Pro Wrestler Sheamus says Wrestling is REAL!!

Uploaded by Jrmacam on 08.01.2012

So physical is'nt you dont see to much blood or breakage
arms breaking legs breaking that kind of thing, it its ..serve
how,how is that work?
its we had move a lot were it used to be . there was a time were were a lot more violent
Now we encourage a lot of kids and families ..uh you know there was no blood there was shot in the head anything like
that you know its were family oriented
a business were entertainment family entertainment
you know we try to show people a good time a na its verry physical though you know
I'd played real b- I'd played...
its its what we do is were in four days a..
WWE Theme Song (Some Body is gonna get)
..thats such a thing though not a doll...
the beyond what not
see the ana-..nough..the animosity that we see between the wrestling you know the I'm gonna get you I'm gonna....
is is is is there a lot of reality to that
there is actually people believe I dont know people believe were all friends backstage
but the reality is were not and
you know there is a lot of competition there could be only one wwe champion
one World Champion one united states champion so..
those titles are very limited so there's a lot of competition and
you know ah..we all try to compitte agaist each other we all try
better at each other better matches and better performaces
and uh... you know its
How much choreography is in volve versus
I hear that word alot choreography people think we go in and we used to be rehersing(doing your dance)
Sheamus:exactly but mm
the thing about me is when I get in there I hit as hard as I can
and I let the fela know that he's in a fight you know
its not gonna be easy
I just say is if you wanna watch any of my matches