Creating Piping Systems -— AutoCAD MEP 2011

Uploaded by Autodesk on 30.04.2010

In this video, we’ll look at creating a piping system.
Before I begin a piping layout, let me verify the "Osnap" settings, which will make it easier
for me to draft the layout. After setting the snaps, I can set the routing
preference definitions. In the routing preference, specify the parts that will be used for the
piping layout. As you can see here, I’m able to change the "Tee" to a "Flanged Water
Generic Tee". Once I have completed setting the pipe preferences,
I can begin to draft the pipe layout. I’ll start by selecting the equipment, in this
case a "Chiller", and click the "Add Pipe" (+) plus sign. Now specify the system, routing
preference and nominal size for the pipe. AutoCAD MEP gives you the ability to specify
the settings quickly from the properties palette while drafting.
Next, draft a 1200 mm long pipe segment by typing the value, similar to how you would
draw a line. Change the elevation of the Pipe by changing the elevation in the properties
palette. Notice that AutoCAD MEP adds a vertical pipe segment automatically.
Connect the other chiller by the using "Add Pipe" (+) grip on the second chiller and connecting
it to the existing pipe run. While doing this, notice that AutoCAD MEP is providing multiple
routing options to connect the chiller to the main pipe run. Also, as soon as I "accept"
any routing solution; all the necessary fittings are added automatically.
Now, let’s connect the Pumps with Chillers. In order to do that, extend the existing pipe
run by using the "Add Pipe" (+) grip on the "Elbow" fitting and AutoCAD MEP converts it
to a "Tee" fitting automatically. This helps you make changes to the design without losing
the connections to the existing system. Select the pump to start the pipe run by using
the "Add Pipe" grip on the outlet. Change the elevation to 2500 mm and connect the pipe
to the other pump. Now that Pumps are connected to each other, I can connect this pipe run
directly to the main run from the Chiller. In order to achieve this, I use the Add Pipe
grip again on the pipe run and the "Tee" fitting is inserted automatically.
I want to change the size of the pipe from 200 mm to 100 mm so that I can connect it
to the pipe from the chiller which is 100 mm in size. Notice that as soon as I change
the "Nominal Diameter" to 100 mm, AutoCAD MEP adds a reducer fitting automatically.
Next, connect the pipe runs by using the grips and let AutoCAD MEP provide possible solutions
to choose from. I can accept the one that best suits the design requirements.