Park Shin Hye in Cyrano Agency Eng Ara Sub

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This is damn crazy!
When I see her, I can't speak...
Can't even breathe!
It's true. UHM Tae-woong RHEE Min-jung
A crush at my age?
But she's so pretty.
She doesn't know I exist. CHOI Daniel PARK Shin-hye
Excuse me.
I know you're tied up, but... PARK Chul-min JEON A-min
I'II call you back.
Who are you?
Just your guy next stall. SONG Sae-byek RYU Hyun-kyung
Cyrano Agency
Making her fall in love with you in top secret.
AImost forgot.
The client Iast month sent us his wedding invitation.
That's great.
The big face and the insurance Iady?
Remind me to cancel my insurance.
It won't be easy.
Just send him a gift to congratulate him.
There's Iess noodles.
- Dumplings, too. - But it's good.
Ah... What do you do here?
What would you Iike?
The card said you'II make her fall in Iove with me?
In top secret!
But how?
Politicians and celebrities...
What they do in public is all staged.
Their every word's been planned in advance.
I don't really get it.
Why do stars in films and TV act and speak so cool?
Cuz there's a script.
In reality people fumble up cuz there's no script.
But with us your Iove Iife could...
have the perfect script.
Trust us.
What is this a theater?
It was.
Client, KIM Hyun-gon
I went for coffee after a soccer game.
Then I saw her there.
They call me Beckham of our soccer Ieague.
But you know...
After meeting her, I can't kick or anything.
Tell me...
Does Iove screw people up Iike this?
Women aren't into soccer much.
Why? It's so fun.
Age 24. Height 1 62cm. Approximately 50kg.
From 1 0a.m. to 6p.m.
she works at a coffee shop.
After work she takes yoga classes.
She studied fashion and is into music.
Especially JANG Ki-ha.
I hate JANG Ki-ha.
- Why? - I just do.
Not nice.
She's not seeing anyone.
Just Iikes to hang out with friends.
That's it.
When traveling at night, don't you walk in the Iight?
You sound a Iittle downstream.
Well, some people say I have a cute voice.
Then date them. Or fix it to be mainstream.
Day 19 First, you have to catch her eye.
Day 20
Day 22, Day 23 Here's your buzzer.
Day 25 D-Day
Hello. How may I help you?
Espresso, please.
One espresso.
Don't lock glances with her.
Excuse me!
That flower...
What is it called?
It's dahlia.
- Second year drama student? - Yes.
Here's what you'II do.
Isn't this an audition for a play?
Hi, ma'am. You're much older, right?
Working undercover.
I'm twenty-one.
I see.
Make Sun-ah feel jealous.
Do cunning things to get on her nerves!
- 1 62 cm. - 1 62 cm?
You don't Iook that tall.
Hey, isn't that guy cute?
He's totally my type.
Should I hit on him?
Women want to take the man away from the one
they're jealous of.
I didn't order this.
Just Iook at yourself in the mirror and concentrate.
Breathe in.
Ah... Have we met somewhere before?
You're a regular at the coffee shop I work at.
In Kyobo building?
You work there?
Yes. You asked me about a flower?
Oh, I remember.
Sorry, I didn't recognize you without your uniform.
It's okay. I get that a Iot.
I see...
Is that a cello?
Are you a musician?
Nothing to boast about.
It's raining. You don't have an umbrella?
Take it, please.
You'II need it to go home.
No, I couldn't...
I can use this.
- This is heavy. - Take out the cello.
Sorry for not recognizing you!
How about dinner? Together?
I have a prior engagement.
She's with her five times a week.
Get her out of the picture.
I'm in Iove with you. Will you go out with me?
When did you start Iiking me?
A Iong time ago.
I don't date just any guy.
I'm not an easy gal.
Can't meet up tonight. I got a man!
I'II take your order.
I'm free tonight.
I'II wait for you.
Now, you disappear.
She waited 37 minutes.
But why... I don't get it.
I gotta go to the bathroom.
That flower... What is it called?
I Iook gaunt.
It works Iike a charm.
This will do.
What's the chance of rain today?
I called in a rain machine just in case.
There's not a cloud in sight.
Should we delay this?
It will rain.
Could you play this CD?
Sorry, we can only play music set by the shop.
- I see. - Sorry.
Wait! I'II play it for you.
- But if Boss finds out. - Don't worry.
You haven't come in a while.
Look, it's raining!
How did you know?
You really wanna know?
My joints ached. A Iot.
People say the sound of my cello changed.
I strummed the strings meaninglessly before.
But now, I learned to put my heart
into every stroke.
All because of you Sun-ah...
Thoughts of you have changed me completely.
Who's Sun-ah?
I wonder who she is.
PIease. You can't act.
I want you to know...
Can't we give her a CD player and earphones?
Just go with it.
I love...
The rain's too weak!
More rain, please!
Here's your umbrella.
That umbrella was my Iast string of hope.
That umbrellas was my Iast string of hope.
What happened?
You want to know why I didn't come that night?
I'm sorry. I can't answer that.
Why didn't you come?
When traveling at night...
Don't you walk in the Iight?
I want you to be the Iight of my Iife.
Is that a sin?
Keep face turned.
Why do you Iook so gaunt?
What happened to you?
I'II take the umbrella.
Pull her!
Now, count to ten.
Hey, I'm moping here.
Where's Byung-hun always disappearing off to?
Excuse me.
Can you make people fall in Iove here?
In top secret?
Here's our new client.
We're not taking this on.
We're busy enough finishing off other projects.
Focus on them.
We just have one project to finish off.
It's perfect timing.
I have a bad feeling about this.
Like what?
They don't suit each other.
Sang-yong? What kinda name is that?
I do the math here.
They make a pretty good match.
Sang-yong & Hee-joong
What's wrong with you, boss?
I've been thinking... We can't do this forever.
We started this to make money to set up a real theater.
Remember practicing all night in our basement hall?
How can we forget?
But honestly, I Iike this gig.
We can't just walk away from it.
Business in theaters is really bad these days.
If we don't go back, we may never get the chance.
Not now.
We're tight with money upgrading our tools.
What did we upgrade?
The Iatest earphones. You signed for them.
They were just a few hundred.
Add another zero.
This costs a few thousand?
What are we the CIA?
We bought several of them.
National Intelligence uses them.
We have nothing but debts.
We have to take on every client we can get.
We need more clients.
Here's your estimate.
Look it over.
Thank you.
Why so expensive?
It's more than I expected.
I think it's pretty reasonable.
You don't have to do it if it's too much.
Would you Iike to think it over?
No. Let's do it.
I made some money off funds. I can do this.
Who is this evil man the Scripture tells us?
He is the Anti-Christ from Satan's realm.
He will show great power and signs.
Satan's power and signs.
It is all deceitful and evil.
And what does God call Satan?
One who tempts and deceives the world.
We met because of a piece of gum.
What? Gum?
How's that possible you ask?
It's destiny!
Oh, please...
That happens all the time.
It's not destiny.
What's with this hairstyle?
I'm the youngest in my company.
I wanted to Iook stronger.
But it's so old school.
You Iook better in glasses.
But I don't need 'em. And these don't have Ienses.
Just go with it.
There's an earphone on this.
This? It's so tiny.
It's really expensive.
Once you put those on, you're under our watch.
You'II act and speak cool to get the girl.
Superman with glasses. CIark Kent without.
Isn't it the other way around?
How's starting conversation on art and construction?
Give compliments on what people hope to be good at.
Michael Jordan wants to hear he's good at baseball
more than basketball.
PX 1 25?
Only model that is a replica of the original.
They stopped making it in 2007.
You know about scooters?
Yes. I'm very interested in classic scooters.
Isn't it hard to drive a manual gearshift?
I Iearned it to ride the PX.
I ride the new automatic.
The LXV?
GT 300.
That's a big scooter.
You didn't tune it up.
I want to, but I'm not good with machines.
I joined a club to Iearn and do it eventually.
Did you tune up yours?
Real manias Iike 'em in their virgin state.
I Iove pure things.
You know Iike a woman's chastity.
No ad-libs!
Excuse me?
Just say what you practiced.
I'm a fund manager.
I deal with boring numbers but...
Sister Hee-joong?
I mentioned this before.
A Iady riding on motorcycles does not seem appropriate.
This is a scooter. It can only go 80km/h.
Ah, mister! Wait!
Mister? Brother!
I'm the elder of this church!
Look Mr. EIder.
What's wrong with coming to church on a scooter?
Sang-yong! No!
Does it say that in the Bible?
Does it say that in the Ten Commandments?
Come on!
I'm in the middle of something important here!
Sang-yong! Shut up!
Stick to the script! You wanna spoil it?
You know how hard it was to write this script!
I can't stand ad-Iibs!
I'm sorry. I get mad at times.
No. It's okay. You did good.
Hee-joong is different from our other targets so far.
She's a Iittle cynical and kind of an outsider.
Something rash and risky?
Probably Iikes revolutions and such?
You get that just on my research?
How's that?
So, that's the plan?
We'II make Sang-yong into a hero.
So much has changed in the world. But why?
That church is known for the pastor's long sermons.
The congregation is unhappy.
The pastor is like a dictator so they can't speak out.
Subconsciously, Hee-joong wants to go against the powers.
She rides her scooter to church even though the elders oppose.
That's rebelling.
Though in a minor way.
She is probably dreaming of a truly brave revolutionist to come.
Someone Iike... Che Guevara!
It's Satan.
We allow Satan to tempt us to sin.
I have something to say.
What is it, brother?
Your sermon is too Iong.
Half the congregation is asleep.
If you make your sermons shorter...
The congregation won't be bored.
And I believe your sermons will have more impact.
He's right! The sermon's too Iong!
He's right.
Don't you think?
My sermon?
It's too Iong and boring?
Then why didn't anyone say anything before?
Because of your dictator Iike self- righteous manner...
No one could speak up against you.
But you had the courage to do so?
I thought someone should bear the cross.
My brother...
You are quite a brave man.
Fine. I will make my sermon shorter.
Would 30 minutes Iess do?
One hour.
I'II cut it in half and keep it to an hour.
I mean the entire service!
You win.
That's what will happen.
Drawn to deception...
Like we practiced.
Satan tempts us.
God allows this to test our faith.
I have something to say.
What is it, brother?
I have a bad feeling...
Your sermons are too Iong.
Say your Iine.
Half the congregation is asleep.
Sit down!
Let go!
If you make your sermons shorter...
Young brothers!
Escort that man out!
But your sermons are...
Let go!
It's a bust.
Let not my sacrifice be in vain!
Some Che Guevara.
This isn't right.
Off-limits! Anti-Christ LEE Sang-yong
You did your best.
Sorry it didn't work out.
Did you research the target right?
I didn't know the minister's her uncle.
So, now what do we do?
You said you're 99% successful.
That's true.
But we never thought you'd be that 1 %.
Guess our deal stops here.
We'II refund your money.
- What? - We need to talk.
What is it?
We don't have any money to return.
We paid off some Ioans with it.
Then we'II take out another Ioan.
From private Ioan sharks again?
You're acting strange on this project, you know.
I am not.
You're not doing your best.
Of course I am.
Would you meet other woman...
It beats the hell out of me...
What's with him?
I don't believe this! You're all dead!
Come here! You're mine!
- Calm down, sir. - You're dead!
What are you doing?
You call this a script!
Don't rip that!
You're the worst! You squid head!
Calm down and Iet's talk.
Talk? With you Iying fools?
- I'II destroy you all! - Look, Mister.
I'II get you!
Move the expensive stuff!
Just Ieave him. Step aside.
Now, I'II never have a chance with her!
- Throw it! - It's your fault!
Put the chair down!
Shit! Who's calling at a time Iike this?
- Hello? - What an idiot.
What? Hee-joong? I'm busy now!
What? Who?
It's Hee-joong!
Why'd she call?
What do I do? Quick! Tell me what to say!
What happened to squid head and destroying us?
I won't destroy you!
We're still under contract.
What do I say? I'm going to take the call!
Hang up and call back in an hour
Now, it's by the book.
We weren't going by the book before?
Sang-yong & Hee-joong date at cafe
Aren't you coming to the date site?
You do fine without me.
I'II go research more and meet you there.
Get rid of everything on the finished case..
You! Your number's changed.
So-young? I can explain.
It's So-yoon! Shithead!
How dare you play with my heart!
You're the one who hit on me!
How can you just ditch me Iike that!
- Who's that? - From Hyun-gon's case.
What? Don't you work for a game company?
What's this a theater?
Jae-pil told me a Iot about you.
He bragged about you all the time.
A pretty Iady, just Iike he said.
We're so busy, Jae-pil wasn't even
able to get home for days.
Chief? How about a special day off for Jae-pil?
Ah, sure.
Your wallet, Chief?
Buy her something good to eat
or she could get nasty.
Thank you.
- Have fun! - AII night!
Come back alive!
You gave her my bus card?
What? He's so dead.
Damn it.
Then we need someone else on the scene today.
What's with the glasses and the hat?
Part of being on the job.
You Iook younger.
Hee-joong's already here.
Why's she so early?
She must Iike me.
She came on the scooter.
- Take your seat. - Okay!
Come down, quick!
- Hello. - Hi.
You're early.
Just a Iittle.
Thank you.
Now that...
We don't attend the same church.
Can I just call you Hee-joong?
If you'd Iike.
If you'd Iike.
You went a Iittle overboard...
But our church went a bit too far, too.
If you still want...
I'II tell my uncle to Iet you attend again.
I see.
Time-out! Come out for a sec.
Will you excuse me for a second?
Let's change the subject.
Odds are against you talking about the church.
Then what should we talk about?
Well, ah...
Do you know that Sok-cho and Kang-leung seas
are different colors?
What? How?
Sok-cho Sea is coral blue. Kang-leung is cobalt.
Let's go when we go back to Korea.
Kang-leung Sea will look different this time.
You're still going to date me when we go back?
Wasn 't this just a fling?
I'm not talking to you.
Just kidding. Come here you!
Let go!
Excuse me?
Who's the singer of this song?
Agnes Baltsa.
And the title?
'There will be Better Days, Even for Us'.
There will be Better Days, Even for Us.
Thank you.
- Take care. - Drive safely.
Life's funny, isn't it?
You're on to me?
About what?
Forget it.
Still Iooking for evidence.
You want to confess?
Keep it a secret from the others?
That depends.
So when did you date her?
Eat up!
Byung-hun! Come here and say hi!
Maybe you should stay off this project.
No personal feelings involved on the job.
Where'd you get that?
That's what you always used to say to me.
It's over.
Don't worry. I'm a pro.
You'd better be.
We can't help you at the scooter club trip.
Just move according to the plan.
Don't buy stocks.
Buy gold! Gold's good.
First, talk a lot with the others.
Make Hee-joong's friends yours.
This will be the highlight of your trip.
The rotten peach plan?
You're good at making friends with strangers.
This one's rotten. Let's throw it out.
Wait! someone can eat it.
- Let's go. - Okay.
Over here, please.
- Peaches everyone! - Peaches everyone!
- Thank you! - Thanks.
Have some.
It's that car, sir!
I'd Iike to be...
Like that bus to you, Hee-joong.
Just when the Iight is about to turn red...
The bus turns beside you and cover you safely.
Women are drawn to similar types of men.
Achievement Award
You're tall, good Iooking, and young...
And probably make a Iot of money.
With your specs you could do well on your own.
Why come to us?
It's Iike outsourcing.
So I can concentrate more on what I know.
I outsource on things that I'm relatively weak at.
I don't think this is a waste of money at all.
I get paid a Iot being a fund manager.
Instead of worrying over my Iove Iife,
I can use the time to work.
How Iogical is that?
Just kidding.
Actually, I'm a Iittle weak with my people skills.
I can't talk in front of women.
And if it's a girl I Iike, I act really stupid.
I did my military service late.
When I was in the army...
Do you know Sok-cho and Kang-leung seas
are different colors?
How's that?
Sok-cho Sea is coral blue. Kang-Ieung is cobalt.
They're still blue.
Sok-cho is clear blue. Kang-leung is kinda murky.
Come on. You were probably in different moods.
It probably Iooked murky
cuz you were bored working out there.
Let's go when we go back to Korea.
Kang-Ieung Sea will Iook different this time.
The sea changes color according to one's mood.
I took a year off school
and went biking along the east coast.
I can never forget the color of the East Sea then.
I never did that.
Just go with it.
Mr. LEE?
You're in a meeting?
You should've knocked fool!
Mr. KWON. I wasn't expecting you.
Just wondering if you had Iunch.
Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.
- It's okay. - Don't worry.
Just give him everything you have.
He'II double it for you.
Call me if you ever run out.
Working hard?
Let's talk in the reception room.
Crane Private Loans I have a bad hangover.
Oh really, sir.
Did you take Aspirin?
Sang-yong smells fishy.
- How? - Just a hunch.
Our company needs this client.
The building went bankrupt.
We can't stay here for Iong.
We have to succeed and get the bonus money.
I'II just bring in more clients Damn it!
Bikini Night Club
When did you go to a place Iike this?
To get clients?
It's not mine.
People Iose Iighters all the time.
Leave 'em at bars
or take someone else's by mistake.
Back in Kang-Ieung,
I got this free Iighter from a bar.
But I Iost it one day.
You used to smoke?
When things got complicated.
Why you...
I moved back to Seoul and went out for drinks one day.
I picked up the Iighter on the table.
It was the one I Iost.
How do you know?
I scratched off every other Ietter on it.
It was definitely the same Iighter.
It went from this person to that...
And came back to me in Seoul.
It's Iike destiny.
What a cheap Iooking Iighter for a wine bar.
Quiet down will ya?
I ordered more expensive ones.
Want a drink?
Something sweet, please.
Did you have dinner?
How about pasta? I have fresh clams.
You know I don't eat clams.
Oh, right.
You found a man, didn't you?
No. Why?
You never call, but now you came to brag, didn't you?
Don't go overboard.
Why you Iittle!
I'm testing one out.
It's sweet.
You've been curious about what I do, right?
I'II give you 50% off cuz you're my pals.
This isn't a sales pitch. It's cuz I feel sorry for ya.
You should be out dating not drinking here on a Saturday.
Am I right?
If I ask for Gianna Jun, you'II hook me up?
Then I want KIM Ah-joong.
Just drink.
I want to send a cool text message to Hee-joong.
I can't think of anything.
Can't you do that on your own?
At this hour?
Of course, I'II be glad to help.
We offer our services 24/7.
He reminds me of him.
Byung-hun that bastard?
Why? He Iooks Iike a wimp, too?
Oh shit.
Did you drive?
I brought my scooter.
- Put that on. - Okay.
This way please. No drinking and driving
Take it.
Put that on.
Funny meeting you here.
Just Iike the first time.
Excuse me? 5 years ago, Seoul
Could you stop chewing the gum?
I'II chew quietly then.
Left turn signal on.
Be quiet please!
I got my Iicense in college.
But I Iost it due to drinking and driving.
I'm a veteran driver.
Who asked you Mister?
Look out for the speed bump!
Be quiet, sir!
Three points deducted.
Excuse me...
There's a slight problem that you need to know.
Could you make that man be quiet, please?
One more word and you'II automatically fail.
- Thank you. - Bye.
You Iook good with short hair.
3 years ago, Paris.
Are you...
The driver's Iicense!
The gum!
Your hair grew a Iot.
That was several years back.
You Iook older with Iong hair.
Shut up!
Public transportation after drinking
Stop drinking and driving
Public transportation after drinking
It's so unfair.
I was on my scooter, not a car.
Then why did they suspend my car driver's Iicense?
Stupid Iaw.
You bought a scooter after all?
Yeah, I did!
Are up still acting?
I guess.
In a broad sense.
I stayed in Paris for over a year
and didn't go to Orsay Museum.
Why didn't you take me there?
You went to Louvre and came out in 30 minutes.
Took a picture at Mona Lisa and David and that's it.
Nice and quick.
Wonder if Hammershoi's works will come.
Hammer what? Is he an artist?
Isn't Orsay famous for The Angelus?
That's just Iike you.
Mona Lisa and Louvre. The Angelus and Orsay.
What? Another class?
When are you going?
When I can, I guess.
That's good.
Wanna grab a drink?
I have a date.
Do we have a job today?
Just got one for Sang-yong.
Hee-joong called to meet for the first time.
What does it mean when a woman calls to meet?
One of two meanings. She's really bored.
She's bored?
Or she's opening up.
70% Successful!
Aunt, change hot grill
- Yes. - Water please.
- More Rip - Two more please.
I should've taken you to a nicer place.
But we're drinking this!
Things went well today?
Very well.
She introduced him to a close friend.
A friend recently opened up a wine bar.
Thank you.
Try it.
She introduced me to a close friend.
That's special, right?
I have a feeling your first kiss is coming soon.
With Iike wrestling tongues?
Wrestling is the way.
You Iike that?
At first...
I thought you made toy dinosaurs.
You know, Iike Tyrano?
Cyrano De Bergerac!
It's a 1 9th century play written by Edmund Rostand.
What's it about?
It's about
a man who writes Iove Ietters for someone else.
Cyrano was in Iove with his cousin, Roxanne.
Distant cousin!
Smack! Smack! Smack!
His friend Christian was also in Iove with Roxanne.
Ugly but a gifted writer,
Cyrano wrote Iove Ietter to his Iove...
But as someone else.
For the man who Ioves the woman he Ioves!
It's so sad.
Heart wrenching.
If you make a theater will you do that play again?
I think I can do a Iot better this time.
So how does it end?
Does Roxanne end up with Cyrano?
Or who was it? Christian?
How does it end?
How do you think?
Well, since it's called Cyrano,
I guess he gets the girl?
That's too obvious.
Right. Too obvious.
Watch the movie version.
It sounds Iike a good story.
I'II invest in your production!
No thanks.
I manage funds for plays, too.
There are no earnings,
but as a Iover of the arts I'II...
You'II invest to make yourself Iook good?
We don't need your money.
Your damn tainted cash!
This guy works with Ioan sharks to suck out
money from normal folks.
Loan sharks screwed us over!
He's just Iike them!
Byung-hun! Stop!
You don't know anything about my work.
He's a Ioser for coming to us in the first place!
Love? My ass!
We do it for you! It's not Iove!
Like your job is honorable!
You're not a registered company!
- PIease. - Why don't you take credit cards?
Damn bastard!
Let go of me!
- Hey! - PIastic bottle?
Come here you!
Move the table!
Where's my shoe? Damn it!
Crazy bastard!
Come here you!
Crazy bastard!
You boys don't even know how to fight!
Drop it will ya!
You evil bastard!
Stupid fool!
Stupid fool!
You evil bastard!
Die! Stupid fool!
The bastard said he'II buy and Ieft without paying.
Men have hang-ups about the men their women used to date.
Why are you jealous of the man after you?
That hurt.
Women are more curious about who their ex will date next.
What are you saying?
That's just the way it is.
Sign up for class
Choose a date and time
Honey! I'm sorry!
Remember the Korean pub we went to in Paris?
Incheon Pub, right?
No, Walmido. They hit it big.
Their clam soup was the best.
Once, a man ordered clam soup there.
Know what was in it?
- A ring. - What?
They served him the soup that was at our table?
The owner's explanation was far more outrageous.
She said it was their weekend big event.
Since then, their clam soup sold Iike hot cakes.
- Funny, huh? - Yeah.
Sang-yong has a date at 19:00
Are you busy tonight?
Well, I'm not sure.
I'II call and see. Be right back.
Sang-yong's date cancelled.
What happened?
What happened?
We met by coincidence.
Hee-joong said she's sick and postponed.
A dangerous coincidence.
What about the fund manager?
They said we might kiss today so I even got my teeth scaled.
We just came for coffee.
Yeah right!
The fool ordered wine at this hour!
Hee-joong's seeing someone.
Don't get any crazy ideas.
Don't worry.
Stop. I can't.
I feel sorry.
But I'm okay.
Oh, you mean to him.
It's not Iike we're strangers.
- Don't feel guilty. - It'd be better if you were!
Then think of me as someone you just met today.
Got a smoke?
But why?
I'm sorry.
I'II go.
Who's that at this hour?
Don't answer it.
Why's he here.
What are you doing?
You were asleep.
Why? I didn't do anything wrong.
No, he could get the wrong idea.
Men are Iike that.
You mean, you.
Anyway, don't open the door.
I can't believe this!
So, you're thinking of starting something with him?
He says he wants to protect me Iike a bus
when making a turn.
You fell for that crap?
He's a good guy.
He'd eat a rotten peach so no one else will have to.
That's what did it?
But Byung-hun...
Back then was Iike a deja-vu.
Sang-yong's in a bad mood.
Maybe he thinks he's been stood up.
Damn idiot.
I got sick and went to bed early.
I'm sorry about our date.
Now, smile and say your Iine.
Who was the man?
I waited outside your house all night.
Something must've happened.
Answer me.
Ifhe asks about last night, play innocent.
- About what? - Sang-yong.
There must be a misunderstanding.
Deal with it Iater.
Stick to the script.
Who did you just text message?
My mom. Why?
I bought some medication and went to your house.
- Can I come in? - Just go.
I saw you going in with a man.
Stick to the script!
He took the earphone off.
What did you do yesterday?
I went for driving training.
No, after that. Give me an alibi.
Fine, come in for a drink.
I trusted you.
I thought you were so sick...
You couldn't go to the hospital
And called a doctor.
So that man must've been a doctor!
You acted against work ethics, didn't you?
What do you mean?
Look me in the eyes.
What's going on? I smell a fight.
It's nothing.
I rang the doorbell all night.
And called you a hundred times.
As the sun came up...
A thought crossed my mind.
That man...
May not be a doctor.
What the?
What's going on?
Nothing happened.
But you don't believe me, do you.
I said, nothing happened!
You said you're a pro.
How can you screw up Iike this?
You couldn't stand your ex doing well
with another man?
So you called her?
As we became close, I needed time to think.
That's why I canceled yesterday.
It's not cuz of that man.
Then why'd you go to her house?
You know what hurts most?
That I can't even get mad at you.
Because I don't have the right yet.
There's nothing that ties us down to each other yet.
Why do I have to Iisten to this from you?
Cuz you ruined this project! This is worth a Iot!
Stop acting Iike a saint.
There's nothing between us Iike you say.
Why am I making excuses here?
You're the same!
You won't believe me anyways!
Don't get angry!
Fine, I'm the bastard!
Let's stop seeing each other. It's over.
Don't call me again.
Hee-joong's just Ieaving.
It's over!
Ah... What did I do wrong?
AII I did was buy medication and went to her house.
What did I do wrong?
You should've stuck to the script.
Come on, girl!
I swear they went this way.
Are they extras, too?
Where are they?
What is it?
Oh shit!
Jae-pil! Emergency! Come quick!
- Wait! - You!
They're your clients today?
He came by the coffee shop often.
Damn it!
Step aside.
I Iove you!
They must've escaped
from the mental hospital nearby.
You're being fooled!
Could I talk for a minute.
What was that?
That bastard got engaged to her
then had an affair!
Then go yell at him... Why come to us?
We crushed the bastard already!
I won't do it again. Don't hit me.
AII the sweet things he said.
They were all staged?
We just helped him word things better.
His heart was sincere.
How can his heart change so easily?
Your office?
That stinky old theater?
I sent some people over!
Must've sent a Iot over.
We had to tear it down anyways.
She did it for us.
Let's quit this for good.
It's good.
He didn't suit you.
Didn't seem Iike a good guy.
How do you know all that?
I saw him through the interphone.
I have a way with reading people's faces.
You keep being a stumbling block in my Iife.
I'II take care of you.
Whatever. Just buy me drinks.
The most expensive kind.
Hee-joong, Iet's start over.
No. There's no trust between us.
Come on...
We were meant to be.
That's a Iaugh.
Remember the Iighter I told you about?
The one I found in Seoul by chance?
That's destiny.
We're no better than the Iighter.
What the hell!
Mind if I cut in?
What are you doing?
Who are you?
I have the right to be here.
Honey? Who is that woman?
So, it was all cuz of her?
Min-young? What are you doing?
You know very well why!
Think about it.
I have a hunch.
But don't do this.
Shut up.
You'II ruin this.
You two-timing bastard.
Stay out of this.
I don't want Hee-joong getting hurt.
Your butt is mine!
What's going on here?
Something you see on soaps all the time.
1 0 minutes Iater and
we'II be pulling each other's hair?
And she's the bitchy sister?
Who is this girl!
I'm not a girl!
Who are you?
OId bitch is stupid, too.
OId bitch? Me?
Who do you think?
Hon! Who is this girl! Tell me!
Stop it.
Say it! She's just a girl you know, right?
You were nice and she got the wrong idea!
She came on to you, didn't she!
Stop it!
Hon, please tell me she means nothing to you.
She came on to you, but she's nothing!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
I'II tell you the truth.
The thing is...
Don't try any of your petty tricks. Bitch
No! I'II say it.
Yes, there's nothing between us.
Maybe he wanted something to be.
Know what he said before you came?
No. I won't say it for your sakes.
It'II probably hurt more that way.
Leave it to your imagination.
You're a bastard till the end.
He may be a bastard to you.
But he means everything to me.
Thank you.
I'II never forget this.
How touching.
It's over for good.
You two weren't meant to be.
You know what they say...
Ex-couples who date again break up for the same reasons.
And you even have a girlfriend! You Iittle!
Come on!
I have my reasons!
We once fought big and didn't talk for a while.
Over something stupid Iike buying a scooter or not.
Then there was this party.
I met a Japanese girl and took her home with me.
Asako or something, right?
We just had a few drinks.
But Hee-joong got the wrong idea.
I would too.
Then the real problem happened.
Hee-joong got mad and drunk.
Then went to a guy's house.
Dae-hyun was my closest friend.
The rich guy who studied in Paris for 3 years
and couldn't speak French?
Come on. I said nothing happened!
How can I trust you!
So when the fund manager said he couldn't trust her...
She got mad and broke up with him?
It's too bad.
I asked for something sweet. Why's this so bitter.
Wine reflects your psychological state.
So mystical.
Yuck. It's rotten.
I quit my job.
I may be young...
But I was top class in the business.
But recently...
I almost touched some bad money.
The earnings rate went down this year.
So I mingled with some private Ioan sharks.
I almost dipped into doing something illegal.
But Hee-joong came to mind.
I quit knowing the Ioan sharks will be after me.
Cuz I want to be a good man to Hee-joong.
So, it can't just end Iike this!
PIease don't close down.
I swear I'II go by the script.
I can't Iive without Hee-joong.
Let's end this right.
If we close down Iike this...
I did all that for nothing.
Think about what's really best for Hee-joong.
Cyrano De Bergerac Directed by LEE Byung-hun
I can't find her.
She quit work and isn't even home.
Where did she go?
The poor woman...
Orsay Museum Hee-joong will
definitely go see the Hammer thingy exhibit.
It's an anonymous tip.
Jae-pil stick around the gallery
and call the minute she shows.
I'II do it myself.
I want to do it.
What are you doing here, sir?
PIease send security up to the second floor.
No! I'II go.
Hee-joong just went in.
Wake up!
The last confession
I have to memorize all this?
Right down to every word.
Just reading this makes me cry.
Hee-joong, will you tune up my Iife for me?
It's too flat. Again.
Hee-joong, will you tune up my Iife for me?
More heart. Again!
Hee-joong, will you tune up my Iife for me?
- Hee-joong! - Again!
- Hee-joong. - Again!
Forget this! I'm not doing it!
- I'm not! - Then don't.
I'm sorry.
Let me try again, please!
I remember the first time I saw you.
The sky, the wind,
even the birds flying that day...
Relax your shoulders!
- The wind! - The wind!
Even the birds flying that day!
Louder! Arms out!
Even the birds flying that day!
Good! That's it!
The wind...
Every day has been special since I met you.
June 27th, 201 0...
Today is the most important day of my Iife.
Are you ready?
I'm so nervous.
Take the relaxer right before.
I'II take it then, too.
Hee-joong wanted to come here?
A proposal on a beach?
You call this a beach?
This probably cost him a Iot.
A Iittle.
This is too Iow for tall folks Iike me.
You two go over there and play Iovey-dovey.
The family Iooks happy here. Start walking!
- Is the dog well trained? - Yes.
See if he can act.
The guitarist plays the blues Iike the sea.
Act natural people!
Let's do it!
Sang-yong's car will be arriving in five minutes.
This is Cyrano's Agency's Iast job.
Let's roll.
Can I help you?
Two cups of coffee, please.
We don't sell coffee.
- Then what's this? - Coffee. for me.
This is my house.
PIease get up, quickly.
But it says it's a cafe.
I'II change the sign. PIease Ieave. go!
This place changed a Iot.
You've changed a Iot, too, since we first met.
I splurged a bit.
That's for us to hear, right?
Now, walk out to the sea.
Jae-pil! go past.
The woman is superior.
What a good Iooking couple!
They seem to Iike us.
Follow the trail of clams.
I remember the first time I saw you.
The sky, the wind...
Even the birds flying that day.
Even the birds flying that day.
I knew right then...
My Iife will never be the same.
- You brought gloves? - Yes.
Let's take a picture.
One, two, smile!
Though I have many flaws and make mistakes...
I thought I should change to be a better man...
When I met you.
Hee-joong, will you tune up my Iife for me?
She doesn't seem too thrilled.
She's smiling.
She's biting her tongue not to Iaugh.
I reported my scooter stolen.
And you stole my heart!
That fool! He'II ruin it.
Relax. It's going well.
You did great.
Your Iast confession is coming up.
Take a deep breath.
Good Iuck.
He's nervous again.
Every day has been special since I met you.
201 0, today...
It's the most important day of my Iife.
I guess the relaxer didn't work.
No, I think he forgot his Iines.
He always fumbled up here.
Give me the script.
Sang-yong, it's okay. I'II give you the Iines.
Give me.
I forgot the script.
Meet me at the bathroom.
Don't ruin the moment.
But we don't have the script.
Call Chul-bin now.
You do it.
No one else can do it better than you.
To be honest, I knew nothing happened between them.
But I wanted to believe something did.
So I'd feel Iess guilty.
I slept with that Japanese girl.
I knew Hee-joong or Dae-hyun would never do that...
But I wanted to feel Iess guilty.
Nothing happened between Ayako and me!
You don't believe me, too?
You don't trust me! How can I trust you!
Didn't believe her on purpose.
Sang-yong. Here are your Iines.
The Bible...
The Bible says...
And Iove...
The greatest of these is Iove.
I didn't know what that meant.
I thought trust was the most important.
I was so stupid.
I didn't trust you once...
And so we drifted apart.
I didn't know what Iove was.
So, I thought trust was more important than Iove.
But now I know.
We don't Iove because of trust, but we trust because we Iove.
If we Ioved each other more...
There wouldn't be a problem.
Why didn't I realize it then?
The times I spent with you...
Were so precious.
I realize that, now.
I can't do it anymore.
I don't have anything to say.
Have you ever seen the movie, 'Cyrano'?
I know the story. I saw the play in France.
I watched it recently cuz someone recommended it.
Most people would sympathize with Cyrano.
But I sympathized with Christian
Who asked him for the Iove Ietters.
Why he had to do it.
The important thing is...
As much as Cyrano...
Christian loved Roxanne, too.
He must've Ioved her desperately...
To ask for something so crazy.
Because he Ioved her that much...
I Iove you.
I Iove you.
I Iove you.
This is me talking.
I mean...
This is pure from my heart.
No more fancy words. AII I can say is...
I Iove you.
The sea is a beautiful color, isn't it?
Now, the big, white clam.
My Ieg.
That's how you get over a trauma.
Now, for the finishing touch!
Seal it with a kiss.
Like you practiced.
Looking good.
Stay right here, Hee-joong.
Why didn't they tell me in advance?
How should we do this?
He hits me first, then I punch back?
Why hit so hard?
You're a hard man to find.
Didn't think I'd follow you all the way here.
I thought you'd just go to a motel in the country.
But the sea is nice.
What are you doing, Mr. KWON?
What? Iike you don't know.
You betray me and act all innocent?
I thought we were friends, pal. But I guess you didn't.
You Iose all my money and disappear?
I did it by the book.
By the book my ass!
Since when did you play by the book!
Just take him away.
- Get him! - Yes.
What the hell?
Where do you think you're going?
Run if you can!
Let's go!
That way's the sea, fool!
Why make us run?
Should've went that way, huh?
You can have me, but Iet her go!
How amusing.
You Iame fool.
Bury him.
What the hell?
I don't believe this.
Who are you?
Someone passing by.
Then keep passing by, fool.
There are two types of people.
Those who see something Iike this and just walk past.
Or those who stop and make things right.
I'm the Iatter.
The Ladder? Who's that?
- Sir? - Ever heard of him?
I think I did. He's good.
Right. I knew it.
Too bad.
We're better than you.
You're no match.
Take that stupid thing off.
Get him!
Stupid bastard.
What the!
Go! Hurry!
What the hell! Get him!
Hey, Helmet.
You should've kept walking. So much for your rep.
Where's Sang-yong?
Where is he?
- There, sir! - Get him!
- Sang-yong! - Wait!
What is it?
This is a military zone.
We'II take you and your men for assault, blackmailing...
trespassing and other charges to the police.
Stop right there!
This is crazy!
Ow my head.
We came way too far.
- Get in! - I will!
They're shoving me in the car!
- Put out the cigarette. - I will!
Good work everyone. Great acting.
Why'd you do that?
Just follow-up service.
I had those punks scared!
How about some sushi while we're out here?
I hate sushi.
Look! The waves!
Smack! Smack! Smack!
Gapyung Rest Stop
Go! Hurry!
Hammer what? Is he an artist?
Are you still acting?
I guess.
In a broad sense.
Who's the singer of this song?
Excuse me? Do you have a cigarette to spare?
Thank you. And the Iighter?
AII the food's on me!
It was you.
No, Roxanne! It's not me.
I should've known it was you.
No! It wasn't me!
It was you.
You wrote all the Ietters.
How've you been?
Did you watch the play?
Looks Iike a hit this time.
It's a great play. Cyrano...
You've changed. Looking good.
Remember the first time we met?
You taught a workshop in my freshman year.
You were a drama major,
But was interested in stage art.
Not too fast!
- Step aside. - Yes, sir.
Watch carefully.
Let's stick to the script.
You know I hate ad-Iibs, right?
Written and directed by KIM Hyun-seok