Cutting Metal: How to Make Components Uniform in Size and Shape - Kevin Caron

Uploaded by kevincaron on 24.06.2010

(Text on screen): Standardizing Components, Kevin Caron,
The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you doing?
Kevin Caron: These are little support fins that I'm making for this fountain.
Little saw-toothed, shark-tooth looking kind of things.
Here, come here. Look over here.
See, these are little support fins that go on the bottom of the dish right here, up against the pipe that the dish mounts to.
With all of these dishes stacked up on top of one another, there's going to be a lot of weight at the outside edge of each dish.
And the dishes actually flex a little bit, and I don't want the whole fountain sitting there doing this.
So, we just cut these out with the plasma cutter and now we're cleaning all the slag off of them.
And then we're going to stack them up.
And then come back and then true them up and get them all nice and smooth and even and straight.
And then set them in place and TIG weld them on.
That's what we're doing.
So, I got my high-tech cardboard cutout here. And you just trace them out on a piece of steel.
It turns into a great jigsaw puzzle, trying to get the most use out of your steel.
You know, where you wind up with the smallest, tiny pieces of scrap left over.
The scrap guy doesn't care for it, but. . .
Now we'll get our plasma cutter; chop them up. Hang on.
Some people want to know how I can make such straight lines; such straight cuts.
I cheat. I've got training wheels. Go check them out.
So, here they are all cleaned up. You can see how they fit down in the base, and how they fit in the back.
You stack them up and you put them together and look at them and you think, "My God, are they that far off?"
You look here, you see the little bump right here in the middle.
And you look on the bottom and you say, "Man, they're nowhere near the same."
So, you find the one that fits the best, and that's your pattern that you make the other three conform to.
That one fits pretty good, so we'll use that one for the pattern.
Remember, it's on the top.
It's that one.
Now you just get the big grinder out and you come over here and just shave that guy down, just like this.
That's what I love about my job. Sparks just go everywhere.
Back to work.
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