To the Deaf Community on YouTube

Uploaded by UpDownMostly on 09.12.2009

So one of my subscribers sent me to this video "What does deafhood mean to you". I was able
to follow along for the first part of the video where there was some close captioning.
The rest of the video is silence for me. I began to think about what that would be like
for someone where their entire world and their entire experience is in fact silence. Now
this particular video is about deaf community and being part of the deaf community. I'm
not sure I belong there. So I'm making a video and I'm going to use the close captioning
that Google offers. YouTube offers in it's video capabilities and see if I can make a
video where the close captioning will be able to show what I am saying while I'm making
my video to the deaf community. Now I'm not sure, as I said, that I even belong taking
part in a discussion with deaf people. I am not deaf. I don't live in that world. But
in watching the video about "What does deafhood mean to you" it is very clear that there is
some really cool people out here on YouTube who just happen to be deaf. That doesn't mean
that they don't have something to contribute. That they cannot be part of the greater community.
That they cannot participate in greater discussions. But I got to thinking about, would deaf people
even be interested in the first place in me getting involved in a discussion with the
deaf community?
So I am making this video primarily to say that I was really impressed with the video
that this particular user made ... and let me find her user name AVBRIA on YouTube and
judging by the responses and the comments there is a large deaf community on YouTube.
Unfortunately I don't speak the language of deaf people. I cannot sign. It's always been
one of those things that I've thought about learning as you go through life you think
ohhhh I'd like to learn this language or that language. Learning sign language has just
never bubbled up to become a top priority. Perhaps if I got more involved with the deaf
community it might become important enough for me to learn it. So I guess my question
is to the deaf community do you even want this guy involved in the discussions that
you are having about the deaf community, it's place in the world? Do I have any kind of
a viewpoint that would matter one way or the other? And how is it best for us to communicate
if we are going to try and have a dialogue of some kind? So that's why I'm doing this
video. If for no other reason then to say to the person who made this video ... this
is a very good thing that you have done. And I really admire the fact that you put this
video together for the deaf community here on YouTube. And I am hoping with the technology
that Google is implementing that allows you to upload a text file of what you are saying
and their systems will sync that file up to you speaking in your video. I'm hoping that
will work in such a way that I can make this video and it's still accessible to the deaf
people that are hear on YouTube. So, that was my purpose in making this video. It was
to introduce myself. My name is Tim. And I'm interested in your community but I just don't
know if I belong getting involved. And I'll leave that up to you folks to tell me one
way or the other. Thanks and have a great day.