Sikandar - Jeete Desh Hamara

Uploaded by Tommydan333 on 05.05.2012

May our country win!
lndia is our home
lndia is our world
We are the birds of this land
This land is our garden
May our country win!
lts feet are adorned by golden Lanka
Lakes adorn it like a pearl necklace
lts beauty is unique and enthralling
At the crest is the crown of the Himalayas
May our country win!
Awake, God of War!
Awake, be alert!
Raise some fearsome storms from our land
Give us your courage
Spread our zeal across the land
Oh God!
May our country win!
God, You are our Father!
lt is all in your hands
Show us the way, light a flame
lt is a dark night tonight
You are our one support
May our country win!
Holy Fire, what can l ask from you?
lf l ask for Sikandar's victory, it will mean defeat for Puru.
And if l ask for Puru's victory, it means defeat for Sikandar.
Puru is my brother, Sikandar is my beloved.
So l ask you to spare both their lives.
Save the honor of both.
Let both of them return without losing face.
May our country win!
May our country win always
May the world sing our praises
The whole world will learn from us...
how to live and how to die
Our story will live on forever
May our country win!
lt's been two months...
and not even one of our men has been able to cross the river yet?
Seleucus, l want to know the reason for this.
Your Highness, may your fame only increase!
But there has been a delay.
You call this a delay?
The Emperor considers this his defeat.
No opponent has ever held out for so long against me.
Jemenees, what do you have to say?
Your Highness, this is the season of rains.
Don't try to hide your weakness using rain as an excuse.
lt's not the rain obstructing us.
lt is the army of Puru that isn't allowing us to progress.
As long as l'm alive, there's no need for you to worry.
Your forces will advance.
The Emperor is pleased to see such a show of courage.
And when the Emperor likes something or finds something beautiful...
he calls it by its Greek name.
Till today, you were King Ambhi. From today your name will be Amphis.
l will respect the name given by the Emperor.
So Amphis, is this Puru really all that brave a man?
The Emperor thinks that before going to war...
he should see firsthand how Puru rules his country.
After the battle, he may well escape but his country will not.
- But Nicator... - No ifs, ands, or buts.
Your Nicator wants to see who this man is...
who is made of such rock and steel...
that he refuses to be cowed by storm or cyclone.