Medical students at the University of Sheffield - undergraduate student profile

Uploaded by uniofsheffield on 03.03.2011

It seemed like a pretty cool job to do
a lot of people say it's about helping people and it is about that
but at the end of the day I didn't want to go into a nine till five office job
I wanted to do something a little bit different, a bit exciting
something new every day, working with people as well
and it's a great career to do, there’s fantastic prospects.
I've just always wanted to do it, I can't imagine doing anything else really
I hope I will make a good doctor, I think I will
I find it really interesting
it's quite challenging
and I like being constantly busy
Medicine's ideal for that isn't it? The awful hours and hard work, it's perfect!
It just quite suited my personality really.
The city's great as well
it's a very friendly city, very green
even though it is a big city it doesn't have that feel
it feels more like a town because everyone's quite friendly up North
It's a great place to be a student