¿Cuán Sexy es Demasiaso Sexy en el Trabajo? - ¡Oye! con Johanna Torres - Temporada 3 Episodio 1

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In this episode of ¡Oye!
...and I believe as Latinas we tend to look for clothes with bright, vivid colors...
What would be the number one rule?
If you are working at an American company you can't walk in with all these colors and a pineapple on your head!
In this episode - How sexy is "too sexy" in the workplace?
>> Johanna: Here with us is Sandra Ortiz, Staff Writer at MamásLatinas.com
And Marian Albornoz, who is a journalist.
Both of them are "fashionistas".
They are two of the most fashionable women I know.
I feel honored to have you here.
>> Marian: Look who's talking, the one who looks gorgeous today!
>> Johanna: I'm very happy to share your ideas about how to dress,
and obviously I understand that there's a place for everything,
but let's picture, for example, a woman at an office
wearing a very tight skirt and with revealing cleavage,
a lot of make up, etc.
What does this say about a woman in a professional environment?
>> Marian: I think that when other women are around ...
I've heard it before...
"She must be sleeping with the boss."
"Look at her." or "She's doing, I don't know what."
You see? And it takes you to that place,
it makes you think something else,
so you have to know how to dress.
At the office with your coworkers, you have to be more classy,
more decent, I would say.
>> Johanna: Well, I know because I see you, Sandra, every day...
you are always perfectly dressed and you think about this a lot.
What happens when we judge,
mutually sometimes, when we look at the way other people dress?
Do you think we are unfair sometimes?
>> Sandra: I think so, because really it's not a woman's fault if she has well defined curves
and that it could, to a point, be a problem for her.
And for us to be judging her or saying "Why is she wearing a tight dress?"
when, really, she looks good wearing it!
And I believe as Latinas we tend to look for
clothes with bright, vivid colors
and maybe that's one reason why we attract more...
well, in my opinion...
that we get more criticism and also more attention.
>> Johanna: And there's nothing wrong with a little bit of color, and with wearing accessories
and like you are saying, as Latinas, sometimes that's our style.
>> Marian: We are tropical, we are from the Caribbean!
But to that point...
did you hear the news report about a woman who worked at a bank?
She was fired because of her curves,
and because of the way she dressed,
She had a very small waist and her hips were like this...
>> Johanna: But it's not her fault.
>> Marian: She claimed she wore a turtle neck
but it was very tight and everyone was like ...
and she was fired,
and she sued them... so there's an example.
>> Johanna: From each of you, what is the number one secret or tip
for dressing at the office or at work?
What would be the number one rule?
>> Marian: Hmm, a little boring.
I remember because ...
>> Johanna: I have a hard time picturing you being boring! Never!
>> Marian: Actually, when I was a newscaster at Telemundo
they would tell us to dress in solid colors.
On TV you can't wear busy clothing, especially if you are on the news,
so it makes sense.
>> Sandra: In my case I try to choose one element to focus on.
For example, it can be the dress or the accessories.
I try to always look for one thing that catches the eye,
and I try to make everything else as subdued as possible.
>> Johanna: And for example, obviously we work at an American company,
and we work with Latin and American women,
typically when we look around it's clear that we like different things.
Should we fine tune or adapt to the American way
so that we feel more comfortable at a general market company,
and so we are perceived with the same professionalism?
>> Marian: I believe so. I believe we should adapt a little.
If you are working at an American company
you can't walk in with all these colors and a pineapple on your head!
You have to be more in tune with them, especially with Americans.
I don't want to call them simple, but ...
they are a little more conservative.
>> Sandra: Let me tell you about something that happened to me.
I went to a conference where there were a lot of American women,
and they were all dressed in a very somber way,
and I walk in with my bright pink dress
>> Johanna: With the pineapple on the head ?!
>> Sandra: I could be spotted from miles away!
And that's when I realized that in this country, in certain events
I had to tone it down.
>> Johanna: Even with shoes.
Sometimes I look at my shoes and I laugh and say "I can't wear these to the office!"
I have to be careful. And obviously we have to have think about our image
even when we go to a job interview.
You don't want to give the wrong impression.
>> Marian: It's the first thing they do, they look at you from head to toe,
so it's better to be safe than sorry.
>> Johanna: Well, thank you very much for sharing all these insights.
Obviously you are two successful women
and you have gotten to where you are because you know how to present yourselves
in way that shows you are intelligent women,
and as women who move forward
but at the same time taking some fashion risks,
because that's what fashion is about -- having fun.
Thanks for being here.
>> Marian and Sandra: Thank you
>> Johanna: So there you have it --
Everything that has to do with dressing for work.
Everyone has their own style,
and we all have different dress codes according to the company we work for,
but the important thing is that we don't lose our sense of personal identity,
as long as we do it with consideration and respect for our surroundings.
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>> Marian: I was missing the pineapple on my head with this outfit!