HRC's Modern Family Sweepstakes

Uploaded by hrcmedia on 06.10.2012

Hi. I’m Jesse Tyler Ferguson. And I’m Eric Stonestreet. And we are lovers. We are
lovers on TV, yes. On TV we are lovers. Yes. So, whether you are gay or straight, the family
that we portray… On TV. Might remind you a little of your own. Yep. People all…We’re
just like everyone else. Pretty much just like everyone else. Just make sure you get
the fly-aways cause I noticed there were some fly-aways earlier. Thank you, do you have
any chapstick. Yeah, thank you. I’m good, I’m good. I think I’m gonna be okay. Yeah.
People all across the country can relate to our joys and struggles of our TV family, particularly
same-sex couples. Okay that’s enough. Ladies! That’s enough. Thank you. And this election
year, couldn’t be more important for securing equality for committed relationships, like
the one we are. On TV. On TV. So, listen so we have a deal to make with you. If you make
a contribution to the Human Rights Campaign’s incredible fight for nationwide equality,
we will have dinner with you. But, but just for the record, I’m not gonna come, I’m
not gonna come as Cam. I’m gonna come as Eric. And that’s usually a lot more disappointing
to people so I just wanna say that up, up front. It is. It’s quite disappointing actually.
So go to to make a contribution and you’ll be entered into a lottery where
you will win a trip to L.A. …and be able to have dinner with us, Mitch and Cam. Also
known as Jesse and Eric, which is who you will be eating with. Yeah. Jesse and Eric.
At least, at least wear one of your Cam shirts. You want me to wear one of my Cam shirts?
Yeah. We’ll see. Okay, thank you. The website is And we will have
dinner with you hopefully very soon. I don’t eat goat cheese. (giggles)