How to Create Graphics in ArcMap 10

Uploaded by UTMLibrary on 06.07.2011

In ArcMap a graphic can be added to your Data View
so that it re-sizes as you change the extent of your map
or it can be added into the Layout View.
In your map, perhaps you wish to highlight the North Building
within the U of T Mississauga campus.
Have your data layer open and zoomed into the appropriate area.
To draw a graphic, you will have to use the tools found in the Draw toolbar.
Select 'Customize', 'Toolbars', 'Draw'.
There are many options to choose from within the Draw toolbar.
To draw a circle around the North building,
Select the Circle tool and draw a circle around the building.
To edit the shape you have created,
double click on the graphic to open its 'Properties' window.
You can change the colours of the graphic. In this case,
we would like the graphic to be hollow and the outline to be red with a weight of 6.
Since the shape is a graphic, you can
move and re-size and change the order of the object.
For further instruction in ArcMap, please visit our video archives.