Left Handed Beaded Chain Stitch Crochet

Uploaded by Beadaholique on 17.09.2012

Hi this is Megan with Beadaholique.com and today I'm going to show you
how to do a bead crochet
chain stitch for
lefties. I am
left-handed some of the time
I'm pretty Ambidexterist but one thing that i do left-handed is crochet
so we figured it would be handy
for any of you out there who are left handed
to learn how to do this left-handed so you don't have to try to flip your
video around in your head
so go ahead and make
a simple slipknot
make a loop
pull the end through but don't pull the tail just pull the loop
and using pearl cotton
you can actually experiment with a lot of different
strings and chords for this
pearl cotton is a crochet
cotton and it is really
soft and so it will
lay pretty flat
alright so you're gonna
hold your crochet hook in your left hand if a left-handed and you should have
beads already strung on your cord or your thread
the number of beads you put on there depends on your project. If your doing a big
project you might need a lot of beads. If your doing a strand of
chain stitch
with a bead every few stitches you might need less, so you have to play around and
see how many you're going to need
First your going to start by doing a standard
chain stitch with out any beads
and you're gonna take
your string
bring it around
the hook
catch it
with the little hook at the very end
and pull it through the loop
be careful and do it nice and slow if you're just starting with crochet so
that you don't pull the hook right through
when you're using a tiny tiny hook like you will with this kind of medium
it's easier to pull it right through so go nice and slow
and pull through
wrap around and pull through. That's all there is to the chain stitch
It gives you this little loopy
strand right here
and to add a bead to this
go ahead and pull a bead down
right up next to the hook
then your going to wrap-around
just like normal and pull through
you can see it caught the bead
in the stitch that time
you can add a bead every stitch. I think chain stitch looks nice with the bead
every other stitch
or every few stitches
if you're using a
small bead
you can actually get your bead to sit in the middle of the stitch
it's pretty. I'll show you want I mean
so if you bring
the bead down
wrap your string around
and pull through the loop
and then do a regular plain stitch without a bead
do a beaded stitch
and pull through
if your using a small bead
the beads will usually sit
on the edge like this. If you're using a small bead you can actually
kind of pull the bead
the into the middle of the stitch
it's a little tight

you can see they can actually sit like in the middle
it's kind of almost like really tiny micro macrame like that
so that can be really pretty too
so you can experiment a lot with the size of your thread and the size of your beads
that is what
it should look like basically for beaded chain stitch