Origami Hedgehog (Paulius Mielinis)

Uploaded by jonakashima on 15.10.2012

Fold in half horizontally and vertically
Divide into 4x4
Divide into 8x8
Divide into 16x16
Valley-fold the first segment
Repeat on the other corners
Valley-fold at the 5th line
Repeat on the top and on the right side
Pleat along the lines
Fold each corner
Accordion fold
Make reverse folds lifting the edges
Collapse along pre-creased lines
Collapse the bottom the same way
Open at the middle
Unfold a little on the top
Pull the edge up
Flatten it making a new flap
Valley folds
Close the model
Pull each point
Open the whole model
Insert a finger inside the head
Push the top
Make a tiny crimp
Shape the head
Narrow and crimp the forelegs
Fold the hind legs
Finished hedgehog!