FM Modulator tutorial

Uploaded by 5p34k1ng1nt0ngu3z on 17.08.2009

all right
first you've got to...well...
start up the car
because if you don't start up the car then you're going to lose the settings on here
and right now is looks like it's set up to 87.5
and its going on the first track
you can press this right button right here
to go to track two (2)
track three (3)...track four (4)
so on and so forth
and you can go back a track here
if you press and hold
on the right-most button, that gives you Volume
so it goes 01 to 16
if I press
the "A" button
as you can see
that brings your Channel down
by point..., .2, .3 increments
do the "B"
it goes up
uh...right now you can barely see
this little...uh...
this little SD card in there,
in the back
kinda goes upside-down instead of right-side up
so I'm gonna plug it back in
as you see on my
I've got to have it turned to the right station, so 97.5 is what I've got it on
on my remote
I'm going to press
ninety-seven (97)
five (5) nine-seven-five (975)
and I'm gonna press
the middle "Channel" button
if I don't do it fast enough then I come up with an error message
so, nine-seven-five (975)
and the "Channel" button, right there in the middle at the top
and now I've got something playing
let me go ahead
and change the track
so I'm going to put five-zero (50)
so that's going to change it to track fifty (50)
and eventually it will start playing here
there we go [Playing Janelle Monae]
and now its playing
I can do
fifty-two (52)
this'll work with a 2GB, 4GB, and an 8GB...that's what I've tried it with
so far
um, you can change your Volume also with the controller as you can see with these plus and minus
you can change the Channel with the green ones here and you can also Pause it
and restart playing
its got a couple EQ settings
that you can use...uh...I don't use the
the "100+" or "200+" buttons...uh... all I do is just, you know, type in one hundred (100)
and it will go to track 100
there you go
I think that's about it