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[Members are excited from going on a trip that they havent gone in a while]
[But] Sehyun: The destination will be seoul station again.
All: Why?
[It's not just a train!] KI: The games will be played in survival way.
[They are trapped inside a survival train of death]
[Round 1: Figure out Staffs' intentions]
EH: It's squid underware!
Junho: It's japanese underware
[They have to survive somehow]
[Round 1 dropouts: Junho and Eunhyuk's punishment]
[Elder or not, punishment is punishment]
[Round 2: Passenger room chair hurdels game] DM: Run Run!
[SJ and Gagmans flew around in thge passenger room to survive]
[Round 2 dropouts: Dongmin and Donghae]
[Free hug and Free Kick Punishments with SJ fans]
[Fans unstoppable freekicks!]
[DM got hit more than donghae.] Junho: 5...4...
[Round2 results: Dropout.. dropout..]
[The train travel has been continuing past 12 hours]
KI: Unbelievable outing is continuing to go hardly in the train ride. We fell asleep and our minds are a bit fuzzy right now...
[Bodies are tired from long train ride]
[Tap tap] KI: Wake up please
[Leeteuk can't regain his mind]
DH: When he does 'Leeteuk's Love Fighter', I've never seen him sleepy like this.
[Very different looks than Love Fighter] YS: He's more passionate
SH: It's LEETEUK's Love Fighter.
DH: Then It's Leeteuk's Unbelievable Outing.
['Then i won't do it' SH's cute grumbling] SH: Then i won't do it (Unbelievable Outing)
KI: Oh really?
LT: Is that how it is?| DH: Then don't do it anymore Atmosphere is welcoming SH's leaving]
KI: It's hard for... It's not hard for another one of our members (SJ) to come in.
SH: Then I'll do it.
[SH is showing subservient looks to younger members]
KI: To revive out fuzzy/sleepy minds, I ambitously prepared a game, called "Ajumma Dance Competition!" (NOTE: Ajjumma is typically married woman / relatively old woman)
[Round 3: Ajumma dance competition: Wear MOMPE and dance like an ajumma!] (Note: Mompe: loose-fitting trousers, traditionally worn by women engaged in hard labor)
[How well you express it will be the factor for dropping out]
KI: This time, ofcourse, we'll have two dropouts. With who's power the dropouts be chosen? It's chosen by Main PD himself.
SH: But when i was eating dinner with PD-Nim- (Note: Nim is respective way to call someone)
KI: Let's just call him hyung.
SH: With PD hyungnim-
KI: Let's take out 'Hyung nim' too.
SH: with PD hyung-
KI: Take out hyung too.
SH: With PD NOM!! (note: Nom is very informal way to address a man)
[Ofcourse SH! Negatively speaking even to Main PD!]
DH: It's too funny.
SH: If main PD judges, there could be doubtable factors so I'm suggesting to PD-nim to have the youngest scrip writer pick the dropouts.
PD: OKay SH: Youngest
PD: Okay Okay
KI: How old are you? [First asking age]
Writer: 24
[youngest script writer: Yungsook Oh]
SM: We're the same age. Let's be friends. [Sungmin is also 24]
KI: Do you two date? Did you kiss?
[Sungmin is suddenly suprised from Kangin making fun of him.] SM: No no
SH: If you talk about ajumma dance, there's things like this like... well like.. [Ajumma dance beginner movements.]
SM: Oh it's coming out.| SH: Things like this... I can't think of any more. How do we make this funny?
[Kangin tries it out]
[Ajumma dance doesnt look like it'll be that funny]
YS: What i think that we should break the stereotype on ajumma dance. There's always an upgraded version.
[Extordinary movements] SH: go more to the front. He's good at it!
[Amazing hand moments that you cannot see with your eyes]
[Lead runner of comic dance]
[Idol image is thrown away once again today...]
[eee~hee~. Yesung met water] (Note: This phrase means he's in his zone/game) LT: He's good
LT: He's cool
[To SH, everything YS does is cool]
SM: It's not like an ajumma dance but like a student who learned dance wrong. [Student who has learnt harsh dance at a weird place ?]
[Sungmin is suddenly winding up his body]
KI: 2nd contestant is Sungmin!
[Sungmin who was winding up his body is selected]
[SM is embarrased]
SM: These are standard steps. [Stepping lightly]
SH: It's travel bus dance! Oh this! (Note: Travel bus dance was a famous dance created by DJ DOC back in early 2000's)
LT: It looks like dancing after getting drunk. [Ajumma is happy from drinking one glass]
[Shake Shake]
[Skills that looks like he's been to many of 'Dont ask' Vacations.]
KI: He's good!
LT: Isn't this SNSD?
[Getting hyper, the dance moves become more and more passionate]
[Baton touch to DH elder]
[If feeling good, do Mompe pants dance]
[Eldest, what are you doing?]
[Greatest perverted dance] (Translator: EW...)
[DH's newly created dance: Train shelf dance]
SM: I feel uncomfortable
[Loss of words]
[SH's flabby butt dance]
[Gagmen and SJ have no more image to ruin]
[Crazy and wild]
(translator:omg kangteuk ^^)
[Kangin's back is perfectly an ajumma]
[Laugh causing; everyone is ajumma dancing]
[Fun time that everyone's mind became one]
[Strength completely depleted] LT: you changed the atmosphere to perverted.
[Eldest's movement for 1 million won] (Note: Equivalent to about $10k) DH: 1 Mill! 1 Mill! 0:05:51:000,0:05:52.000 YS: what did you put in your back?
[SH wanted to make a big butt] SH: I wanted to make my butt bigger but the thing went down and it became varicose vein.
SH: Well now-
[Suddenly the music flows]
[Automatic reflex without saying who's first]
[SH's unusable dance]
[Eldest working hard for 1Mill won]
[Suddenly the music is cut]
SH: Ah okay. We worked hard so our youngest sc- [SH cant even talk because of lost breath]
[Suddenly the music plays again]
[Jumps up and dance, even when tired, when the music plays]
[DH on shelf~]
[Crazy comic dance]
SH: Now we
[Eldest doesnt have enough strength to stand]
SH: Maknae writer's decision!
SH: Everyone's about the same but the 2 people who danced the worst will drop out! Pick 2 people!
[Choice is?]
[SJ's main vocal]
[Pinup boy group's lead runner]
[Contemporary MC of promise]
[10 years of experience as a Gagmen]
[A.l.w.a.y.s shining idols]
[They threw away their body and broke their image horribly]
[Who are the two dropouts?]
SH: Please pick 2 people
[Writer: SH] | SH: WHY!?
[SH cannot understand why] SH: Tell me the reason
[Writer: Oppa, you were too perverted...]
[Can't help but agree]
KI: 2nd drop out is?
[Writer: YS]| [Why YS?]
[Writer: It wasnt an ajumma dance]
SH: Yesung was too cool.
DH: Then i was dancing Ajumma dance???
LT: So ajummas go up here and dance
[Suddenly ajumma dance debate is on]
DH: 10 yrs ago was tour bus dance, and these days, is train shelf dance.
SH: I feel that it was unfair. Ajumma these days are pervy. [Unfair]
[Forced forced] [SH is grumbling because he dropped out]
[Jara janjan~]
[Trend is train shelf dance]
[You all look retarded...]
SH: stop
[SJ and Gagmans are suffering from sudden strength lost.]
SH: Gosh it's hard
DH: It's F--king hard (Translator: .... wow good thing this was cable)
[Don't try to act like them because they are weird people!]
[Dropouts: Round 3 results]
[For hours, eunhyuk and junho are still fighting against the doll]
[Hongman Choi's free Kick!] (Note: Hongman is an ENORMOUS korean kickboxer.. He makes ipads look like iphones..)
[Donghae's unstoppable kneekick]
JH: what are we doing?
[Junho and Eunhyuk: Scissor Rock Paper ] (note: korean way to say Rock paper scissors)
[Donghae and Dongmin: Free kick and free hug]
[They are doing punishment; endlessly repeating it.]
[All four people are tired to end]
[Junho is jealous of other's punishment]