Steve answers 07

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Hey, again I'm going to answer some of your questions, because no one of you guys sent
us anything worth reporting. Oh and you can stop sending questions for a while, since
we got a loads of them.
If your full name is "Asshole Steve" then what is your first name Asshole or Steve
- some fucker with spongebob avatar
I don't know how many times I should stress this, my name is not actually Steve, nor is
it Asshole. Just watch previous Steve answers. Asshole is just a title, it's like your mother
is a Whore and you are an idiot.
If you cause a Resonance Cascade, what do you do?
I would shoot bunch of marines and aliens, I would be few years in stasis and then I
would have a very good chance of having sex with Alyx. After she would stop crying due
to her lost of her father, I'm not a monster.
What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
African or European swallow?
What would you do if: A. Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black fought
to the death, and both of them died? B. The US Government put a tax on MeganSpeaks'
existence for $1,000,000 and she didn't have the money to pay for it?
I would consider that maybe there is a God, possible Zeus, Thor or Mars, and he loves
me. Just a note here, I'm not opened to any Gods that are currently being worshipped.
Are you and Vol Jang alcoholics? -SteakOfAnger