Alejandro & Diego - 024 (English Subs)

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How much more time is going to pass by till you're out of the closet?
Ricky Martin came out almost when he was forty. And I'm barely seventeen.
Besides, so you don't worry...
I think I met someone yesterday. -Seriously? What's his name? Does he come to Cervantes? How Big
I don't even know him. We're barely chatting. But if you want, I can show you a picture.
Alejandro, be very careful with whom you meet on the internet. You already know that looks are deceiving.
We need a change. Teachers like you and Ms. Ana apart from being young, you have the balls and ovaries to confront bullies.
Mmm, I'm not fully in agreement with Alejandro Mr. Santiago. I do believe Cervantes needs a change...
But I don't know if Ana is objective enough to be able to do it. Cervantes can't become a Military Academy, we're artists after all, right?
Look Nora, your vote is very important. You represent all your schoolmates, you should listen to Alejandro and the rest, don't you think?
Hey, have any of you seen Cassius Dupont?
I believe he left already. -He had an incident with Máximo and Gonzalo, and well I don't know.
What do you mean an incident? What did they do to him?
Sofía has all the details.
Yeah, yeah, Excuse me, I'll be right-
Come on! Come one, COME ONE! Let's do it.
Gonzalo, one more tardy and I'll take you out of the team okay?
Hey, hey Gonza, what happened? Where were you? Did you go out to eat or something like that?
My mom called me dude. I went to eat home, to save you know. -Alright, c'mon let's go.
Hey, Alejandro, welcome to the team.
Very good.
Come on.
I can't believe it Bro. I got rid of Choco Loco and now Alejandrita got in the team.
That's tough, you know what, I'll talk with Elizabeth to see if she can get him into cheerleading.
Hey, let's speed up the process, 'kay?
Okay, everyone to the center of the field. Come on.
Fuckin' JP, how can he have us practice with those beast from senior.
Is he crazy or what?
I'm so effen mad! My hair even hurts! Here, help me with this.
Of course, like we lost the war against Mr. Santiago now anyone wants to us as their doormat.
We lost respect, Leo.
And did you see? Now even Alejandrita is playing! Yes! You saw! "I need to exercise my arms,"...
Your buttocks is what you're going to exercise, dude. Hey, and does Sebas also like to receive or what?
You like him. Don't worry Super Fantastic.
What we have planned for Alejandrita will come to perfection. We'll give him the lesson of his life.
Very well, no really, very very well.
Are you guys carrying your cell phones?
I'm talking to you Máximo, do you have your cell phone on you?
You don't, right?
Well, that way you won't record what I'm going to tell you.
congratulations. No, really. Many congratulations, because you'll be turning 18 soon.
You won't be kids anymore, but adults.
You won't be considered bullies anymore, but criminals.
Sounds lovely, doesn't it?
You won't be able to hide behind your lovely daddies, or the law. -Hold on, hold on. What's up with Cassius...
That he has so many guardians, that's why I can't stand him! -I'm going to tell you what's up with Cassius,
And why he has so many guardians. It so happens that Cassius is my best student.
And I'm not going to lose him just because you feel like it. Got it? There's nothing more hateful than respect based on fear.
I lived in hell Máximo. I know it pretty well.
When you try to do something, I already did it, and many times.
By the way, just some piece of advice, be careful, 'kay?
Because very soon, or when you least expect it, I'll get both of you.
And maybe you'll be sent to another school, another state, or who knows, you get expelled. Or better yet, jail.
How lovely. Greetings to your daddy.
And who does he think he is? huh? A joker or what!? Look how I tremble with fear. I already got diarrhea.
That asshole is watching us.
But don't worry. If he wants war, a war he shall have. Him, Cassius and Alejandrita.
You have good biceps.
I'm a kitten on the other hand. And no matter how much I try in this gym, they don't grow.
Come over here.
Sit here, I'm going to help you, okay?
Do three sets of 10 repetitions.
I just sent you my picture. Send me yours.
I want to see how you look like.
Are you okay?
Well Sebas, I already the 3 sets. So let's leave. Okay?
Who gets you, Ale? "I want to work on my biceps" And now you're telling me that we're leaving?
How much longer are we going to play at "I don't recognize you", Maskedman. It's me Dolphin.
From the Miami Dolphins? I'm sorry, I don't understand. Do we know eachother?
He's your boyfriend, that's why don't want to admit everything you told me in the chat, huh?
What!? What chat are you talking about? -Well, you sent me this picture.
You're unmistakable.
Were did you get my picture from? -What do you mean where did I get it from?
You sent it to me yourself. Maskedman.
Give me a second.
It was you, right? You took me that picture at school and sent it to this guy.
Sebas, please don't tell him I'm Maskedman.
Forgive me. -For God's sake Ale, I can't believe you!
Look, you can do what every you want, but don't get me involved in your gay stuff. Okay?
Now you're going to go over there with that guy and tell him the truth! -What!?
And have him delete my picture.
I'm the real Maskedman.