Az Ég Fiai

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Respect and honor to our forefathers, and our Gods!
At the beginning of all times, in the deep darkness, in the motionless space
Yotengrit, the all-pervasive God rests. Then he moves and creates.
His efforts for creation become more and more perfect, and at one time the twin-vortex comes into existence,
which implies the development. So he pervades every part of this world.
Why is our mind attracted by the deep well of old times?
We hoist a few parts on the rope of runic Truth- fulnesses, the Arvisuras from the depths of times.
Experienced history, which also reveals the beauty and essence of human life.
Let now one of the initiators speak, a great celestial gold-mother: Anyahita.
My dear sons, today in the depths of times I speak to you again:
Look into the depths of your heart, at the inherent true delight found there,
with such a heart, as many of your ancestors had, labor for the benefit of others, and thus of yourself.
Do not approach God walking, because he is not found anywhere.
Look inside, follow him in yourself, follow him with your emotions,
follow him with your glance and your mind! Walk the Way in your own internal infinite areas.
At the end of the road you are going to find Him, and if you have found him, neither you or he exists any longer,
because you are going to be one with Him.
Plants, animals, and people can be recognized by their inherent differences.
But if you look at what they share, it will dawn on you, that there is little difference between you.
This is because each is based on the One, from One to Two, Two and One.
This is the quadruply segmented cornerstone, the core of all existence, which resides
in every bit and in every drop of blood.
Everything is allowed which does not harm anyone else! Do not hurt, do not harm, protect, help!
Deep knowledge of our ancestors was handed down to us up to this day.
This knowledge and spiritual power can still help us, since it lives with us.
Old shaman, Uncle Máté Imre from Rábaköz is just calling us.
We shall pay attention to his words, and then he will help us in the seething maelstrom of life.
My sons, let your hearts hear Yotengrit's words! One, from One to Two, Two and One.
Hey, this day 30 00:03:40,839 --> 00:03:43,839 Hey, this day
has come.
On a white horse
with golden reins,
a velvet saddle
and silver stirrups.
The horse is saddled for God
by his old, faithful people.
Holy mindspirit
heavenly flame,
unlit burner,
unextinguished expirer, -
God of Magyars
Protect us!
The Spirit of God burns
with the great sea-sky flame
in our soul!
We are in him,
He is in us,
infinitely many times over.
In the vortex to the left,
and in the vortex to the right,
we go further on the path of the sky.
The Sons of the Sky
The son of the Heavenly Mounted-God: Level
In the old days, the great hero Má, or Matyó, united the horse-riding nations again.
After his death, he incarnated as a god and carried on helping the nations of mounted archers.
This is why our sons worshiped him as Má-Tün. His descendant is Level, whose path of life is told in the Ma-gur,
the saga of Horse Union, and also tells the history of the origin of the today's Hungarians.
After the great Kagan, Alpaslán's son Buda died, and the great Hun alliance disintegrated,
Level became the monarch.
He relied on Isbor the Székely, i.e. the monarch of Gimbelar, and on Acsád, the leader of Kangar-Pechenegs.
He was a great monarch, for the nations were not forcibly driven under his rule,
but they themselves called for protection.
Viz. more and more new troops arrived from the east, because there the forests and fields slowly turned into deserts.
And Level's clan was the clan of Má-tün, the great Sky-landed hero,
therefore they expected him to validate the common willof the mounted archer clans.
Two nations were initially administered by Level: the Avars descended from the Sabirs and their related tribes,
as well as the Badjiks who descended from the Gimbelars. When Level's tribes moved west to Asouv,
i.e. to the center of Jászlak, they united the Aces and Sigits living there who were called the Scythians, into one tribe.
Thus increasing the number of nations to three, from which the Magyar people later grew.
Level worked so much, labored so hard to reign, that he did not have time to look for a wife,
although he was already very bored of bachelorhood.
Although countless paid woman lived in his lovely palace, he did not revel in them, because he longed for a true wife.
So he visited his mother, Anik, and her new husband, Acsád, the Pecheneg-Kangar leader.
Acsád who had espoused Anik after the death of Má 76 00:08:19,759 --> 00:08:24,399 took great care of Level and said to him more than once: 77 00:08:29,079 --> 00:08:35,000 In times of need, I drew my sword for you all, and not once did I fight against my own Pecheneg kinsmen
because of you, but you yourself have to attend to producing a grandchild who can follow in your footsteps, my dear child.
Now the time should come!
My son, our neighborhood is full of related people: countless tribes of Gimbelars, Bolars,
Kangars, Badjits, Chuvashes, Savards and Huns. We intermarried with them for centuries.
Therefore, if you want to find yourself a good woman, you must go into the world for this.
I will make you a cake baked in ash and keep vigil for you while you are away.
Level took along his seven by seven best mates
and crossed over to the right bank of the Etil River where the three main branches united.
In the woods across from the river, they beheld a beautiful red deer.
The men made after it straight away.
However, Level felt that the deer could never be killed, because it was a ghost deer,
Gimbelarian people. 90 00:10:05,599 --> 00:10:12,519 happened this way: The roe appeared nearby everyday at dawn for 48 days, luring them
along the Ethyl to the southwest, and then on 49th day on a knoll, she started to speak in human language, in a religious song:
I am not a wild beast to kill, I am not a killer beast either.
My horn ignites without being lit, the flame burns out without being extinguished.
The corncrake sings in the grass, I am a woman myself,
spells and curses will not harm me, I am your mother, your ancestress.
Then Level and his fellows poured water onto the ground, melting a shield, from which they raised a Metal-Oru-Figure,
i.e a Metal-Altar-Sculpture, at the spot of their vision.
That land belonged to King Gyul, who was the leader of White Belars. The Belars and the Savars got here because
of the Great-Khagan Buda - who was named Attila by his fawning conquered peoples.
Dearest peoples were installed to this place, because he feared, that the servant peoples of the sea side
might intermarry with the Agayars. The Savars were large in number, although they never lived
under the leadership of one chief, but their people were united from Írottkõ to Altai.
When Level reached the land of King Gyul, the first Savars, who
had lived their most glorious time during the age of Bayan Kagan, had crossed the Carpathian Mountains long ago.
Level found the Ak-Belars in their place, as well as the people from Sig.
Level with his fellows passed nearby the town of Gazan Kagan along the Ethyl,
but he did not stumble across anyone because a strong spell protected them. They pitched camp, ate, drank and relaxed.
While the men rested, Level was walking in a large swampy forest. In a clearing, two young men were fighting to the death.
Whose sons are you? What are your names? And what the hell are you scratching away at each other for?
We are Ujtigur and Kujtigur, Circassian princes, twins of Adügej.
Anger does not bother us, but we are fighting to the death over the daughter of King Gyul.
The lady Gyöngyvér is so beautiful that a pearl seems to be only a rabbit egg compared to her.
Would it not be wiser to have a word with the girl, so that she could decide? 114 00:13:36,719 --> 00:13:40,759 It is not the custom here to ask the girls about this, and it is all the same to her father,
and he said this to us: "The one whose head remains on his neck can have my single daughter!
The Circassian lords said as well that Lady Gyöngyvér with her seventy-seven companions 112 00:13:51,319 --> 00:13:58,159 won't to come into this forest to have a bath in the fairy lake. They secretly observed them more than once,
and that is why they lost their common sense.
Boys! A woman is not a domestic animal; it is up to her to decide whose pants she is going to wash for the rest of her life.
Come to my camp and I will entertain you.
In the camp, food and drinks were served to the two Circassians, then he told stories them about the flax-flower-eyed daughters of the Sabirs,
who are supreme on the Earth, and he spoke of the Avars' blackberry-eyed, beautiful daughters born from Gimgelarian mothers,
along with the Kangars' moonlightless, dark-night-eyed daughters, 124 00:14:40,119 --> 00:14:44,319 whose unique beauty is widely famed.
By saying this, he had thoroughly excited the curiosity of the young men, who were 126 00:14:51,599 --> 00:14:59,479 anxious to set out searching for the many beautiful girls at the peep of dawn after that.
Level and his fellows waited for the sunset. As soon as the moon ascended in the sky,
they went quietly into the forest.
The forest soil was soggy, and the steps of their horses did not clang against the earth. They moved forward slowly, quietly,
and cautiously on the unknown road in the dark, when they heard music in the distance.
When they got closer to the source of music, they gasped for breath
as they glimpsed many nude girls bathing in the lake of fairies.
The girls were having fun, playing in the water, and were learning from fairies what a fairy has to know.
Have mercy on us, our Godmother Ukkó! Take water into your palm, and make clouds from it to hide the moon!
Our mother UKKÓ, love us and place your enchantment into our hearts.
All the details of your fairy knowledge illuminate the wings of the swan.
Up to this day, there is no match for Hungarian women in the world, since the nation descended from the half-fairies.
Level succeeded in catching Princess Gyöngyvér, and lifted her up to the saddle, but if he had caught a wild cat,
he would not even have received so many blows, bites, and scratches.
Now the girls scratched, bit, and flung so, because they believed they had been kidnapped by Gazan robbers,
who traded with bands of outlaws as well.
To fall into their hands was worse than death for a respectable girl.
Therefore the men soothed the women, everyone said to his own the following:
"The nest belongs to the bird. I love you very much, little girl.
I was a wolf; I will be a lamp. your wish will be my only interest. 144 00:17:15,719 --> 00:17:18,639 hey, I place my life into your hands!"
"A thrush perched on the willow. I am not the daughter of whoever:
I don't give myself to anyone -- I say goodbye to my spirit, hey - 147 00:17:27,039 --> 00:17:29,000 I would rather die!"
"If you died, my beautiful star, my days would remain dark:
I would fall upon your burial mound -- and I would die in sorrow, hey -
my heart would break!"
Gyöngyvér liked this speech, so she did not scratch any more, while they arrived slowly at Level's camp.
As Gyöngyvér saw the sun-moon-horse-tailed war banner on Level's tent,
she already realized that fate had not swept her along to just anybody.
Do you know who I am? Servant of the King's stable! I milk the goats.
Ripened cherry on the tree, it's all one to me:
I don't care who your father and mother were, or whether you lived in a hut or palace.
Hold only me, only love, Close me inside your heart; don't shut me out.
Hey - love is gnawing at my heart!
Gyöngyvér liked that very much. She calmed down and confessed
that she was the only daughter of King Gyul.
All the girls quieted and tried to heal what they could: the torn ears and scratched cheeks
of their own men. Level sent a message to King Gyul to send an order of seventy-seven
ornate clothes and one order of even more ornate clothes without delay,
if he doesn't want her daughter and her companions to be brought naked to the wedding.
King Gyul soon arrived, not only with the clothes, but with the very best of his warriors as well.
At the sight of the army, Level and his companions draw their bows and arrows immediately.
So did King Gyul's warriors.
My father, cool down because that has already happened and there is no use in shedding blood
to facilitate the tyranny of Gazans.
I see by your badges that you are not just anyone, and not just anyone's son.
Do not shed the blood of our warriors needlessly. Let us fight with each other, Má's son, Level.
Let us fight as shamans fight!
King Gyul turned into a red bull. Level turned into a blue bull. They fought and grappled,
but neither one could defeat the other, and what is more, it seemed that the red bull won.
Then Gyöngyvér cut off a branch of a willow and beatthe red bull, who, after the seventh blow, gave up the fight.
After that, Gyöngyvér prostrated to the Iron-Oru of the Lady, to thank the skies that things happened like that.
At that time, at the feet of the statue sprung a fountain, and in the arisen little pond, a beautiful water lily blossomed.
So you are the one who was foretold! You will unite the free people of the mounted archer nations
into Ma Gyur, i.e a mounted union, and you will liberate the captives making one nation.
This strong nation, while remaining faithful to Má-Tün,
the God residing in the sky, will be overwhelmed by no one and nothing!
My daughter, you did well indeed, that you hurried to help your husband! When a woman is not part of the battle, she is not part of
the decision-making, the planning, or the exe- cution of plans; and then the tribe will be lost!
Let us unite as one nation!
As agreed, Level took Gyöngyvér home with her great bridal party, but left his seventy-seven warriors behind.
The kin of both moved there to live with the warriors, and thus formed a new tribe,
which was later called Yeni in the White- Belarian language, "the new tribe."
Level went back to his Sabir home accompanied by White Bolars and found his country in trouble, 189 00:22:14,279 --> 00:22:17,839 because they had multiplied during his absence.
Therefore, with half the people he departed, and the other half was left under the leadership of his brother, Bat-baján.
While passing the Chuvashes, Attila's two nations, Borsán and Darhán,
also joined them, beacause their shamans saw the emanation of Má-Tün's spirit in Level.
On their journey, they ran into the armies of Ujtigur and Kujtigur who also joined Level.
Level arrived with such a great army at Asov, where new forces were needed, because two sons of King Gyul,
Kürdak and Magrad, had fallen out with each other. Mardag marched off with one part of the people towards the Lower Danube,
and Kürdak joined the Union of Level.
The created country was named Asoflu-Savard.
The Gazan Khagan was so frightened of the new, strong power that he never come for taxes again,
but began to glorify them, and for safety's sake, he had a ditch dug at border of Level's country.
Lady Gyöngyvér gave birth to a male child who was named Leved.
When he grew up, he married the daughter of Gazan Khagan, Karagül, which means "Black Rose."
The Khagan wanted peace with the Magyars, but he still wanted to ensnare them in his empire.
Along Lady Karagül, a vast number of haversack priests, namely garabonc arrived.
They did everything, and even made it rain, but only for payment. Thus their power grew.
Therefore, the Gazan Khagan then accepted the Jews to try to stem
the increasing power of the haversack priests. As a defence, the priests tried to rouse the people,
but they turned on the haversack priests.
The people held together by the Gazan force thought that the time had come to shake off the yoke of the Khagan,
but they were defeated.
Two leaders, Karán and Kurbád, with their tribes asked for the protection of Leved, and the Khagan 211 00:25:05,000 --> 00:25:09,000 was afraid of picking a quarrel with the Magyars.
Karán was a Kabar leader, the great-grandfather of the future famous leader, Bulcsú.
Má-Tün, the God of the Magyars!
He is with us, lives with us, fights with us!
The Leved-guided, mounted tribes invokes Má-Tün's spirit.
"Every God is as strong as the faith people have in him and
as the love people have for him! You would show your love by
not accepting other gods in your heart! But you would follow
the word of the Law, which says:
Hold together. Be there for each other as well, not just for yourself!
Don't run away from nature, nor from the nature of your own nation!
Because nations are different, one moral code su- its one nation, and another suits another nation!
Furthermore, do not forget that what was good yesterday
is only tolerable today and perhaps will be unbearable tomorrow.
Everything is proved in its own time, in its own surroundings,
be they helpful or harmful!
In this matter, the unwise should follow the wiser,
and unity should be kept, because each disagreement
weakens my strength, and I am your protector God!"
Leved strengthened his country without bothering other people,
but a few Northern Slavic folks were taken under his protection,
because they had starved a lot, so they had to steal and rob.
Leved taught them and forced them to till their fields.
Agriculture and horticulture are the sciences of our ancestors which they brought from their homeland.
In the time of Leved, their lands and fields thrived, and the Agays gladly bought their grains.
Commerce flourished as well. They traded with many people:
Agays, Armenians, bands of outlaws, Belars, and Bulgarians.
Leved's authority spread to the Vareg Sea.
This is the history of the country, Asoflu- Savard, the beginning of the alliance of Ma-Gur, the Hungarian nation's seed.
Anyone who does not believe it is free to think differently or to find out for himself. Anyone who knows it better should tell it better.
That's how we know, because the Three Ancestors left it for us like that.
The son of the Celestial Hawk: Álmos
A bright Turul floated down to the Earth, to the sacred territory of the mounted tribes
living by the Caspian great sea, to Pusztaszer located on the bank of the Kuma River.
From time immemorial, the character of leaders has been developed in manly contests here.
The shamans of the best mounted tribes competed with each other after finishing the five-year shaman education.
The riding competition was won by the pure- hearted Edemen, the young shaman of Megyer tribe,
who also performed well in other trials of strength.
As the evening approached in the camp of Pusztaszer, a plentiful dinner awaited the audience and the competitors.
A shaman said grace before dinner:
"Wine, wheat and peace, and health for all of us!
We bless God, who gave all and into whose lap everything falls.
We honor him who worked for it, the blessing of heaven has been brought to us!
Did you sacrifice to the gods, when you poured water on the ground and threw meat into the fire?
Good gods do not expect sacrifices because they hate flattery.
When we pour water on the ground before drinking from our jugs and call the name of our
mother UKKÓ, we don't praise her, nor do we conciliate her, but we think of her as one of us,
we invite her into our family as our ancestral mother. She is our equal, and we are hers. 259 00:31:24,719 --> 00:31:31,559 Even when we make a fire from seven woods in honor of SKY-EARTH, we don't conciliate and we don't worship,
we don't bribe our gods, but fire belongs to our God-Father, GÖNÜZ;
wood belongs to our Earth-Mother, UKKÓ; and they both have embers and flames.
This fire warms us and belongs to us.
By our fire blessing, by our mercy, and by the food offered during celebrations and holidays,
we only demonstrate that we did not abandon the ways of our ancestors; 265 00:31:53,079 --> 00:31:58,079 we take over from them, we pass on their words, we receive the chain of their creation
seeking what is good and noble.
By our sacrifices we invite our spirits to be among us, with us, for us.
Because you cannot atone for a sin of yours even by making 10000 sacrifices,
neither god, nor human can wash it away; only your deeds can make it better.
If you hurt someone, appease her or him. If you caused loss to someone, compensate her or him. 271 00:32:36,599 --> 00:32:42,000 And now, Little Flower, run--your friends and your fine dinner are waiting for you!
After dinner, the shamans gathered in the main tent. The brave members of the audience sat around the main tent.
The shamans sat around the smoke of the juniper fire and fell into a trance. The people standing in the circle didn't dare to make a sound!
Then the shamans measured their mental strength while they were in the forms of beings with bodies of light.
Did the bright Turul win?
Hurrah! Hurrah to Edemen, the Megyer shaman of amazing spiritual strength!
Let's have fun and dance!
The next day at the ceremony, in the presence of representatives of the Federation of
24 Hun Tribes, the new Magyar Chief Shaman, Edemen, was inaugurated.
His father was Csaba IV, and his mother was Aracsilla, the Khorezm Prince's daughter, with
all the wealth of the Samarkand royal family.
Edemen is also the Lord of the Uyghurs, the people of rams, through his mother.
The winner of the 792nd Chief Shaman Contest was Edemen from the Megyer tribe.
In a fair competition, he surpassed all of his competitors, so he become the Chief Shaman of the Magyar Tribal Confederation!
Accordingly, let us dress him in festive, ornate clothing. I bless you and I will help you with everything.
I promise that from now on I will serve the Ten Arrows - and the Confederation of the 24 Hun Tribes with all my might.
Edemen took over the spritual leadership in 792,
so the Megyer tribe became unbeatable and the most important head shaman tribe.
The backbone of the Ten Arrow Tribal Confederation was the Kabar Tribes, and their
leaders often became the leaders of the Confederation of the 24 Hun Tribes as well.
The formation of the Magyar Tribal Confederation was ordered by the council of elders of Ordos 293 00:35:48,000 --> 00:35:54,000 to protect the ancient Ataisian Magyar faith. Mirina, the princess and political insider
who was the daughter of Lord of Van-Lake, and her husband Káma, Prince of the Mansi tribe, were put in charge of this. 295 00:36:00,479 --> 00:36:04,439 Káma and Mirina thought that the future Magyar Tribal Confederation must not participate
in conquering raids and that in due time an independent state had to be established.
The son of Káma and Mirina, Magyar, following his ancestors, in the days after the Kabar Massacre, 298 00:36:29,319 --> 00:36:34,000 created such a tribal confederation that could not be swept away even by the storm of times.
The meaning of the word Magyar is "monotheistic people aspiring for peace".
At the beginning of the year 800, the Magyar and Magyari tribes (the Ten Arrow Alliance) held a meeting in secret.
Edemen as leader of the shamans and his wife Embavér, the gold woman of the alliance, gave a speech: 302 00:36:53,399 --> 00:37:02,159 "After the death of my father Csaba IV, the power fell into the hands of his second wife, Anna, who was from Damascus.
Then her cruel Semitic followers invaded the entire Khazar Empire. They intrigued a lot
extorting a large fortune. Our tribes were posted in the south against the Arabs, and we fought a lot against them.
In 792, at Damascus, the Arabs as allies of
the Pope committed the horrible genocide of our relatives, the Kasu nations.
When my father returned for the hidden treasures, he met his end.
Since then, our tribes have received the refugees, and protect the borders with a multitude of armed men.
Charlemagne had already annexed Istria and advan- ced further. The Bavarians allied with the Avars
followed in line, and he wanted the rich fields of the Avars.
Jeno II, the general of Magyarka, was already prepared for the united Frankish army,
and he destroyed them at the Ench-Ibod River.
Then he was recalled to the Caucasus because the Moors attacked Edemen at Magyarka.
After that, the Longobards joined with the guards of the Emir of Kordova and then with the Slavs beyond the Elbe
and with the Saxon rulers. So they attacked the Avar guards at Boroszló-Igló, who fiercely held their ground.
The Széki-Hun Tumens assigned to help crushed the attackers there as well.
Due to the effective blockade, Charlemagne was not aware of this,
therefore, he attacked the Celestial Empire of the Avars after being forced to wait for two months.
According to the plan of Chief Shaman Edemen, all living creatures and all the crops from the area of Pannonhalma, 320 00:39:10,759 --> 00:39:16,039 Gyõr, Veszprém and Kanizsa were carried away by our Avar brothers were carried away by our Avar brothers who also burned their own villages.
Therefore, due to the lack of food, the weakened main army found the northern army dead in the bloody Danube.
As a result of that, Charlemagne took a vow that
he would never enter the land of Avaria again.
At this time, the prince of the initiated, the warlike Nyék Tribe's leader, rose to speak.
We are one tribal federation of the peoples of ancient Atais, the People of the Ten Arrows.
We still live in alliance with our Atais relatives up to this day. 327 00:39:515,000 --> 00:39:56,359 Many archer tribes joined the Chief Shaman's Megyer Tribe as related tribes.
Due to the western Frankish and southern Arabian battles, Avar, Kaspivarian and Kasu soldiers moved away,
significantly increasing its military power.
We the initiated will support the Hungarian Tribal Confederation with all of our power. 331 00:40:12,159 --> 00:40:17,119 We reorganize the living quarters and military power of the Hun Empire's people. 332 00:40:21,839 --> 00:40:26,799 Since the last great glaciation, we have reinforced four times the Huns' Original Homeland
in the Realm of Thermal Waters, in the Carpathian Basin, which has been the original land of the Huns for all of 10 000 years.
The first reinforcement was implemented by the Chief Shaman Úzon in 4020 BC with 100 well-trained shamans who civilized
the local inhabitants, the ancient Hun occipital people. After that, the relatives visited regularly every 20 years.
Balog, prince of the Kaza-Hun cavalry, already found seven tribes here in 3880 BC, 337 00:41:16,439 --> 00:41:23,399 by whom he was elected as the ruler of the Realm of Thermal Waters. His seat was in the town of Debrecen.
Peaceful centuries went by, but once the Kinays attacked Ordos, breaking
the "peace and cousinhood" pact, which was hundreds of years old.
In response, in 1112 BC in the battle at Müjak, the Huns vanquished the Kinays.
So the Hun empire became gigantic and was divided into three provinces.
The second reinforcement of the Huns' Original Homeland was carried out in 800 BC by Pannon, the Parsee-Scythian leader,
with 10 000 Hun riders, as Esküló's people in Atais were under pressure from the Greek Geri-Beri people of Atlantis.
Esküló was born as a Sumir, after his monotheistic mother, and as a Parsee-Scythian, after his father.
The third reinforcement of the Huns' Original Homeland occurred in 435.
It was carried out by Buda and Attila, the chief shamans and commanders of the 24-tribe Hun Confederation,
with more than 500 000 warriors who relocated the Temple of Life from Ordos, which was becoming dangerous, to Buda.
In the buildings of the lower and middle parts of the Temple of Life (which were built between 400 and 435) and in the Castle of Buda,
in the span of 666 days, a large number of books from Karnak, Atais and Ordos were placed 350 00:42:59,000 --> 00:43:03,799 which contained the knowledge of humanity.
The fourth reinforcement of the Huns' Original Homeland was lead by Bat-Baján Avar Kagan starting in the year 570.
This strengthened the tribes of Ilona and protected the Temple of Life. In this way, the Celestial Empire of the Avars was established.
Now we the Magyar Tribal Confederation are doing it a fifth Time, with the approval of the Confederation of the 24 Hun Tribes,
by the relocating of the Temple of Life.
Our military organisation is world-class, and our knowledge of warfare and tactics is great.
Our children grew up with horses, so they have been able to ride instinctively since they were small children.
Therefore, the mounted-archer warriors are naturally created in our tribes--even mercenary armies of other nations
cannot achieve this. In the blood of our combatants, divine fire burns.
Yotengrit, our Only Eternal Sky.
Because we are from you, in you,
and you are in us!
We possess one of the most competitive and modern military forces in the world.
Continent-spanning, very carefully planned military actions are carried out.
Our architectural, educational, military, agricultural and craft-making techniques
represent a rather high standard.
People understand our leaders' regulations and fully implement them, if necessary,
even over the course of generations, because in their hearts they are one with them.
The people of our alliance live in friendship, as blood brothers with one another.
In battles, we use sophisticated tactics, signal systems and cunning methods
to wear out the enemy.
The development of the mounted archery methods of warfare: horses trained for battle, saddles,
stirrups, drawn bows and panoplies, as well as armor were invented by our people.
We not only have catapults, leather punts, and incendiary and resonating arrows, but we also possess
portable leather bathtubs which allow regular toilet use in the war zone.
Supplies for our armies are already prepared in the home country and so a warrior is able to take several months worth of food with him
on spare horses in a leather bladder in dried form.
Since there is no need for military supplies, troop movements are rapid and long-distance.
Our people are kept together by the common origin, the moral and highly spiritual example of our leaders and their guidance, 379 00:46:32,759 --> 00:46:38,719 like brothers and sisters. This is further strengthened by our common festivals and all the details of everyday life.
This is the essence of our laws:
"Everything is allowed which does not harm anyone else!" "Do not hurt, do not harm, protect, help!"
Unfortunately, it was not always followed by our leaders and people, and for this we always had to pay a heavy price:
e.g. in 453, the bloody clash between the sons of Attila and Buda caused the death of more than 200 000 Hun warriors.
Around 1700 BC, by the order of Chief Shaman Tola, the forests were cut down without limit, and the wooded grassy steppe turned 385 00:47:16,619 --> 00:47:21,479 into the Gobi Desert, destroying entire tribes and countries.
External force is often threatened and threatens today. However, if we hold together,
and we observe our laws, we can easily repel them. Let us be careful and well-informed,
as the leaders of Atlantean mantis peoples would turn all the people of the Earth into taxpaying
slaves if they could, and the winged, galloping, free spirit of men would be killed off!
This is what happened last time when the Roman Pope joined forces with the Kordovan Emirate
and attacked the Van-Magyarka Uruk-Mani Christian bishop and
decimated the guards of Karatan Bõs-Tudun.
The Pope and the Patriarch of Constantinople approved the murder of Bõs-Tudun,
since he was not willing to pay the papal tithes from his stores of gold.
Unfortunately, Bõs-Tudun, the arch-abbot of Avaria, trusted the Roman Pope who was honored as the successor of Christ,
despite the pillaging campaign led by Charlemagne; therefore, he had his daughters marry western princes.
The princes murdered Bõs-Tudun in 795, then marched into Vienna and Gyõr 398 00:48:39,279 --> 00:48:46,039 and looted all the Uruki-Mani churches and Kurgans (burial mounds), which shames the world.
Avaria's Celestial Empire was thus weakened. Archbishops of the Roman Pope and the princes
further pillaged the western parts.
We mustn't allow that!
We shall reorganize the liberation our ancient homeland, the ancient realm of Thermal Water,
with the approval of the 24-tribe Hun Confederation!
May Lady Ukkó and Má-Tün, the god of archer tribes, help us.
Onogurs, People of the Ten Arrows, now we have a homeland!
-Let's take it over!
Let us drive away the looters from Avaria's western part! -Let us drive them away!
The heads of the tribes should check the details, and prepare our tribes along with
the Kabar tribes, who wish to join. But now, let me turn the conversation in another direction. 410 00:49:56,300 --> 00:50:03,879 I have heard our great Chief Shaman, Edemen, say that your son, Ügyek, and Emese, who was chosen for your daughter-in-law,
the most beautiful woman in Kaspivar, have given you a grandchild.
It is our great sorrow, as you know, that Emese had two babies born dead so far, and we were
affraid that Ügyek would die childless. But the dream of Emese
in which she was impregnated by a Turul bird has now come true!
As the tribe of the Chief Shaman, The Megyer Tribe was independent of Kazaria.
Therefore, they moved north from Sárhely and established Asszorügyek as a very strong chief shaman center.
We are in Asszorügyek, the spendid, luxurious royal town, in the palace.
In the bedchamber, the distinguished royal couple (Ügyek and Emese) is sleeping.
A gorgeous, beautiful Turul appears in Emese's dream and celebrates the wedding with Emese.
Then dazzling light phenomena disappeared. Her dream continued with a stream descending from her loins, which
became a wide stream as it crossed countries.
In accordance with the dream, in 820, after the bear feast, Emese became pregnant.
When the time to give birth had come, she was escorted over to the birthing house, where the place of birth was already prepared.
Hot water was poured onto the ground, then cinder was sprinkled, and finally, this was covered with steaming sheets
to avoid infections.
At the altar, the midwife offered water and fire to the heavenly beings. 427 00:51:45,100 --> 00:51:49,879 After that, Emese was helped to the threshold and started giving birth. The birth was difficult.
The midwife asked the Lord of the Heavens to help the ancient Turul bird by giving it strength.
The Turul kept pecking the child's back until the fetus turned around in Emese's womb
and pushed his way into this world screaming. 431 00:52:14,100 --> 00:52:18,000 The child was called Álmos according to Savard (i.e. Avar) custom.
Unfortunately, Emese died shortly after child- birth. But her dream referred to that as well,
in that from her loins great kings will be born, but they will not multiply on their own land.
This dream indicates as well that we have to take over our new home
in the ancient Hun realm of the thermal waters in the Carpathian Basin and make the relatives living there stronger! 436 00:52:51,519 --> 00:52:57,359 Now at the end of the 9th century, there are three Hun Empires! The Magyar Tribal Confederation under imperial Hun advisement
has to strengthen the weakened empire of the Avars and throw off the yoke of the Kazars.
In this way, the Hun, the Avar and the Magyar consciousness will remain in the Carpathian Basin from this time forth! The point of
this is that the logical mind, the Is, is illuminated by the emotional sense, the Sus,
which produces long-lasting, wiser actions instead of short-term, selfish exchanges.
The secret guards of the nine spells, the religion Büün, are the carriers of the Avar mind without exeption.
The greatest deed of Bát-Baján was that he was able to join the shaman-world of Ordos with the Bát-world of the Avars,
the Táltos belief of the Magyars, the Sumerian Anahita-Anina and the Scythian Pécs-Tórem faith.
We should not forget this!
Ata-Isis, the Sun God, and his wife Éda live in the seventh heaven. In the garden, there is a great mountain, and on the mountain,
there is tree which touches the sky. From the top of this tree, the Sun, the Moon, and every star start their paths.
The children of the Sun God often brawled; therefore, Ata-Isis dropped one of the tree's fruits into the lower skies, and
a great tree grew from it as well. He sent his children down this to populate the lower worlds.
After the worlds of the deities, the realm of good spirits and good souls was the third level (of the next world), and the bad souls'
celestial realm was the second level, beyond which was the Great Shield, where all the beings fit. From there, through the holes punched
by the stars, every departed soul could watch and help the lives of their earthly relatives.
In the hall of the gods, in their heavenly dwelling, our ancestor and god, the God of the Magyars, looks after us! 453 00:55:06,439 --> 00:55:09,399 May his memory be blessed!
I enchant the wings of seven hawks onto my horse.
I let go; hey, I let go of the reins.
Take off, blessed horse; take to the air,
and from the air, go to the sky in front of god!
God of the Magyars, get in the saddle,
and from the seven-layered skies, descend to us!
Undermine the power of our enemies; pacify the unpeaceful
hot heads of oafs; lead your people, our mighty God!
We are one hundred when it comes to fantasies, plans, and thoughts, but we are one in every action.
The law of our ancestors is an old, true law,
the celestial twin-vortex which arose with the whirlwind.
Everything originates from these: life, death, law. 466 00:56:06,439 --> 00:56:10,399 Ay, the sky granted it, and the forefathers of our ancestors got it that way!
Old men have a seat on a bench.
Little children lie in the dust.
The bed of a fresh young maiden Smolders,
a beautiful maiden is the desire of a capable youth.
Ay, the sky granted it, and the forefathers of our ancestors got it that way!
Have enough wheat on the cornfield for the turtledove,
oats grown for horses can also be given to wild deer.
Let us have wine and wheat. let us have peace,
rejoice, and make merry for as long as we live.
Ay, the sky granted it, and the forefathers of our ancestors got it that way!
May the forefathers be blessed, blessed and praised, who died for freedom, for the Homeland,
or were crippled.
We will not leave their widows and orphans in need!
Blessings to you as well! Let us go make merry and feast!
The movie is based on the heritage of the Hun shamans.
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