Mahabharat - Episode 14

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The story of the Mahabharat...
... and the story of Braj cannot be compared
And yet, without understanding this story...
... it would be impossible to understand the Mahabharat...
... because Lord Krishna is the Great Hero of Mahabharat
Which is why I have paused in Nandgaon
So, sit by my side...
... like a disciple...
... and listen to the story
I, too, will enjoy it
I have been listening to this story for ages...
... yet, it gives me the same enjoyment...
... that it did before
The story of how Vasudev...
... brought his eighth son to Nand...
... Yashoda's love and Radha's adoration...
... or Lord Krishna's friendship with Shridhama...
See the story of the boy who came to be known as...
... Nandlal (Nand's son), Kanha, Krishna...
... Yashoda's son...
... Neelmani (Blue skinned), Butter Thief, Murlindhar...
... Gopal (Cow-Tender), Manmohan (Heart Stealer)...
... and understand the essence of India
Why don't you take your friends to your house?
Yashoda thinks you do not steal butter
Today I'll prove it to her
Wait here I'll fetch Yashoda...
... and ask her whether she believe me or not
What are you saying sister?
He is a mischievous boy but not a thief
We have enough butter so why should he steal?
So, come along and see for yourself
I am not going to listen to you today
I have caught him red-handed
Come in for a minute
There is Kanha
O my God!
My respects aunty!
I told you not to call me that!
When did you tell me?
But how's it possible?
Kanha do something I am hungry
The entire village is alert
If you are hungry then come with me
No Kanha. No!
We were caught here last time
But we escaped
Aunty complained to mother But she did not believe her
She will not complain again
What's wrong Malati?
Go in and see for yourself
Kanha... your mother!
Come down! Jump!
Isn't there enough butter at home?
Now I have realized that you are really a thief
You are harassing the entire village
Today I have caught you red-handed
Didn't you eat the butter?
Mother O Mother!
I did not steal the butter!
What are you waiting for? Let's play
How? Kanha is yet to come
He won't be coming
Don't you all tease him
Yes, because he bosses over us
-But we enjoy it -Isn't that so?
Of course, we enjoy it
When Kanha is here...
... we all tease him...
... and he gets angry
But yes, he does boss over us
Balram has assured us that he won't boss over us now
Yes Balram has said that if he bosses again...
... he will scold him
Then let's call Kanha
He won't come. He is sulking
We will coax him
Let's see what Kanha does Let's go
Shridhama is to blame
I don't know about that
But he is Kanha's true friend
He is restless without him
Come Kanha let's play
I don't want to!
Okay, you win we lose
Come on Kanha. Listen to them
Now you'll be caught Kanha
O God! It's my turn!
-You are bossing again -What did I do?
-Liar! -No. I am not!
Now your telling a lie
-I did not lie -I won't play with you
Look Balram he is pressurizing us
He is a big man's son so he thinks he can boss over us.
Ask him to play with me Tell him I don't cheat
How can I say that?
You do cheat sometimes
But I don't understand this trait in you
We are an honest family
Our parents are both straightforward
Now I understand
Our parents are fair...
... but you are dark. Why?
I know why! You are not their son
You are adopted
You, too, have joined them?
Come let's ask mother whether...
... I am her son or not
I have my doubts Kanha
I won't play with you all
Kanha has run away!
Come Narayandas. Sit down
Two more cows have disappeared
What happened?
The cows were at the river when...
-... they fell in - Fell in?
That's what I said
What shall we do now?
If this goes on...
... there won't be a single cow left in Nandgaon
We should do something about Kalia Naag
But what can we do?
That's true!
How long can this go on?
Kansa made us leave Gokul and now Kalia Naag will...
... make us leave Nandgaon
This, too, is Kansa's doing
He has poisoned the water
It looks like we will have to leave Nandgaon
Once we do that we will be outside the land of Braj
Do not be disheartened
Everything will be okay
Trust in God. He will protect us
Where to Kanha?
I am going out to play
Wait! I am coming
Kanha has come!
We have been waiting for you Kanha
Where's the ball Shridhama?
Here it is! Let's play!
Hit Kanha!
This time Shridhama was hit, Shamsakha
Throw it here Kanha!
I want my ball back
I don't know! I want my ball
From where will he get the ball?
He can dive into the Yamuna...
... but I want my ball
Okay! I'll dive into the Yamuna and get it
Stop him Shridhama! Stop him!
Why should I? Let him get my ball
But the Kalia Nag!
So many cows have died here
Are you Kanha's enemy?
Wait Kanha! Wait!
Are you mad Shridhama? He will be killed
I want my ball back
I'll get you a new ball
I want my ball. Not a new one
That was a wicked thing to do Shridhama
Shridhama you compelled Kanha to dive in
Hit Shridhama! Hit him!
O God! Protect Kanha!
-What's wrong? -Mother... Kanha...
What happened to Kanha
Tell me Shridhama
I didn't do anything
We were playing when the ball fell into the Yamuna...
... and Kanha jumped after it
-Kanha's father -What?
Kanha has dived into the Yamuna
O my God!
Kanha! My Child!
Take me there someone
What happened Shridhama?
Go straight Shridhama
Mercy my Lord! Mercy!
You are the eternal Truth
You are my refuge Lord
Forgive me!
Then give me your word that you and your family...
... will leave this place
It will be as you say my Lord
Spare his life my Lord
Forgive him my Lord
Go in peace!
Kalia has been vanquished...
... and the waters purified
The sweet music of the flute...
... will be heard on the bank forever.