long live Yashoda
I, Vasudev Krishna, pay respects to...
King Ugrasen, Mathura and Nand
Victory to India
How's the butter from Mathura?
It doesn't taste the same here, does it?
We must leave now my friend!
I take your leave
Yashoda is alone in Nandgaon
We cannot stop you from going, can we?
I, too, will come!
No. You stay here
-No. I'll come -Do not insist Kanha
Children have...
a right to be stubborn
But children must...
listen to their parents
Okay father. I'll do what you say but...
first I must meet Mother Yashoda
Sure son!
Yashoda and Nand have a right over you
But now you must go to Sage Sandipan for your education
What's the hurry?
Time is going by!
You have had the boys with you for years Rohini
You are satisfied!
But think of me!
I have spent half my life in the dungeon...
waiting for this day
Krishna will have to be crowned Prince
You, too, have joined them
Your son is the hope of the future Devaki
Okay. Do as you think right
Okay friend. We must reach Nandgaon before sunset
As you wish my friend
Any message for Yashoda?
Tell her that...
Devaki is indebted to her...
and she must have given him a mother's love
I am grateful to her
Father, tell mother that...
my love is hers forever...
and her blessing will always be mine
Where's my Kanha?
He has become very naughty. Is he hiding?
Where's he hiding?
When he comes, he'll ask for butter
And I'll say: Did you tell me that you are coming?
There's no butter
But the butter is ready
I have hidden it in that pot
But where's Kanha?
Hasn't he come?
I am sure he is hiding to give me trouble
I'll search for him
-Where are you going? -To search for him
Don't go
Where will you search for him?
-Now I know! -What?
Devaki did not allow him to come
He must have wanted to return...
but Devaki must have refused
Had I been his real mother Devaki could not have...
stopped him
He would be mine!
He is yours alone
-But... -But what?
Devaki and Vasudev have a right over him
Mathura, too, has a right over him
The entire Universe has a right over him
He cannot stay yours alone now
Do not be selfish Yashoda
Share him with everyone
He is not butter that can be shared
What has the Universe done for him?
Has it stayed awake at nights for him?
Has it taught him to laugh?
Did the cowmaids take their complaints to the Universe?
Did he not insist on returning to me?
What are you saying Yashoda!
He told everyone not to...
cheer him alone but to...
also cheer...
Nand and Yashoda
Yashoda you should be so proud that
you looked after...
the world's Protector
That is more important than just giving birth
Your son will always be known as the Butter Thief
Had you not taught him to walk...
how could he have reached Mathura
Had you not given him your love how could...
he have killed Kansa?
I have understood
Will my Kanha...
never come back to me?
Yashoda, he has never left you
He is still in your heart
He will always be near the pot of butter
He will come to meet you every evening
Never again say that he has left you...
because staying is not in his control
Besides, he cannot go...
... because
Do not be sad Yashoda
Till today you belonged to Nandgaon...
... but now you belong to the entire Universe
Do not be sad Yashoda Do not cry
The story of Krishna ends here
The entire story is a teardrop in Yashoda's eye
... which will light up her life forever
The teardrop in Yashoda's eye...
freed Mathura from Kansa's atrocities
In Ujjain Sage Sandipan's school...
gets two brave students in Krishna and Balram
So, what shall I do here?
Let me also go to the forest...
where Pandu's sons are growing up
Yuddhistir! Bhim! Arjun! Nakul! Sahadev!
Yes mother!
Yes mother!
The Sage must be waiting for you
Come on! Get going!
Okay sister, I shall go now
Yes sir
What does it mean?
The same God is known by different names
What is the meaning Yuddhistir?
God is one!
He is the Lord of the Universe
Who is a 'king'?
The one who rules is a king
What does that mean?
To show the path
Only that?
Also to bring happiness
Give me something to eat mother
How is it that you are always hungry?
You are neither the eldest nor the youngest...
how can you eat first?
Let Nakul and Sahadev eat first
They are never hungry!
How can they be? Your hunger is enough!
Keep quiet now
Shall I keep looking at the food?
Okay! I won't eat anything
Can't you control your hunger for your brothers?
I wish I was reborn as the youngest
At least not as the middle brother
Mother we are hungry
Come. The food is ready
-Now can I eat? -Yes
Where's father?
He will be here soon
Come here
-No -Why?
You are very beautiful
No my lord. No!
Come near
The moment you embrace your wife...
... you will die
O God!
Yuddhistir! Look after your brothers
Open your eyes my lord! Say something
Why don't you say something?
I tried to stop him Sister
It is all my fault
I could not protect my husband
I do not have your will power
I was helpless Sister
We are all helpless before Fate
This was fated to happen!
What's this?
What a sad thing to happen!
I have lost everything in this forest
Do not cry sister
This is God's will
Be patient!
You will have to be brave
My problems are over today
It was you who had...
put me on the Chariot to Hastinapur
Today send me on my last Journey
I will not let my lord go alone
No sister. No.
I will accompany him
No Madri
I have a right to that honour
I am the eldest...
the first wife
You have given in every wish of mine
The children are fond of you
Yes that's true
But you cannot take...
my rightful place
You are the eldest
You have given a mother's love to my sons...
so that they have grown up with yours
My heart is not big enough...
to give equal love to all five children
Besides, Nakul and Sahadev are almost your sons
They always go to you:
They eat when you give them food
They even sleep and wake up when you tell them
Do not disturb the flow of their lives
The fire of Pandu's funeral pyre
... cleansed Madri's sins
Madri could not bear the fact...
that Pandu died because of her
Kunti was left with the five sons of Pandu
Behind her was the sunset of the past...
and before her the dilemma of the future
The question before her is: where to go?
Her younger brother Vasudev..
wants to take her and the children to Mathura
Why can't I take my Sister to Mathura?
Because she is still the queen
In fact, the Queen Mother
I will personally escort her to Hastinapur...
because she is my responsibility
If Hastinapur allows it...
you may take her and her sons to Mathura
It is only today that I have become blind
I will personally go...
to the City Gate to bring Pandu's sons
No my son
I'll bring them back
I have completed my responsibility Bhishma
My dear son Pandu
What have you done!
You have left us alone!
O Sages!
I thank all of you!
No Bhishma. Our work is over
Allow us to go!
Come Kunti!
Take me to the door Duryodhan
Why have they returned from the forest?
Where else will they go?
This is their house
This is our house
Yes. But this is also their house
No. This house is mine. Only mine.
Sometimes Duryodhan's talk scares me
That is the sign of a Prince
How far is the door?
The Queen has come!
Get up Kunti!
With Pandu's death I have lost my strength
I cannot raise you any longer
Do not touch my feet
Embrace me!
I have come back alone sister!
Why alone?
You have brought back five jewels
This is the eldest Yuddhistir
May you live long!
Pay respects to your eldest brother!
Pay respects to your brother, Duryodhan...
and take him inside
Go my son
Come Kunti, mother is waiting for you
You must be strong mother!
Don't ask that of me Ambalika
Understand my sorrow
I am mourning my grand-child
How long will I have to pay for
the injustices done to Bhishma?
I mourned my sons...
and now my grandson
God knows...
how many more tears are there in these eyes
Where have you left my son, Kunti? Where?
Kunti has lost her husband
Her sorrow exceeds yours
Come here Kunti
Think positively
She took Pandu to the forest...
and returned with five Pandavas
The Soul is Eternal
There is nothing to fear
Pandu is part of the five elements
Here are the five Pandavas!