Business Management with Tainisha

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>> My name is Tainisha Greene.
I'm a business management major.
>> I don't know if they do a credit check or something,
but it's up to their discretion whether or not they want
to still do business with you.
>> At the end of this fall semester, I plan
to graduate with my associate's and I have also decided
to switch over to the four-year degree
which is business administration with a concentration
of banking and finance.
It's strenuous and it can be very stressful,
but it goes by so fast.
It would be stupid not to complete it.
It's such a wide range
of different things that you can do.
The question should be what can't you do.
>> Thank you for calling The Center,
this is Tainisha, how may I help you?
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>> This is called The Center.
We are welcoming to anyone, we have information here.
It can be from anything to housing information, welfare.
We help if possible in any and all ways.
I work under Miss Sue, and she's
like the financial person here at The Center.
She handles all of the payroll, anything that is financial
for The Center she handles.
This gives you a chance to match up your dreams with reality
or your dreams with the future.
That was the whole purpose for coming as an intern or as a co-op
so you can basically I see it as a way that you can find
out for sure if it's the exact field
that you want to go into.
It gives you a chance to really analyze is this really what I
want to do.
I have worked at things; I have worked
at organizations that are hotels.
I have been a bank teller before
and I have been a night auditor before,
but one thing I haven't been is a manager.
And in order to be a manager either you have
to have several years
of background experience and or education.
And my daughter, my daughter is pretty advanced
and she's only four.
So how can I motivate her and talk to her into, you know,
going to school and getting a career,
having a successful career and all that kind of stuff
if mommy didn't set an example.
What I love about this school?
Everything, everything.
I can go to anyone, any staff member
and honestly, any student too.
If I have a question about something or if I'm lost
on campus or something like that,
I have never been turned away, I have never been shunned
or anything like that.
So particularly, what I
like about the school is just its ambiance.
I just love it here.
I just love it here.
I don't feel like I can go wrong unless I want to go wrong.
I don't feel like I can quit unless I want to quit.
My overall goal upon graduation and having the two degrees
under my belt is rather than a banking or a hotel,
or even if I work at the accounting here at the college,
it's just basically to be successful at what I'm doing.
Right now I'm on my way to my best class of the semester,
which is the human resource management 300 level.
[ talking in background ]
>> With cost control, how can you really control that because with some companies
people think they are at max pay.
Like, how can you like,
who produces what the maximum payment is?
>> Let's take an electrician.
There's a skilled trade, maybe the typical pay is in this area
of the country might be $20 an hour.
>> This class has definitely reassured me that I'm headed
in the right direction.
Not that I'm a procrastinator, but I do do my work on time,
I just always don't print it out.
And in the computer lab everything is accessible right here;
I can just print it out or type it
up if I need to and go to class.
This is how you can tell how hard the class is,
the more you highlight.
When you got it you usually don't highlight that much.
Today we have, actually, we have an activity, the career expo
which we will be going to.
More than a hundred employers register for this
and from my understanding this is an every semester thing.
The employers really know where to go and how
to get the right people, aka, come to Penn College.
I don't know who can be out here.
It can be a future employer, you know, even if it is two years
from now, I come back to them
and they can say now we are ready for you, you know?
So, yeah, I have a little anxiety going on right now.
[ Music ]
>> I'm not just limited to, I'm looking for a job.
I'm looking for a job in this field
and pretty much what do you have to offer me?
I'm feeling pretty good right now
because I have things that I can offer.
>> Right. Thank you.
Thank you.
Well, hopefully you will be seeing soon.
Thank you very much.
It was a pleasure meeting you as well, sir.
Thank you very much.
The last lady was from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
She asked me, I have to have
at least six credits in computer class.
Exactly. I'm in the business computer technology department.
Therefore I have taken a Excel class, I have taken a CSC 110,
you know, so, that's right up my alley.
Pretty much everywhere I went they gave me positive feedback.
So if they actually call me back or I actually fill
out an application is another story,
but at least I know I'm there.
This is just another thing
that Penn College has done to make me happy.