Watsky's Making an Album Ep. 7 feat. Warren G

Uploaded by LOUD on 20.08.2012


GEORGE: Just give it 15 minutes.
KURT: Dude, I can't.
It's been six hours.
I'm sorry.
GEORGE: I just got a call from his publicist.
He's downtown right now.
Look, we're talking about a Warren G cameo, man.
This is an un-missable opportunity.
KURT: Look dude, I love Warren G, man.
He's a hip-hop legend.
I get it.
My first words as a baby were "mount up," and I say that
every time I make love to a woman.
You know that.
GEORGE: I know.
I've heard it.
KURT: OK, well, look, I got three emails from my boss.
I've got to go.
I'm going to get fired.
GEORGE: Oh, my God.
KURT: Dude, I've helped as much as
I could man, seriously.
I have.
GEORGE: I hate to say it, but you're actually kind of Chet
Huntering me right now.
KURT: Don't put that on my conscience, man.
I've got to take the pop screen.
GEORGE: You're taking the pop screen?
KURT: Dude, we don't have one at the studio.
This is from the studio.
GEORGE: I literally know how to use none of this equipment.
KURT: I'm sorry, man.
I did everything I could.
This is your record deal.
It's not mine, OK?
GEORGE: Good-bye, Poppa.

KURT: Best of luck, Shawn.


WARREN G: George.
GEORGE: I can't believe you're here.
WARREN G: What's up, man.
GEORGE: How are you?
WARREN G: I'm fine.
GEORGE: Welcome, Mr.-- should I call you Mr. G?
WARREN G: The Regulator.
GEORGE: Warr--
The Reg-- oh my, God.
WARREN G: Oh, yeah.
So this is the lab?
GEORGE: This is the lab.
This is my place.
WARREN G: Oh, wow.
GEORGE: This is the couch.
This is my hot plate.
WARREN G: Oh, yeah.
GEORGE: Would you like an apple?
WARREN G: No, I'm fine.
GEORGE: OK, suit yourself.
Actually, well, please take a seat.
WARREN G: Oh, fine.
GEORGE: Would you mind?
GEORGE: There you go.
How you doing, man?
GEORGE: Um, I'm good--
tiny bit stressed out.
Um, so my recording engineer just left, to be perfectly
honest with you, and I don't know how to use any of this
equipment, so I'm kind of stressed out right now,
because I had this record deal, and I don't know if you
know, but I have Warren G sitting at my table right now,
and so, I was kind of really stoked on getting this cameo--
WARREN G: It's all good, man.
GEORGE: --and now I don't think I'm going to get it
because I don't know how to use this stuff, so--
WARREN G: Well, George look it here.
You got to understand that these are the type of things
that you go through in the music business, man.
You can't let it get you down, you know?
You've got to dust yourself off and try again, man.
I know you don't know how to work this equipment.

We've got to figure it out.
If you can do some type of beat, mean, I can still do
what I need to do as far as recording a verse.
GEORGE: So is that a normal thing to just get to cypher
with your heroes?
WARREN G: Hey, that's what it's about, man.
That's a part of the music business.
GEORGE: Let's do it.
WARREN G: For real.
Oh, yeah.
Unh, music open up your--
unh-- unh--
music open up your arms--
music open up your arms take a brother in, bass took me to a
place I ain't never been.
My ink pen touched pad-- take my pain away.
Songs take away my wrong-- make it right again.
I know we been through some bad shit--
a lot of ups and downs-- just me and my bitch, but temporary
defeat only made me stronger.
I rose to my feet and I stood up taller.
But you, at the end of the day, when I say I'm going to
stop this shit, turn around and walk away.
I can't 'cause that bitch pay a nigga so good.
I wouldn't do it different if I could 'cause it's me for you
and you for me and all I see is you and me.
Oh, wow.
GEORGE: Did that just happen?
WARREN G: That was big, George.
GEORGE: I appreciate that.
WARREN G: I love it, man.
I love it.
GEORGE: Well--
WARREN G: You definitely got it.
GEORGE: I got nothing going on right now, so if you want to
grab a beer.
WARREN G: I'm down with that, man.
GEORGE: What do you drink?
WARREN G: Bud Light.
GEORGE: So, yeah, I actually had the camera running the
whole time, so--
WARREN G: Oh, wow.
GEORGE: --we'll put it up on YouTube.
How about that?
WARREN G: It's all good.
We've got to do it.
It's all good.
GEORGE: You want to hang around and
have a beer or something?
WARREN G: Well, sure.
GEORGE: Oh, my God.
Right on.
What do you drink?
WARREN G: Bud Light.
GEORGE: That sounds good.
Well, all we got is [? Bull ?]
Yeah, anyway, I'll grab you a drink.
WARREN G: It's all good, man.