Aankhon Aankhon Mein

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You are the father.You are the brother.
You are a friend.You are the knowledge.
You are wealth. O God you are everything to me!
Here. Take the medicines first and then read it.
You are worse than a doctor.- Yes.
l remember what was your plight last month..
..because of the high blood pressure.
Take it. - Ok. l'll have it.
Hey! - What happened? Whose telegram is it?
Mr. Engineer! - Which engineer?
Your elder son Rakesh! - Rakesh? What does he write?
Your hopes are fulfilled.
He is coming back to India this evening..
..after attaining the degree of an engineer.
Rakesh is coming back? Naresh! - Naresh is not here.
You yourself have sent him for some work.
Oh! l forgot that completely.
Sundernath! What are you doing? - Nothing!
Call up at the office.
Close the office and declare a holiday for everyone today.
''Ramu! - Yes, madam. - Go fast.''
Tell the gardener to decorate the whole house with flowers.
My son is coming back today. - Alright.
''lt is me speaking, l..''
What are you trying to say? Say fast who you are.
Sundernath. Madam has fired everyone! Close down the office.
Move aside. Donkey! - What?
''No, brother. l am not saying this to you.''
l was saying that to this donkey!
''Oh! Sorry, Bhabhi. Tell me. What are the orders?''
Listen. Rakesh is coming back this evening.
Close the office after the lunch.
Yes. And we shall all go to the airport to receive him.
And listen. You will dine with us tonight.
And don't forget to bring along your daughter Seema.
Yes. Definitely bring her.
Listen. Go to the electrician.
And tell him to fit an air conditioner in Rakesh's room.
''Listen, give me the number of Diwan Govind.''
Hey! You keep staring at me. What is the matter?
To see you so enthusiastic and happy..
..makes me feel as if Rakesh was your own son.
And as if Naresh was the stepson.
Forget it! What are you saying? Both are my sons.
l am only a mother. Mother of both of them.
What are you thinking?
l recall a past night. - Which night?
''Shobha, you know that this is my second marriage.''
But there is a difference between these two weddings.
''At first one, l saw a moon and told her to ask for anything she wished.''
l'll bring down the stars of the sky at your feet.
''And tonight, l am onc,e, again seeing a moon.
''But tonight, l want to ask something from her.''
Oh! What are you doing? Why do you want me to be a sinner?
Order me. For you..
l don't want anything for myself.
Doesn't matter if you don't do anything for me or don't care for me.
l'll never complain against that.
l only have one request. - Tell me.
''Ayah, bring the child here.''
This is the star of my hopes of the first marriage.
l hand him over to you.
Promise me..
..that he will never come to know that he is not your real son.
''lf you fulfill this promise, l'll consider that..''
..you have fulfilled all your duties towards your husband.
l promise you.
And have fulfilled your promise.
No woman might have done that.
You erased the difference between your own and the stepson.
Enough! You have praised me enough. There is a lot of work to be done.
Tell me the number of Mr. Diwan. - It's in my diary. Take it.
Rakesh! - Mother!
''How are you, mother? - How are you?''
May the evil spirit keep away from you!
''Father! - God bless you, son. May you be happy!''
May you always be in an honorable state!
l feel as if the whole sky is lying at my feet today.
How is your health now? - l am completely alright.
l taught you how to walk and now..
..holding your hand l have reached my destination.
''Welcome home, son! - Uncle!''
''Naresh, why didn't you go to the airport? - Do you want to know that?''
l had two ports in front of me.
One was the airport and the second was the love port!
Father has gone to the airport to receive his son.
And here my heart told me to wait for my son at the love port.
What? - Hey! We will get married some day.
''And if we do, we will have kids. No one can wait.''
Shame! What sort of things you are talking?
Hey! You are shying away just as l talk.
''When l'll actually.. - No, Naresh. Please.''
Oh! l'll turn your father's face the other side.
Naresh! - Please.
Have one. It would have been nice if you had brought Seema with you.
l was going to. But she has gone out with her friends.
What is it? - Naresh hasn't come yet.
My eyes are dying to see him.
He must be busy with some work. He'll be coming soon.
Brother! - He's come.
''Naresh! - Oh, brother!''
How are you? - Fit and fine.
Where were you? l had been waiting for so long.
l was a bit busy. How was your journey? - First class.
''Ok, Rakesh. Ok, Naresh. Goodbye.''
''So tell me. - Bro, what have you brought for me from abroad?''
l'll show you. See this. - Oh! So beautiful!
''Bro, what else have you brought? - An engineer's degree!''
l know that. l mean have you smuggled any interesting goods?
What nonsense! Did l go there to smuggle something?
''Rakesh, son. Come here for a moment. - Come, Naresh.''
''Did you call me, sir?''
Yes. You have attained an engineer's degree.
Now what are your future plans? That.. - What do you mean?
l mean any government job or some private..
''No, no. Nothing like that. Our own company is quite big.''
Both brothers will handle that together.
And you? - Me.. Shobha.
Now l'll do outdoor shooting with my heroine!
''Mr. Diwan, l've worked hard all my life.''
Now we will go and romance at some mountain region!
''Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. Kulwantrai will now romance!''
So now we should leave from here. Goodbye. Goodnight.
Come here. When l heard that you have failed in exams l felt very sorry.
''Naresh, at least you should have attained a degree.''
''Bro, why do l need a degree?''
Those who need to do a job need a degree.
Rakesh.. - We have a big business of our own.
''You must be tired. It is late, go to sleep.''
Hey! l forgot something. l wanted to give Rakesh a surprise!
Wait! Listen to what my heart is saying..
..so that l can also sleep in peace. l'll be back soon.
Hey! Be careful. You are flying out of joy.
Doctor has told you to be careful.
Forget the doctor. l'm completely alright now.
''Naresh, go and have your meal. - l'm not hungry, mother.''
''Alright, you can talk to each other.''
''l'll go and get everything tidied up. - Ok, mother.''
Come. Let's sit.
l've heart that there are nude dance shows in Europe!
''Yes, Naresh. There are.''
How strange! Totally nude? How come?
''Keep quiet. Bro, how many of them did you see?''
''Naresh, l had gone there to study, not to watch nude shows.''
Didn't see even one? - Shut up!
''Naresh, l can see that you've changed much these days.''
''Bro, how can one change here?''
ln our country films are not allowed to have kissing scenes.
As soon as the hero and heroine come close..
..the censor board cuts off the scene.
They don't let us enioy! - Go and do your work.
''Bro, you must have traveled a lot. Which country did you like the most?''
All were good. But Switzerland was the best.
Rakesh! - Father!
''What happened? - Naresh, call the doctor.''
''No, there is no need for that. The time to go has come.''
''For God's sake, don't say such a thing.''
''No, Shobha. l'm leaving this world with a relieved heart.''
There is no burden on my mind.
''Father, what are you saying?''
''Rakesh, take care of these papers.''
l am handing over the responsibility..
..of this house and the business to you.
''Rakesh, there is one more thing.''
Every mother in this world is worth worshipping.
But your mother is a very great person.
''Son, promise me.''
To obey her orders would be the biggest duty of your life.
''Father, l swear on you.''
No! - Father! - Why did you leave me?
Brother-in-law! If he had been alive..
..l would have come to this house laughing instead of crying.
''Child, you are orphaned.''
My sister is widowed.
''Don't cry, sister. Don't cry.''
l used to visit this house frequently.
Now l won't go from here Ieaving my sister and two sons.
''l am ruined. - Don't worry, sister.''
''BR Co.? But, uncle, wasn't their account being cleared?''
''No, this amount is left to be paid. They have called us twice.''
l see. A self-addressed cheque? What for?
''Child, Naresh was saying that he wanted some money.''
''Naresh? Naresh, come here.''
''Naresh, why do you want the money?''
Because there is a need.
But you took 5000 rupees just 15 days back.
What did you do with that?
l spent them! - Where?
Now shall l have to give you an account of everything?
''No, child. He is demanding for the account.''
''He is iust asking casually. Give him the money, child.''
Here. But listen!
Next time you won't get this much for personal use.
ls it so? Then l don't want this cheque either.
Hey! How come? He is a kid yet. l'll convince him.
''Naresh, child! Wait! Where were you going? - To hell!''
''lf brother-in-law had been alive, he wouldn't let you go to hell.''
Good that you threw away the cheque.
l had told you that his attitude has changed.
''Uncle, l cannot bear this disgrace anymore.''
Neither can l. But worries increase your grief.
Worries are not a remedy for grief. - Then what is the remedy?
Chintamani! - What?
My complexion is fair. My arms are plump and fair.
''Now what is your wish, tell me truly.''
First praise the fair and the dark with your eyes.
Then tell us truly what is your wish.
My beauty is rising. My lips are glorious.
My body is like a glass bottle.
Open your eyes and see my beauty.
''Now what is your wish, tell me truly.''
When the dark waist of mine will bend.
Then you will have a thought.
l'll give you my virgin desires.
Then tell us truly what is your wish.
My complexion is like milk and my cheeks are pink.
''Look, it is like milk with roses in it.''
l am dark and sweet. My love is sweet.
Test this darker one once.
Your heart is swinging to see the two colors.
''Now what is your wish, tell me truly.''
''Naresh, wake up. Why are you sleeping till so late?''
Rakesh has been up and has already gone to the office.
''Mother, l won't go now. - Why?''
''Sister, let him sleep.''
''What is there for him at the office, that he should go?''
He hasn't been able to sleep all night because of Rakesh.
Why? What happened?
That what l feared has happened.
''lf brother-in-law was alive, he wouldn't have tolerated this tyranny.''
''Rakesh, has slowly begun to show his true color.''
''Bro, what are you saying? l won't hear a word against Rakesh.''
l had feared that you would be angry with me.
But l cannot keep quiet as l have blood relation with Naresh.
''Yesterday, Rakesh humiliated Naresh in the office for a minor reason.''
''No, Rakesh cannot do such a thing. - l am telling the truth.''
He is trying to capture everything little by little.
''And iust see, one day he will throw us all out of this house.''
lt was my duty to make you see the situation.
Now it's up to you.
''Wow! Uncle, good iob!''
''Uncle, she has reached in.''
Who? What's the matter?
Nothing. A few minutes back l clashed with her in the passage.
l patted her with love. - And she has gone in to complain about that.
''Now that you have already patted her, don't back off!''
''Remember, you, too, are an owner of this company.''
''Naresh, please, come here. - Coming, brother.''
Don't be scared.
''What is it, bro?''
''Naresh, l think the matters are getting worse.''
What you did was not right.
Say sorry to Julie.
And promise that you won't ever repeat such mistake.
l haven't done any mistake and..
..neither shall l ask forgiveness from servants!
''l am younger to you, but not your servant.''
One shouldn't be arrogant about one's wealth.
These people serve us because they are helpless.
They don't sell their self-respect.
''Naresh, you'll have to say sorry to Julie.''
lf brother-in-law had been alive..
''He would have shot him. Uncle, you shouldn't cover his mistakes.''
''Naresh, say sorry.''
You are so angry for her as if she were something of yours.
l can see everything clearly.
You want me to stop coming to the office..
..so that you alone can enjoy father's wealth.
''Ramu! - Yes. - Where is mother? - Up, in her bedroom.''
''Mother, l have some good news.''
With your blessings a big tender of ours has been accepted.
You have the sweets first of all.
''Rakesh, l want to know whether you are showing off to the world.''
''Mother, what is the matter? - You are asking me?''
l had been hearing things for many days now.
But l did not believe any of them.
''Mother, what..''
His father never even scolded him and you dared to slap him?
''Mother, l did so for his welfare.''
For his welfare or your own?
''Mother, is it you who are saying this?''
l never knew..
..that you will change so much after your father's death.
''You slapped him today. Perhaps you will slap me, too, someday.''
Do you want to prove to the world that you are a stepson?
''Mother, l am hearing these words from you for the first time.''
l must have crossed my limits. l have done a mistake.
''Forgive me. Naresh, forgive me.''
But your father had said that you won't do a job.
You'll look after your own business company.
''Yes, father had said that.''
But now father is no more. Neither are the circumstances the same.
My brother will handle the business. He has completed his studies.
''An uncle, you know how much l am interested in engineering.''
''There is a iob, but a difficult one. Would you be able to do that?''
''Why not, uncle? It is the difficult task that l enjoy doing.''
Tell me the iob.
There is a hydroelectric project of ours in Himachal Pradesh.
But the residents of the village..
''..where the bridge is to be built the, are not ready..''
..to vacate the village on any price
That is why the proiect could not be started till now.
But why aren't they vacating the village?
''Their chief, the village headman. Everybody follows him.''
That is why all our efforts have failed.
''l won't go there to fail, uncle. - Very good.''
Now do this. Go and first of all convince them to vacate the village.
Then quickly survey the land and send me the maps here.
''For your facilities, you will find one of our staff members there.''
Stop! The train hasn't arrived yet!
Hey! Why are you in such a bad mood?
What can l do if the train is arriving late?
''lt is the system of the train. Goes late, comes late.''
''l see nowadays that you are becoming too punctual, too English!''
One should not forget one's system. Got it?
What a strange sort of servant! Hasn't come to the station yet.
Excuse me. l'm trapped! Ok l'm out.
Who is Mr. Rakesh among you?
Silly! Are you blind? How dare you enter a ladies compartment?
Where else should l enter? - Don't you have a sis or a mother?
Why do you ask us? How can your Mr. Rakesh be in a ladies coach?
Oh! Then where is his coach?
''Come, sir. Welcome. Start playing the band.''
Thank you. Good people are present in all parts of our country.
l was saying..
''And l was saying Mr. engineer, where is your luggage?''
Engineer? l am not an engineer. - Then what are you?
l am a political leader. - Leader? What do you do?
l don't do anything. l only give speeches.
Then why are you irritating me? Stop the band.
Give back the garland. Follow me guys.
Where do l look for that silly Charsuram?
What name did you say iust now? - Charsuram.
And with that you also said silly? - Yes.
Did you? - Yes.
Then l am here. - So it's you? - Yes.
l Charsuram Govardhan Girdhari.
A celibate from childhood and at your service.
Mr. contractor has appointed me at your service.
But where were you till now?
l was looking for you. Porter! Take sir's luggage. Start the band!
''Come, sir. - Charsuram, my money.''
''Oh! Sir, pay him Rs.100 from my account. l only have a note of 10.''
And l only have a note of Rs. 100.
He is much smarter than me.
Charsu! - Yes. - How much is the population of this place?
lt's not worth trusting. Keeps increasing every year.
''ln the free time, the villagers only work on this.''
''l am a celibate, but one day a lady doctor was preaching..''
..that the government gives 3 packets of pills for just 15 paise.
Then you are free of worries for many days.
''You are laughing, sir?''
Who are you? - Who are you?
Answer to what you are asked.
How dare you enter my boundary without my permission?
ls there a need to ask you? - This is my territory.
Go away from here or l shall eat you uncooked.
''lf you want to eat me uncooked, why use the bullet?''
l have come here for a good cause. It will be of benefit to all.
l don't know what's your motive.
Run away if you want to save yourself.
Delicate than a flower and hotter than a fire!
What if l don't go from here? - You won't agree this way.
Wow! What nice whistle you blow! Do that again!
Wait. l'll show you iust now.
What was the need to call this army? You alone are enough.
Arrest him. - Hold me well! Hold.
Tell me how you should be treated.
Tell you? - Yes. - l should be released.
Make a bale of him and throw him away.
What? - Pick him up.
''Be careful, guys! Carefully.''
We have thrown you out this time. But don't dare to come back.
''Yes, l will remember that. Thank you very much, bro.''
''Let's go. - Ok, tell me when does this train leave?''
''Quarter to three, sir. - Charsu? What are you doing here?''
l am waiting for you with a return ticket of yours.
What rubbish are you talking?
This is not rubbish. 3 engineers came here before you.
''They, too, were thrown out just the same way.''
Who was that girl by the way?
She is the owner of this place. Her father is the village headman.
''Her name is Parvati. But she is also like goddess Durga, Chandika.''
And she is also like the queen of Jhansi. Everyone is scared of her.
Then the matter can be settled only when she agrees to me.
''Charsu, get down. - Definitely, sir. God bless you, sir.''
Not only you. Get down the luggage also.
l haven't come here to be defeated.
You are at a very tender age.
lt is like a storm being stopped.
l am young. You are also young.
My heart is grateful to this atmosphere.
You have come again? Wait. l'll eat you up!
Come. Come. Eat me uncooked.
How do l come? Turn that way.
Now l got it.
''On your simplicity, on your fair body.''
You have worn the necklace of water drops.
lt looks as if it were a good smelling pub.
lt is an awakened desire.
Talk to me. Meet me somewhere.
''You are so proud, girl.''
''ln your shadow, in your village.''
This foreigner is a guest.
Why do you act as a stranger?
Why are you weeping this way? Has anybody died?
Give me my rifle back. - No. No tricks.
First listen to me.
Otherwise neither will l go from here nor will l let you go.
Why do you want to risk your life?
''lf my father comes to know about this, he will thrash you.''
You want to eat me uncooked. Your father will thrash me.
Are you humans or cannibals? - What?
Man-eater! - What? - Barbarians! Those who eat humans.
How dare you call us barbarians?
You city mouse! l will.. - l am not a mouse.
''Those 3 were the mouse, whom you threw out of the village.''
Get lost. l had also made a bale of you.
But your death has pulled you back here.
Tell me what do you want?
l want nothing. People want the help.
Those who die every year in the floods.
Nearby villages are destroyed. Food grains are rotted.
''And those who are saved from the flood, die of starvation.''
Who pays the price? Me or your own people? Tell me.
Why don't you speak? - What should l say?
''lf a bridge is built over the river, what harm will it cause you?''
''lf a bridge is built, won't your own people be saved from drowning?''
Wouldn't there be good agriculture and food grains available?
Wouldn't the problems of the village be solved?
Me? l will leave after building the bridge.
But would your village benefit or have a loss from that?
''Here, take your gun. l have said what l wanted to.''
Now fire as many bullets as you want. l am standing here.
Oh! Wait. It is not the local soap. It is the Lux soap! See.
The heroines who earn lakhs bath with it.
''Sir! Sir, that between her and you.. fit?''
What nonsense! - l am not talking nonsense.
l am saying this for your welfare.
Our government is not trustworthy.
lt nationalized the insurance as well as the banks.
''lf tomorrow it also nationalizes the romance, your chances..''
Donkey! - Saw that? The donkey is upset.
My companion. My elephant! Why are you protesting?
''Sir has called me a donkey, not you.''
''You are not the only donkey in this area. l might be a donkey, too!''
''lf you are upset, l beg your forgiveness. l apologize!''
''Forgive me, sir. The donkey was upset.''
Actually he is a modern educated donkey!
He is also the secretary of his union! After all it is human!
''Charsu! Shut up! - Definitely, sir.''
Quickly come to the house. - Yes.
What is this fight about? Why were you fighting?
He is not returning the 100 rupees he took from me.
My mother is very ill.
''Your mother is ill? Here, take this. Go and get her medicine.''
You! You don't return his money..
..and on top of that you fight with him?
''Thakur, he said bad words to my mother.''
To your mother? Did you do that?
Hold your ears! And say that his mother is like your mother.
His mother is mine.
''lf his mother is your mother, what will he be to you?''
''Brother. - Come, hug your brother. Come on.''
Aren't you ashamed to watch the show standing there?
Mind you! No one will fight in this village again.
Uncle Thakur! - What is it?
A foreigner has come back. He has camped near the river.
l have seen with my own eyes.
What are you saying? He has come back?
How dare he! He has come back after being throw out?
Come with me.
Bravo! Pull everything out. Throw everything away.
''Listen to me, Thakur. - l won't listen to anything.''
''Don't try my patience, mister. It is me..''
''..who rules over this place, not anybody's stubbornness.''
l am not being obstinate. l am talking about your welfare.
To hell with our welfare and benefit! Get lost from here.
Thakur! - Back off!
''l say, will you go from here or not? - No. - No?''
''Wait. Don't hit him, father!''
''Father, he is a good man. He wants to help us.''
Don't be fooled by that. We will've to vacate the village for his purpose.
All our people will be homeless.
''What will happen to them? - Yes, what will we do?''
We won't go anywhere Ieaving the village.
We won't vacate the village.
You go away from here.
No one will be made homeless.
''Thakur, we will built up a new village..''
..in which all of you will have a new house for himself
''Speak up, father. What do you say now?''
The people of city are not trustworthy.
They say something and do something else.
''l promise, that till you get new houses..''
..we won't start constructing the bridge.
''Father, he is promising. Give him a chance.''
''Alright, mister. Do your work.''
''But remember, if you cheat us, l will drown you in this river. Got it?''
''Come, brothers. Let's go.''
''Thank you, Paro. - What? Throw you?''
No one will throw you now. Father has assured you.
Not throwing. l am saying thank you.
ln English thank you means being grateful.
''Don't talk to me in English, mister. l don't understand that.''
Ok. Do your work. l am leaving.
The time's over. Leave them and give the laborers their money.
''And listen, give Tulsi his yesterday's money. - Tulsi?''
And listen! Distribute the money properly.
Don't make mistakes like you did yesterday.
What is it now? - l thought you will call me once again.
You do this whenever l see you. Get lost!
Come all of you. Stand in a queue.
Has every one come? - Yes.
Sukhiram! Be happy. Press your thumb here.
Dukhiram! Be unhappy. Thumb.
Fakirchand! Come ahead and be rich.
Who becomes rich in iust 5 rupees? - l don't want to talk to you.
Hey! You are giving money to everyone.
''Give me, too. l am in a hurry to go home.''
What is your name? - Lachi!
lt's a very good name. Who gave you this name?
My aunt. - Where does your aunt live? - In Ranchi.
Where is Ranchi? - Ahead of Sanchi.
''What is your name? - Charsuram, the celibate.''
Who gave you this name? - Goverdhan Girdhari.
Where does he live? - In Kanyakumari.
Where is that? - In the wardrobe!
''Charsuram, make it fast. - Wait, pal.''
One always makes late in matters concerning ladies
''Ok, now give. - There are 4 rupees in your name.''
Why 4? You are giving 5 rupees to everyone.
''Yes, but you were 2 hours late today.''
What? l was only 1 hour late!
''Are you telling the truth? Ok, l'll give you 5 rupees.''
You are so nice! - Press your thumb there.
Where? - Not here. Down there.
Help me. - Such a dirty thumb!
Use some force. - You too.
''Me too? Ok, we'll force together. 1, 2, 3.''
''Hey, Mr. English! Where are you going?''
Up the hill. - Sit on the horse. l'll drop you there.
Would l have to sit behind you?
''lf you don't sit behind, how would l ride the horse?''
l'll ride the horse. - Wow! You'll ride the horse? - Yes.
''City man, this is not a donkey of the city. It is a horse.''
Oh! It's a horse! Come. Get down.
''Why do you insist so much? If he throws you off, you'll break your head.''
Go. You think yourself to be the queen of Jhansi. Get down.
Ok. l'll get down. Let me see how you ride.
See now how l ride the horse. Now come up.
''Sir, did you call me? - Who has called you? Get lost!''
First he calls you and then says no one has called you.
''City man, you ride the horse wonderfully.''
Yes. But your horse is also wonderful.
And what about me?
''lf you hadn't been so nice, l couldn't have started my work.''
Neither this new village..
''Look, Mr. English, make our new house the best of all. l'm telling you.''
You are talking as if..
..you are going to stay at your father's house forever.
Won't you get married? - Marriage? My foot!
''lf anyone wants to marry me, he'll stay at my house.''
''Ok, will you have tea? - Is this a time to drink tea?''
''lf you have any English liquor, give that to me.''
Shame! You drink liquor? - So what? Everyone does here.
''Don't you drink? - No, l don't drink liquor. What a girl!''
Hey! Try it once. You'll be able to sleep peacefully.
Won't even have bad dreams.
Enough! l don't want to hear a lecture on liquor.
Hey! Why are you getting angry?
Don't give me if you don't want to. Miser!
What did you say? - A miser!
A shrewd businessman!
''Charsu, slowly! - Definitely, sir.''
''Sir, tea. It is here.''
''Charsu, the tea!''
Where do you find China in India?
Just the way one doesn't find India in China.
lt is unfortunate that these two countries are battling.
lf they were together..
l am talking about the sugar.
Oh! Sugar. There is a lot of sugar in our country.
The government has also lifted the rationing on that. l'll get it.
''Mr. English! See, l've brought Laddoos for you.''
''l've given the horse. Now you have that, too!''
''lt gives you much strength. - Yes, it does.''
l don't want any strength. Your horse is a donkey!
''Even donkeys can eat that. - l said get out. - Definitely, sir.''
''l said get out! - l said definitely, sir.''
Such a donkey! - What? Did you call my horse a donkey?
Donkey is your fath..
Ok. l won't say anything. Eat this.
Keep it there. l'll have it later. Let me work. - Let you work?
Hey! Looks like some black magic.
Would you free somebody of the ghost?
''Yes, l'm freeing you of the ghost.''
Will you go or not? - Will you eat or not?
''Keep it aside, l'll have it later.''
''No, eat that in front of me.''
You ruined all my efforts. Get out from here.
l had brought Laddoos for you. And you slapped me for that?
You pushed me back? l'll eat you up uncooked!
Just see that. l'll also apply salt to you.
''Dear, don't feel bad about what my sir said.''
He is very good at heart. He is just..
''Your sir is good? You are good, too? Am l bad?''
Sir. - Shoot! - A man should never hit a woman.
''Yes, it is true. But you are a man, aren't you?''
''Paro, what happened? - He hit..''
Who died? - Nobody has died. He hit me. - Who?
That English man hit me. - What had you gone there for?
l had taken the Laddoos for him. That too made of Bundi.
Then why did he hit you? - l tore his papers.
''Ok, come home. l'll break his head. Come.''
Father! - What is it? - Don't hit too hard! Hit him lightly.
''Alright, go.''
''Take off your hand. Oh! Sorry, sir.''
''Charsuram, what do you think of women?''
lron is better hot! - You are a donkey!
l am not talking about this iron. l am asking about a female.
The female? Why didn't you say that before?
My father used to tell my mother while eating..
..that there are four types of women.
''Padmini, Hastini Shankhani, Bhootani!''
''But, sir, which woman.. are you talking about? Sir!''
Paro! Here is your English man.
What ioke is this? After all..
''Keep quiet. - Where are you going, mister?''
Say sorry. - Sorry? What for?
''l said, ask for forgiveness. - From whom? - From Paro.''
''Paro? - Will you or will you not? - Yes, l will.''
''Please, forgive me, goddess Chandika.''
''Now can l go, uncle Thakur?''
''Sit quietly. Paro, bring the Laddoo and feed him in front of me.''
But l am not hungry. - l'll make you hungry.
''Paro, bring the liquor. - Liquor? l don't drink.''
Sit. - But l don't drink. l never have.
''Come. Drink it. - Ok. - Drink it, mister. It is made of oranges at home.''
Why are you coughing? Drink at one sip. Drink!
''Uncle Thakur, really, what nice oranges! - Paro, give him more.''
''Now ladies and gentlemen, l want to have more.''
Keep quiet. - Don't get angry. l am leaving.
Hey mister! The door is on that side. - l know. l was just.. doesn't matter.
''Ok, Puri. - Hey mister!''
''Ok, Thakuri! The mister has broken his vow today.''
What heavy rainfall! Looks like nobody is in there. Let's go in.
''So, you're feeling cold? - Is there no liquor here?''
Do you take it to be your house?
Now quickly take off your clothes! - What are you saying?
You'll catch a cold in these wet clothes.
''Take off your clothes and wear my shirt. - Ok, give that fast.''
Liquor! - Take it.
What will you do? - l? l shall sneeze.
lt is so late. But the rain is not stopping.
Why? Do you still feel cold?
''Not only that. l feel something else, too. - What do you feel?''
l feel hungry. - Wait.
''Here, take this sandwich. - What? Saandh witch!''
''No, dear. Sandwich. - Its name is so big, but is so small itself.''
Give that. l am hungry. This won't be enough.
Take as much as you like.
Hey English man! My stomach is full. Now arrange for bed.
''Look, Paro. l arranged for bread, clothes and a shelter.''
Now l don't have any source for this thing.
Leave aside the bed.
Just spread your arm and we'll sleep together. - Together!?
Can't you understand such a simple matter?
l'll sleep with you iust as l go to bed with my father at home.
Silly! No woman should sleep with an unknown man before marriage.
She shouldn't even touch. - Why? What happens if one touches?
Sin! - Hey! What do you mean by sin?
How can l explain? Something happens. - Wait.
Let me see what this something is.
''You are right, mister. Something feels.''
Don't you feel anything?
Wait! l'll try again.
The eyes..
Let the eyes speak.
Let me sleep in your arms.
First get married.
Marriage will take place later. First Iet me get lost in beautiful dreams.
The bird of my heart is dancing.
lt is speaking the language of love.
''The matter will move further, but at a slow pace.''
How long to wait? - Whole life is there to wait.
Let the heart melt in another heart.
''There was monsoon before. - Yes, so what?''
But it wasn't like this one. - Really? - Yes.
There was monsoon before. But it wasn't beautiful like this one.
Now you have bloomed into a flower. First you were a bud.
My heart is burning. - This fire will be doused.
First let me fix a pearl in your nose ring.
''Father, have you.. - Where were you the whole night?''
Didn't l go with that English man to show him the temples?
There was such a storm on the way!
Good that we got a manageable hut behind a hill.
The storm did not stop. So we slept there.
Father! - You have grown up and yet..
..you don't know what is right and what is wrong.
Don't you know it is a sin to sleep with an unknown man?
English man was saying the same thing. - Which one?
He said that it is a sin even to touch before marriage.
What? Did that English man really say that? - Yes.
That is why he slept over there and l slept here.
''Have l done anything wrong, father?''
''No, dear. l was mistaken. Don't cry.''
You don't know how it feels when the apple of your eyes..
..also becomes a burden on your shoulder.
l was worried for you the whole night.
l looked for you at so many places out in the storm.
l didn't even eat food without you! - You haven't eaten?
l'll cook the food right now and bring it for you.
Hey! Why are you whistling and calling me?
Why don't you call me with my name? My name is Lachi.
Lachi? Small one or big one? - What do you mean?
l mean the small one is cool and the big one is hot.
Then consider me to be the big one. Tell me why did you call?
''Look, l was by chance cutting the vegetables today.''
''The sir is out, too, by chance.''
And by chance you also passed this way.
We'll cook the vegetables together by chance.
And also by chance we'll eat it with much love.
Why are you saying Bhaijaan (Brother) so many times?
Not Bhaiiaan. By chance. It is an English word.
Didn't you get it? - No. - Let me explain it.
The monastery of Celibates!
Charsu! - Yes. - Leave me. What are you thinking?
l am not thinking. l am seeing.
That the gate of the monastery of celibates is broken.
How come you are a celibate Bhaijaan?
You said Bhaiiaan again!
''How many times should l tell you, it is by chance?''
''Yes, l meant that. But tell me why are you a celibate?''
''Lachi, this problem has been existing in our family for generations!''
Not only am l a celibate. My father was a celibate!
''My father's father was a celibate, too.''
My father's father's father's father's father was too.
Then how were you born?
l am a Adda Peti boy.
O Lord! Were you born before the marriage?
Shhh! Talk slowly. Before marriage is something.
And this Adda Peti is something different.
Didn't you get it? - No. - l'll explain.
Think that it has been 8-9 years to your marriage now.
''You tried hard, but could not have a child. - Ok.''
Helplessly you adopted me. - You? - This is just an example.
You nurtured me with your milk.
''Whenever l cried in the nights, you either sang for me..''
..or gave me rubber toys to play with. Just for an example.
This way you always showered motherly love on me.
But why are you hugging me? - Just an example. - Leave me.
''Lachi, we are in trouble. Sir has returned.''
''Our chance is gone. Now you go, too.''
''Charsu, if l don't come on work tomorrow..''
''..you won't cut my salary, will you?''
Promise to meet me. Then l won't cut your salary.
Promise me. - l am going.
Lachi! - What is it? - Do it one more time.
You celibate!
''Charsu! - Yes, sir. - Is the tea ready?''
l've cut the vegetables. Cook for yourself and leave some for me.
Heat the milk and drink. And cover mine with a plate.
l have arranged your bed. You make my bed.
lt is my half-day off. Bye. Good day!
''l'm hurt, O mother. Oh! My leg.''
''Lachi, did you fall from the top?''
Does anyone fall from the bottom?
What is there to scream? Let me see.
You are crying like a child! Be brave.
Lachi! Shameless! Witch!
You are making the English man press your legs.
Hey! She slipped off from the top.
Leave me. It is not her leg that slipped. It is her mind.
lt might be your mind that keeps slipping.
What are you both doing? Leave. Stop. What are you doing?
''Lachi, punch back.''
Rascal! Bitch!
You take the money from Charsu and press your thumb here!
l'll eat you up. Wait.
Enough. Get up both of you. Get up. Come out.
''Uncle Thakur, look what is happening over here.''
l caught her. Go. Run away!
Would you kill her? - What else do l do? Love her?
She was trying to coax you. - She wasn't doing that.
''Her leg had slipped off. - Yes, and you were pressing her leg.''
Her leg slipped today. So you were pressing her leg.
''Tomorrow if her mind slips, would you press her mind, too?''
You are out of your mind! l don't want to talk to you.
What? You won't talk to me? - No.
English man! - What's the problem now?
''Look, l'm holding my ears. - Not this way. This way.''
Ok. l ask you to forgive me. And l won't hit any girl!
Press who ever person's leg you want to. l won't say anything.
Hey! You are crying. Good kids don't cry.
Then why don't you talk to me?
''Alright, l'll talk now. Wipe off your tears.''
Talk to me. - l will right now.
''Paro, there must be many crows flying around your house.''
''Yes, there are many. - Are they black or white?''
Black. - Ok. How many beaks do they have?
They have only one beak.
And how do they sing?
''Why are you saying Ka, Ka? Don't you have better things to talk about?''
Wasn't this good enough?
Should l say a few good words to you?
''Yes, please. Should l brace you in my eyes today?''
Make your drape understand. It hides your face. - Really?
The locks are flying on your cheeks.
Should l take away that snake? - Yes.
When the breeze brings the news of the East.
My heartbeat stops and l feel drowsy.
Should l put my head on your shoulder? - Yes.
The love that was asleep for so many years has awakened today.
l don't know why my eyes now need you. - Really?
Should l tie my heart to yours? - Yes.
Mister. - Who is it? Come in.
''Uncle Thakur, you? So late in the night?''
l've come to ask for brightness.
l kept thinking all day long what should l do and what not.
''What is the matter? Please, come in.''
''Please, sit down.''
''Mister, l have reared my Parvati with much love.''
She is everything to me.
But one does not built a bridge over the river of heart.
But l know that you have changed her course of flow.
l hand over my wealth to you.
''English man, l only have one request. Never make her sad.''
''What are you saying, uncle?''
Every father talks such a thing.
''And after all, l am a strange father. - Strange father? - Yes.''
l don't want to be cheated.
So l won't cheat you either.
l am the father. But Parvati is not my child.
Parvati is not your daughter? - No.
The story is 24 years old. My mean relatives..
..killed my only motherless daughter to capture my wealth.
''To revenge that, l killed one of them. l was jailed for 7 years.''
But this punishment was unable to douse my fire of hatred.
After coming out from the iail..
..l kept looking for my enemies to douse that fire of hatred.
Once l came to the DAK BANGLA of this village to spend a night.
Where a mother and a father were already staying with their daughter.
''After taking their permission, l slept out in the veranda.''
''Suddenly, at night.. there was a terrible flood..''
..in the river on which you are building the bridge.
lt turned everything upside down.
lt destroyed everything. The bungalow was carried away.
''We all were carried away in the waters. Those parents, too.''
But the crashing waves brought that child into my lap.
That innocent child hugged me and l took her to a safe place.
The storm stopped in the morning.
But we could not find even the dead bodies of those parents.
l was in a dilemma as to what do l do of this child.
''At last, my conscience called me and said that..''
..God has given you this child in place of your own daughter.
Why shouldn't l bring her up?
''Eventually, the love of this child doused my fire of hatred.''
And l bid goodbye to the gun forever.
This Parvati is that child.
''lt was Parvati's good luck, uncle, that she got a father like you.''
''No, mister. It is my good fortune that l found a child like her.''
But l am afraid what might she go through when she knows this secret?
''So, doesn't she know yet?''
''Paro, you? - l've heard everything, father.''
l know everything now. - Now do you know that l am nothing of yours?
''No, father. You are everything to me.''
There is no one else whom l can call as my own.
''Father, l used to love you.''
But now l will worship you like God.
''Don't cry, father. It is the first time l'm seeing tears in your eyes.''
What other gift can a poor man like me give to his son-in-law?
''Uncle, l assure you that Parvati's happiness will be my happiness.''
May God give you both long lives! May you always be happy!
Today my life has attained success. l am honored today.
We had started this iourney alone.
''We had a big plan, and we never knew..''
..how we would reach our destination?
But people ioined us and we moved on.
And today that auspicious moment has come..
..when all of you will enter your new houses.
''And according to the wish of our engineer, Mr. Rakesh..''
..this new village is named as Parvati.
And if you keep supporting us this way..
..one day we will also have the inauguration of the Parvati dam.
l congratulate you all. And request Mr. Thakur..
..to inaugurate this new village with his own hands.
''Uncle, you are the eldest.''
This auspicious task should be done by you. - As you say.
''Please, come.''
Lord Ram has brought us close.
The distance is now eradicated. Come to me.
''O my dear, say something.''
People are surprised to see this.
As l came to you in front of everybody.
''O my dear, O my little bud.''
l'll take away the rosy ness of your cheeks.
l'll steal away the warmth of your breath.
What will you do if l embrace you and hide you in my eyes?
Tell me what have l taken from you.
You have been unfair to me.
You have stolen the heart of a traveler..
..by your beauty and grace.
Neither have l cheated nor have been unfair.
l have iust taken your heart.
Heart is something you get on its own.
So l got it where l should have.
''Silly, why are you crying? Am l going away forever?''
Why don't you take me with you? l can't live without you.
Why can't you?
Am l going to stay in the same place when l reach there?
So what? l will walk with my own feet.
Why don't you try and understand?
l will have to travel a Iot to buy the products.
You know that l don't want to go either.
But do the employers care about our love?
See? l'm being called. l should go now. Stop crying.
l make the tobacco myself. You seem to know a lot about that.
l'll send you some from the city.
''Alright, uncle Thakur. l'm leaving. - God bless you.''
''Please, take care of Paro. She is crying too much.''
''Rakesh, you can stop the flood in the rivers..''
..but cannot stop a woman's tears.
Come. Let's move.
Hey! What happened?
What did you say? What? She is bathing? Who? Where?
''Thank you, my pal.''
''Pal, please get your hair cut sometimes.''
Remind me of that on Sunday. l'll be back soon.
''Charsu, what are you doing here?''
''Lachi, how beautifully you bathe!''
You bathe the way no other girl does!
''So, you've come here to say that? - Definitely.''
Go away from here.
''Lachi, l swear on my donkey. If you marry me..''
''..you won't have only one donkey in the house but his kids, too.''
How's that possible?
''Yes, l got it. Hey Charsu! Do me a favor.''
Come to my house this evening.
Your house? Why? - My mother wants to meet you.
''Mother! Let me tell you, Lachi, that..''
..your mother does not possess the qualities you do!
''Charsu, mother wants to talk about our marriage.''
l am here. Tell mother that l'll reach there on time.
Will you? - Yes. - Sure? - Definitely. - Do come. Now go.
l'll come. Right on time.
''Wow! You arranged for the marriage, that too in such a short time.''
''Who is he? - Come, Charsu.''
''What are you doing? - Father, where are your feet?''
l haven't seen them either.
You've come at my house for the first time. Come. Sit.
Where? There's already one donkey sitting there.
Donkey!? You are a donkey as well as your father.
Don't say anything to father. It's between us.
Doesn't matter. We'll sit together.
''Tell me, father. You've called me for tying the knot.''
Then who is this donkey? - It is you who will get married.
This is wrong. Celibacy cannot operate in partnership!
You cannot have two donkeys in one case.
''And that's all for the day. - Not two. Only one. Lachi, child!''
Bring the plate of Pooia. l've been dying all my life.
What for? - For a son. l've got a son today.
''Come, child. Put the Tika on Charsu's head.''
What for? - For tying the knot.
Bhaiiaan! - Not bhaiiaan. By chance. We are getting married.
''Yes, bro! Let me tie the Rakhi (Holy Thread).''
Rakhi? No! l won't. This is cheating.
''This is why you were being called, to tie the Rakhi.''
What nonsense!
You are making your future husband your brother!
''Brother-in-law, let her tie the Rakhi.''
You know nothing. She and l.. fixed.
''Come in. - l'm Rakesh, from United Constructions.''
l have come to know the quotation for the cement supply.
Has the construction of the dam started?
''Yes, the initial work has begun.''
But l don't get one thing. Why are you naming this dam as Parvati?
ls the name of the river Parvati? Or some girl named..
''Yes, we are naming it after the name of a girl.''
''lf it hadn't been for that girl, we would never have started this project.''
Can l ask you who that girl is?
''Hers is a very strange story, sir.''
She is the daughter of..
''..Thakur Shivprasad, who rules the whole village.''
But actually she is not his daughter either. - How come?
lt dates back many years.
Thakur had come to Pachkoi for some work. - Where?
Pachkoi. That same day a pair of parents..
..were staying at the Dak Bungalow with their daughter.
Dak Bungalow? - Yes. That same night there was a flood.
Flood? - It destroyed the whole area.
The parents were drowned but that child was saved.
Thakur saved her.
How many years it has been now to this mishap?
How old is that girl now?
lt has been almost 18 years now.
And that girl might have been 2-3 years old at that time.
2-3 years! Pachkoi! Flood! The parents were drowned!
The child is saved! Is it her?
You are smiling to yourself.
Read it aloud and tell me what your English man has written.
l can't. - Why? Is it written in English?
Father! - Tell me what is written.
''Alright, l'll tell you. He writes greetings to you.''
He writes that he'll come back soon. Everything is fine.
Only this much is written in such a long letter? Alright.
When you marry and go to your house..
..only write about your well being in such a long letter!
Why would l go? l won't go anywhere leaving you here.
Every daughter says this.
''But the one who comes to take her, takes her anyway.''
''Uncle Thakur, someone's come to meet you.''
Who is it? - Some wealthy man from the city.
''Alright. You go, l'm coming.''
Strange! A wealthy man at the house of this poor man?
Greetings! - Greetings!
You.. - You don't know me. l'm Ramprasad.
''Hearing the tales of your greatness, l felt like meeting you.''
''l'm iust an ordinary man, mister. Sit down.''
Tell me how can l be of help to you.
Do you know them? This young couple? This innocent child?
These are my drowned pearls!
''No, l don't know them. l've never seen them.''
Wow Thakur!
The affection for your daughter is pressing you to say no.
But humanity demands that you accept the fact.
Fact? What fact? - That your Parvati is my granddaughter.
l've crying over the memories of my kids for last 18 years.
Now my old age has reached to..
..that stage in life where there is only darkness.
So l've come to beg of you.
lsn't Parvati the heir to my property of millions?
How can l thank you?
''Mister, your gratitude is also as bitter as the truth.''
l've never been scared of any flood or storm till now.
But have always feared this stagnant water.
l always used to shiver at the thought..
..that some day a relative of Paro might turn up.
''l understand the depth of your love, Thakur.''
''But.. but l, too, have come here through rivers of tears.''
Where is my Parvati? - Have you come to take her?
''No. Who am l to take her away, Thakur?''
l've come to give her everything l own.
You've brought her up. She is your daughter.
Your generosity is not allowing you to say things clearly.
There's reiection on your lips but the truth on your face.
But l want to tell you something..
..before l part with a piece of my heart.
l've promised to marry her to one of the engineers of this place.
They love each other. l've accepted him as my son-in-law.
You've done a good iob. You've taken away my worries.
''Promise me, Thakur, that you'll do the rituals of the marriage.''
As God wishes. Paro!
''Mister, this is your Parvati.''
''Parvati, my child!''
''Father, who is he? - He is your grandfather. - My grandpa?''
''Yes, child. He has come to take you.''
Come to take me? Why? He has no right on me.
''Father, tell him to go away.''
l won't leave you and go anywhere. Never.
''Silly, why are you lying? As it is, you have to go one day.''
l am bidding you farewell from this poor hut of mine.
Tomorrow your grandpa will bid you goodbye from his mansion.
''lt is one and the same. Go, child. Go with him. - Father!''
''Father, am l such a burden on you that you want to send me away?''
The one who had been the apple of your eyes..
''..for 18 years, is now a stranger to you!''
''Paro, a daughter is always a stranger!''
You have to get married to the English man and leave me one day.
You have to learn the ways of the city for that.
And you can do that only at your grandpa's house.
Not in the hut of this poor father.
Don't say such a thing.
''Don't send me away from this house, father. Don't.''
''l beg of you. - Don't be stubborn, child.''
''Understand my problem, child.''
How can l give my son-in-law a simple village girl?
''Go, child. Obey your grandpa as you have been obeying me.''
''Ok, father. Now that you have decided, l will go.''
l'll never show you my face again!
''l am a burden on you, isn't it? l will go away.''
''Auntie, l am going. Forgive me if l have done any mistakes.''
''Lachi, l am going. Take care of my father.''
''l am leaving. - Ok, Paro.''
My dear horse.
''Paro, child, won't you meet your father before leaving him?''
''Father! - Enough, child. Don't cry.''
''Father, will you come to meet me? - At my life's risk.''
May God be with you!
''Hey madam, at least say sorry.''
You haven't worn half of the clothes and are talking about sari.
''What happened? - Nothing, grandpa. Her cloth is torn.''
''Grandpa, who is this plump girl?''
She is your governess. - Which ness?
Governess! - She is a very big ness! Just like a buffalo!
She is your governess. She will teach you..
''..about your new life style, etiquette, how to talk and stuff.''
''Mrs. Ferreira, she is my grand daughter, Ms. Parvati.''
''Mrs. Ferreira, l hand her over to you.''
See to it that l don't have to be embarrassed in front of anyone.
''Don't worry, sir. l'll turn her into a very smart girl.''
''Take her up. - Ok. - Go, dear.''
Beware! l'll break your Ieg if you step in the room.
''Donkey, what are you Iooking around for?''
ls this your father's house?
You tail of a dog! How dare you say a bad word to my father?
l'll eat you up uncooked.
''Mind your language, cat! You are affected by the city so soon.''
Thief! Why do you talk hiding? Come in front of me.
l'll smash you. - You won't listen to me this way.
Shameless! l'll teach you a lesson.
Were you scared?
Your father might be scared!
You cabbage! How dare you say bad words to me? - No.
''Said bad words to my father, too. - Never.''
Speak up now. - It wasn't me. It was the radio speaking.
Who? - l can speak only if you get off me.
''Please, help me.''
''Mother. - Yes, child. - How will l grow up? - By eating good food.''
''See? Didn't l tell you, it was the radio speaking?''
''Does this box talk, too? - Yes.''
You have broken my waist.
''You must be a Judo champion, baby.''
Bibi! Again a bad word! How dare you call me bibi?
l am not anybody's bibi (Wife).
l didn't say bibi. l said baby. Here a small child is called a baby.
Am l a small child? l am 20 years old.
That might be acceptable in your village.
Here women as old as 40 years want to be called baby!
Really? - Yes.
Why are you staring at me? Go and arrange the bath.
She's gone. Didn't even speak to me!
Arrange the baat (talk). - Yes.
She didn't talk either.
Arrange the baat (talk). - Yes
Hey! Wait. Stop. - They don't talk.
''lf you keep clapping like this, the servants will lose their position.''
What shall they lose? The pee?
''Come, baby. Have a shower.''
Have a shower? Where?
There. Come with me.
''Baby, wonderful! You look as beautiful as the moon!''
Look in the mirror.
Where is my face? This seems to be a false one.
''The hair are false, the cheeks are false, the walk..''
''Everything is false here. Come, change the clothes.''
Hey! Are the clothes real or false?
Some are real and some are false.
Hey you fatty!
''lf my English man doesn't like them, l'll throw them off.''
There's nothing new in what you are saying.
''My man had been angry, so l had also thrown them off.''
''Come, Naresh. Be my partner in bridge today.''
At least we can start the game.
''Sorry, bro. No matter how bad l might be, l have one virtue.''
l never play cards.
''Nephew, your virtue is working at the right time.''
''lt is 6 15 now. Mister, Ram Prasad hasn't arrived yet.''
''O God, what a beauty! - Which one? Oh! What a beauty!''
This is the card room of our club.
l used to spend by evenings here before you came over.
''Come, Mr. Ram Prasad. We have been waiting for you.''
''No, l won't play today. l didn't even intend to come here today.''
l had taken her out to show around the city.
l thought l might as well show her the club.
''Who is she? - She is my granddaughter, Parvati.''
Very good. What else can l say?
''But, Mr. Ram Prasad, why do you bother about that?''
''Naresh will show her around the club. Nephew, take her.''
''No, dear. Don't bother. - It's not a problem. l am your child.''
''Yes, nephew, take her. Mister will play cards with us.''
''Alright, child. Have a look around the club. You'll find me here.''
lt was difficult to convince you.
''What is the matter, nephew. Don't feel like sleeping?''
''Uncle, someone has stolen my sleep! - Who has?''
The beauty of Parvati. l've lost the peace of mind at the first meeting.
''l got it. - Uncle, talk to mom to marry me to that girl.''
l'll always be indebted to you.
''Nephew, l'll have to make arrangements for that.''
There is also a lot of wealth along with Parvati.
Mr. Ram Prasad has invited us to the party tomorrow.
That's it! Impress Parvati somehow.
l'll handle everything else.
You know that l had been alone in this world.
l thought that l have no one of my own in this world.
But God has returned everything to me.
''This is the sign of my son Laxmishankar, my Parvati.''
''Baby, meet this man. He is Gurnaamsingh.''
They call me Raiesh Khanna in the college.
lndia's top most actor.
Which Tamator (Tomato)?
No! Matar (Peas)
Not Matar. Top most actor!
You must have seen my movie..
.. Haathi (elephant) Mere (my) Saathi (companion).
''Haathi Mere Saathi? Yes, Haathi is my Saathi.''
This is Mr. Khotumal Chhhotumal Motumal Machhardani!
What does he do? - Ask him.
l drink. l have cocaine.
''And along with that l have a business of Papad, Ragda and Vadi.''
''Really? - Yes. And with that we own cinemas, hotels, distribution.''
Come to my office someday. You'll have a nice time.
Shame! Doesn't kiss where he should.
''Kisses my hand and with that he put the saliva, too.''
Alright. Kiss me.
Are you happy to see me? - Very much.
Every one here is a stranger to me except you.
What are you looking at?
l am seeing your lips. This beautiful face.
God must have made you with much love.
And the eyes are so beautiful that l feel like drowning in them.
''You talk very nice, Mr. Naresh! l feel like listening to it all day.''
''Really, Parvati? - Yes.. English man?''
Has my father sent you here? - But how come you are here?
This is my grandpa's house.
Grandpa brought me here after you went.
l've come with my father's permission.
How wonderful! You look exactly like a society girl.
''Yes, English man. l've also become English after coming here.''
''lf, not, but, l love you, you Iove me, good night, good morning.''
''ls this alright? - Yes, completely alright.''
Naresh! How are you? How is mother?
''Come, l'll introduce you to my grandpa.''
''Grandpa, he is the English man. - Yes, l know everything.''
''God bless you, child. May you prosper!''
''Mister, there has been a party at your house after years.''
But it's very dull! - It will be rocking in a few moments.
Let the music start. Every one will sing and dance.
''No, mister. We have seen a lot of western dances.''
But we shall never forget..
..the dance of your grand daughter that we saw before.
''Really? Then l shall see that, too. - No, grandpa. l won't dance.''
Why are you refraining us from seeing a beautiful thing?
''Please, dance. - We want to see, please.''
''Grandpa, l feel shy!''
We cannot convince her.
''When her English man asks her, she will dance and sing.''
''Sing, if everybody is asking you. - Do you want me to sing?''
The childhood has gone.
''As the youth came over, my drape started flying like kite.''
ln the eyelashes..
There is so much intoxication in the eyelashes.
That my health has become fine.
My gait is like that of a deer.
l've become taller by 2 feet in a year.
Give me my childhood.
Give me my childhood and take my youth.
l'm tired of this youth.
My heart started beating faster as l saw you.
The shameless drape clung to me.
My lips..
The color of my lips changed to that of the drape.
There are many people waiting on my path.
They'll stop wherever l stop and turn my face.
Some mister.. the English mister.
As l looked into the eyes of the mister..
..there was a quarrel among the eyes.
''God bless you, child. You did a wonderful job.''
''You sing very nice. And dance well, too.''
''Rakesh, l want you both to get married soon..''
..so that l might be relieved of my worries.
''What do you say, English man?''
l need my mother's blessings for that.
l'll come here with her tomorrow. - Sure.
''Sir, the dinner is served. - Come all of you.''
What has happened to him? He is drunk!
''Bro, yo6 should have..''
Thank God that he has not drunk poison! He might have died today.
''Ramu, take him in. - Ok.''
The kids of tender age are usually right.
They attempt to suicide frequently. - What do you mean?
l mean that our son is in love..
''..with Parvati, the grand daughter of Mr. Ram Prasad.''
''And she, too, loves him. It was a good deal, but.. - But what?''
''But your elder son reached there, too!''
He was blinded to see so much wealth.
His intentions were shaken to see the beauty of the girl.
Didn't even think that his younger brother loves her.
He took the advantage of the situation.
Has Rakesh stooped so low?
''Yes, sis. He is playing with the life of Naresh.''
''l wish l had believed you earlier, bro.''
Alright. If he wants to test the heart of a mother..
..iust see what a mother can do for her child.
A mother can do everything. That's why l have come to your feet.
For what selfish reason have you come to the mother?
For my own purpose. You'll have to come with me to bless someone.
Before that this mother wants to ask for her right.
''l haven't given birth to you, but l have brought you up.''
''Tell me, will you be able to give me my right?''
l don't know who gave me birth. But for me you are my mother.
Order me!
l am going to ask such a thing that a person cannot give easily.
''Tell me, do you have that courage?''
Courage? There is no question of courage.
l can give my life at your orders.
Come here then.
Do you remember that you had vowed..
..in front of your father that you will always obey my orders?
l remember. Just tell me.
l ask for the happiness of Naresh in front of him.
lt is my order that you get out of Parvati's life..
..so that Naresh can marry her.
''No, mother! What have you asked for?''
''So, are you already staggered? Your courage is lost.''
Alright. Tell your father that you have forgotten your vow.
''No, mother. l swear on his holy soul..''
..l will never break my promise. Come what may.
''Mother, your wish shall be fulfilled.''
Whom do you want? - l've come to meet you.
l've heard that you want your granddaughter to marry Mr. Rakesh.
''Yes, that's true.''
But why do you want to seize this poor woman's husband from her?
What do you mean?
Rakesh married me 1 112 years back in London.
''This is not possible. You are Iying. - No, l am telling the truth.''
''Greetings! Anita, you? What have you come here for?''
To save my marriage.
How can you marry another woman..
..when you already have a wife?
''What is this woman saying, English man?''
Get lost! l said leave this place. - Why?
''After ruining my life, you want to ruin the life of this innocent girl?''
''Rakesh, what is this that l hear? Is this true?''
Tell them. Tell them that we have no relation.
That you are not my husband.
''English man, tell me that all this is a lie. Why don't you speak?''
What will he say? It is beyond his powers to annul such a big truth.
Have mercy on this innocent life!
Don't play with the prestige of this house.
''Anita, l said get out or else..''
''Or else you will hit me, is it?''
l wish that your grand daughter..
..might not be in the same plight that l am now.
Scoundrel! Fraud! What a picture we had of you till yesterday!
And now what you are in front of us?
''l didn't know, grandpa, that l'll have to..''
..face the trouble of my past in present moment.
''Paro, l'm really embarrassed.''
''English man, didn't you promise my father..''
..that you will never cheat Paro?
But you have cheated everyone. Go away from here.
''Yes, l don't want to see your face again.''
l hate you! Go away.
''Grandpa! - Don't cry, child. May God bless this woman!''
She revealed the truth to us.
''Thank you, miss Anita. You acted wonderfully!''
Here is your fee!
l knew your late husband very well. He was a very good man.
But never knew that the son of that same person might be so wicked.
''Forget him, mister. Why would l throw him..''
..out of the house if he had been a good boy?
''Well, it is better for all of us to forget what has happened.''
''Mister, l want Parvati to be my daughter-in-law.''
''lf you permit, that is.''
You know that Parvati has not got over the shock yet.
lt will take time to heal that wound.
But where can l find a better groom than Naresh?
l agree to this marriage.
''Then take this. Have some sweets. Sis, you have, too.''
''lf brother-in-law had been alive, he would be so happy today.''
You? Why have you come here?
What could l do? l called up so many times..
..but could not find your whereabouts.
You haven't come to my house for so many days.
God knows why do you stay so aloof from me these days.
''No, Seema. It is not the way you think. Let's sit.''
Come. Sit. What will you have? Coca cola.. - Nothing!
Ok. Tell me what the matter is.
''The matters have gone far, Naresh.''
l.. l.. am going to be the mother of your child! - What?
''Stop kidding, Seema.''
You think l have come looking for you in the club to joke with you?
''Naresh, we should get married very soon.''
What is there to be so tensed about?
l was talking about the same thing to uncle.
lf people come to know about this..
''..before our marriage, l will eat poison. My father, too, will..''
There won't be any need for that.
You've told me today. Give me two day's time.
l promise that we'll get married within this week.
''You won't cheat me, will you?''
l've promised you iust now. Go home. Everything will be fine.
''Uncle, a big problem has come up.''
''l've understood it, nephew.''
You've done the same mistake..
..that a young boy commits in his youth and enthusiasm.
''Yes, uncle. No sooner did l get rid of a thorn..''
..then this bone has stuck in my throat.
''We'll get rid of that, too.''
''l'll handle everything. Just arrange for 10,OOO rupees.''
''10,OOO? Uncle, you know the state of my bank balance.''
Who is talking about your bank balance?
Even a scratch of a big plate is enough.
Go home and ask that from your mother. - Mother?
lf brother-in-law had been alive..
''..he wouldn't bother about money, but would soften the bone.''
''Come this way, please.''
''Don't worry, mister. It is a simple game for me. - But how?''
Give the girl some chloroform. She will faint.
Then will cover her in a bundle and put her on the railway track.
lt will look like a case of suicide.
''lt's me, Naresh. Congratulations!''
Mother has agreed to our marriage and wants to meet you.
Wants to meet me? When? - Right now.
l've sent the car. It will reach you any moment.
lt is a black colored car. And the driver is a bit sturdy.
He will signal you by blowing the horn 3 times.
Come with him at once.
Give me my money. - Wow! You did a great job!
Don't talk much. Get lost from here.
''Get up, Seema! The gods of death have gone.''
''Wipe your tears, child. l've considered you a daughter.''
Now l'll fulfill the duty of a father.
Who are you? - Get out of my way.
''Wrestler, this is a home, not a hotel.''
Will you move or not? - Mind your language. My anger is very bad.
lnsect! Come in.
Brother. Seema. What's the matter?
''What should l say, Bhabhi? l am not in a state to say anything.''
The fear of shame and defame has strangled me.
Ask this good hearted man.
''Who are you? - Sister, people think me to be a goon and criminal.''
But l am much better than what they think me to be.
l wasn't born in a wealthy family.
But l am much better than the rascals of the wealthy families.
But what is the matter?
The matter is such that the rich ones don't even hesitate..
''.. to do, but we poor hesitate to even speak about.''
Say clearly what you want to. - Then listen carefully.
''Your beloved son, Naresh, has been..''
..playing with her prestige and falsely promised to marry her.
What is this that l hear? - You haven't heard the whole matter.
Now that she is pregnant..
''..the uncle and the nephew both gave me Rs.10,OOO to kill her.''
He took the money from me for such a disgraceful sin!
O Ram!
But l wasn't convinced even after taking the money.
Even a person like me was shaken after hearing her story.
Here is the money your son gave me to do this sin.
l never imagined my own blood could be so bad.
l should have killed that boy as soon as he was born.
l'll do that virtuous task.
lf your son doesn't marry this girl..
''..and save her from disgrace, l'll kill him.''
''That won't be needed, mister.''
Thank you for taking off the blindfold from my eyes.
''Bro, l will take care of Seema's prestige..''
..the same way a mother does of her daughter's
Seema is alive?
''Nephew, that wrestler cheated us.''
What shall we do now? - We'll do what l've already thought about.
''Sir, there's a telegram.''
''Whose telegram is it, grandpa?''
Your father's. He is very ill.
He is ill? - Yes. - He has asked you to come over.
''Then let's go fast, grandpa. - Yes, child. Hari bring my coat.''
''Nephew, our task is done.''
Who are you? What is the matter?
Stop talking rubbish. And come with us. Move in.
Take the car back.
''Uncle Thakur, you?''
Don't you feel ashamed to call me uncle?
Do you recognize whose letter is this?
Speak up. Is what Paro has written true?
You have cheated us!
That girl's love made me get rid of this gun.
Now the call of that girl has forced me to take up the gun again.
l'll give you a dog's death.
You cheated an innocent girl. You lied to us all these days.
Tell me why did you lie.
Tell me why did you cheat.
Speak up. Will you?
Tell me why did you make a false promise.
Why don't you speak?
Speak or l'll kill you.
''No! Don't kill him. - Go away. - Mother, go away.''
Kill me if you want. - Who are you?
l am his unlucky mother. It is not his fault.
l had ordered him to keep quiet.
He kept quiet because he had promised me. - What do you mean?
He still loves Parvati. But for my sake he lied to Parvati.
He sacrificed his love for the sake of his step-mother and brother.
O Lord! l have done a big mistake unknowingly.
l raised my hands on my own son-in-law!
Why didn't these hands break lose?
Uncle Thakur! What are you doing?
Your beating has brought good luck to me.
lt has brought my mother's love back to me.
''Son, please, forgive me. l did it unknowingly.''
''Mother, how did you come here?''
''l've come to take you back, son.''
l lost everything after losing you.
Naresh has defamed his father's name.
''What are you saying? - Son, come with us fast.''
l can't tell you how wicked my brother and son have proved to be.
Come fast. He might create some other problem with Parvati.
No one can hurt her as long as l am alive.
Get out of the car. - But what do you want?
You'll know that soon. Keep an eye on the driver. Come.
This marriage cannot take place forcibly.
lt is not forced on you. We want your permission.
l will never permit for that. Scoundrel!
Shut up! Take him and tie him up there so that..
..he can see the wedding of his grand daughter. Take him.
Leave my grandpa. l said leave him.
Leave me.
Dog! Stand up and tell your men to throw away the guns.
Tell them. - Throw the guns.
''Move. Come, grandpa.''
Don't you dare move from your positions! Dog! Keep walking.
Leave the pistol. Take her.
How come you are here?
That driver tried to escape. l shot him.
Good work. Go out and stay there.
l won't marry him. Never!
Kill me. Kill me if you want.
''How can l kill you, child? You have to start a life with my nephew.''
''lf you won't agree to this marriage right now, l'll kill this old man.''
''l'll count till 5. If you don't agree, he will be killed.''
One.. - Don't worry about me. Don't marry this man.
Two.. - Don't worry about me.
''Three.. - Let me die, but never agree to this marriage.''
''Never. Never, child.''
Five.. - No! l am ready.. for this marriage.
Who are you? How did you get hurt?
l am very familiar to this area.
You stay here. l'll go by the other way.
''No, uncle. l'll also come with you.''
''Don't be stubborn, mister, and listen to your elders.''
''lt is getting late, priest. Start the circles. Recite the mantras later.''
''Everything is done, mister. Only the circles are left.''
Alright. Make it fast. - l'll be quick. Both of you stand up.
''Mother, l shall go, too. Uncle, take care of mother.''
''Don't go, son.''
''Thakur, if you want to save the girl, throw away your gun.''
''No, father. No.''
''Thakur, throw away the gun.''
''Uncle Thakur, give me the bullets.''
Grandpa! - Child!
''Naresh, what are you doing? Throw off the revolver.''
''Have you gone mad, Naresh?''
May it not happen that a brother kills his brother!
Throw the revolver away.
Fire the bullet! Give the revolver to me.
Throw away the revolver or l'll shoot you. Throw!
''Father! - Paro, my child.''
Rascal! Why didn't you die before doing such a wicked sin?
''You cheated me, too. You have disgraced me.''
l'll burn you alive!
Mother! What are you doing?
''Brother, save me.''
''Naresh, get up.''
''Enough, mother. Forgive, Naresh.''
See! See these burnt hands!
They burnt while saving you.
Don't you feel ashamed?
''Mother, forgive me. - Don't ask forgiveness from me.''
Ask your brother to forgive you.
You laid obstacles on every step of his.
''Bro, forgive your younger brother.''
''Naresh, are you crazy?''
Does one need to ask for forgiveness from his own brother?
Forget the past.
''You are great, son. l've seen Lord Ram in this era.''
May God give every mother a son like you..
..and every brother a brother like you.
But may God never give such a scoundrel brother to any sister!
Dog! Devil! You lighted the fire in my house.
Get lost from here.
''Sister, congratulations! God has gathered..''
..the pearls of the necklace that were scattered.
''May you all be happy! Mister, l'll go back to my village now.''
''No, father.''
''No, Thakur, you cannot go without completing..''
..the rituals of your daughter's marriage.
''Bro, he is right. With Rakesh and Paro..''
..my son Naresh and Seema also need your blessings.
We won't let you go before attending their marriages.
''As you all wish. - Come, Thakur. - Come, child.''
Lord Ram has brought us close.
The distance is now eradicated. Come to me.
''O my dear, say something.''
People are surprised to see this.
As l came to you in front of everybody.
''O my dear, O my little bud.''