Lord Double My Anointing 2

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go by me I wish you'd just adjust your plan for me adjust your plan sometimes I wish the scriptures would go away I wish you'd just move them out it isn't really here we do like the man who wants to do something does he calls one doctor and the doctor
says no you're sick and he calls another doctor and he tries to get as many doctors as he can and finally one says you're alright and so he goes for the one that says you're alright I know when you're struggling saints you call one saint and
say now did you understand just what that meant and then they didn't give you the answer you wanted so you call somebody else and you know did that really mean you keep calling until you get the answer you want
you see sometimes you wish the word would go away can you adjust this for me can you just fix it so I can get through this and not only do you wish the word would go away sometimes we have justification generators you know we know how to justify
what we feel like doing and one of the easiest ways to do it is to say well everybody is doing it um-um you see if you love me why are you going to let me suffer like this and so Jesus is saying you can make it easy on me and
you can make it easy on me and 'cause I know you've got limitless parameters so if it be possible let this cup pass three times and he wouldn't let it pass so finally he comes back and says
nevertheless not my will but thy will be done now we're talking relationship I wish you'd hear me because he was at the point where he still didn't want to die and that proves his humanity
if Jesus was born for no other reason than to die and he had to struggle with it when he was a lamb slain from the foundation of the world then certainly you and I who are born in sin
will have to struggle to get through here oh I feel like preaching touch somebody and say embrace your struggle you got to embrace it you can't run from it now
you see the measure of agony is let it pass the measure of destiny is if it be possible change my destiny but when you realize your destiny is not going to change then you got to deal with the agony
of your destiny ah God wants to put you in the palace you can't afford to stop at Potiphar's house God wants to make you ruler of Egypt you can't afford to be slave to Potiphar's wife
ah I feel something pushing me and so the measure of agony and the measure of destiny is now seen with the measure of submission 'cause you got agony with destiny
now you have to submit the pain is too great for me to will it ah the pain is too great for me to will it for myself but my love for you is so great that I will do what I will not will for myself
because of my love for you if you don't have a relationship with God you can't get through this honey dear sir dear ma'am hurry up and get married because if you ain't got a relationship
you can't stay single the right way I feel something pushing me here so I'll give in to your will but I'm still feeling like I'm feeling I'm not willing to receive this pain but I'm only willing to do
your will ah I hope you're with me I don't want to give her up I don't want to give him up but I'm willing to do your will this is not about me God you know I like what I like
and I need to have what I want to have but what I think of my relationship with you I want you to know Lord that's the only thing keeping me [applause] it's this ability then
to give in without a struggle that ignites Paul's language about self but not only Paul Paul is not the only one here Job was a paradigm of virtue when you talk about Job his name was
Job he was upright perfect and he eschewed evil in Ezekiel they talk about Job they say those three men who know him Daniel and Job were in Israel they would only deliver themselves
for their righteousness James looks at Job and here's what he says he says we behold we count them happy which endure you have heard of the patience of Job but when Job looks at
himself here's what he says he says I abhor myself and repent in dust and ashes Daniel look at him alas oh Lord we have sinned and done wrong we are covered with shame because of our
sins against thee Isaiah said woe is me for I am undone you have to know yourself and you have to talk about yourself in real terms to yourself its one thing for the devil to deceive you but it another
thing for you to deceive yourself ah I feel it here I got to go the other way I sure can't go down that road I got to call somebody else I sure can't call this person I can go out with everybody
but this person if I'm intending to do the will of God uh-uh-uh you see Paul when he looked at himself the closer he got to God I want you to see in Corinthians he said I am the least of the apostles not
fit to be called an apostle because I persecuted the church of God now he starts with being least in Ephesians before that he talked about himself not being one behind any of the apostles
now he becomes the least of all the saints in Timothy he's ready to die he becomes to Christ the chief of sinners now notice his progression the closer he got to Jesus the less he felt about himself
when you feeling high on yourself that's when you become vulnerable to the attack of the devil you got to look in the mirror and tell yourself I can be dangerous because everybody in this house
have some danger written up on them and unless you will admit it can I preach it like I feel it look over your life and look at the bodies you have left on the side of the road everybody in here no matter how sanctified
they talk can be dangerous everybody in here can wreck home wreck lives tear up emotions ah I feel something pushing me here it is true now Walt Whitman said this he said I think I can turn and live with animals
he said they do not swear and whine about their condition they do not lie awake and weep for their sins maturity suggests when I get to a certain age it suggests an awareness of self if I'm going to be anything in
life especially walk with God I have to have an awareness of self but an awareness of self stimulates an awareness of needs if I didn't know me I wouldn't know my needs its alright to know me and know my needs
but now an awareness of needs brings anxiety worry and guilt particularly when I can't fulfill what I need now then an awareness of self awareness of needs now brings another awareness and that is my ability
or the inability to fulfill the needs that I have when I'm guilty now noting we didn't need what we needed or I'm lessening your needs I'm trying to act as if I don't have great needs and so like my father would say the
richest one of us is the one who has the least needs but my guilt comes when I can't fulfill my needs and if I could fulfill them I fulfill them in the wrong way that brings my guilt because I don't seem to have the capacity
not to fulfill my needs and I get guilty if I don't have the patience to wait to fulfill the needs the way God wants me to you see God was the one who gave me my needs and God has to have a plan to fulfill my needs
when I trust God I will wait for God to fulfill my needs when my faith and trust are not there then I will take it into my own hands but the reason I've got the pain I got its because I've fulfilled my needs my way
and didn't wait for God to give it his way so my way turned out to be temporary where God has a permanent way to set me free can I preach like I feel it the anxiety that exists when we consider what we have to do and
we have to interact to fulfill our needs and this now opens me to a new danger because now I have to interact to fulfill what I feel and when I interact if I'm not careful I don't know who I'm interacting with
when I'm having a problem trying to stay holy I don't need to interact with somebody who is not trying to be holy themselves ah God I feel it I feel it I might as well preach it when I'm weak I need to be somewhere with somebody
that's a preacher you know you know you just got to get strong now let's pray through here I don't need somebody saying come on come on come on uh-uh-uh everybody's human can I preach it like I feel it
I need somebody to holler remember who you're called to be loose your hold back up a little bit ah I feel the Holy Ghost I need some friends around me who do not endorse what I do but who are strong enough to look me in the face
and say you better let that alone right about now are you over there Patrick where are you 'cause I feel a little church coming on you see hostility or friendly because sometimes we find ourselves in the hand
of folk who are literally hostile and are trying to pull us away from the testimony and from that victory we're trying to have with God because to fulfill even the need to serve God you have to interact with folk
and you've got to have the right person in your group you can't be fooling with everybody give somebody a high five and say not everybody because some folk have already targeted you and they're already ready to take you apart
and the worst hands to be in is to be in the hand of somebody who is doing it to you but got you feeling guilty I might as well preach like I feel it this prioritizing and understanding what comes first and the pressure that comes and the
frustration that comes its Rollo May says as Walt Whitman says of the animals and he's arguing whether the consciousness of self is a blessing or a curse because I know who I am and of where I need to be and where
God wants me to go and yet still in all of the awareness of the greatness that God wants I still have to deal with the negatives of the flesh because sometimes my passion takes me on a side road of my purpose
and I need to get back on the road of purpose because purpose will bring you to destiny whereas passion will get you wiped out I feel the Holy Spirit here can I preach it like I feel it give me just a few more minutes I'm going to close
this person hates sin in the text he wishes to do what is good his inner man delights in the law of God and I know it gets awful when you hate what you do its one thing to do it and not know you're doing it now you got the law telling you its
wrong now you got the conviction of the Holy Ghost and now you're hating to do when you're still doing what you hate sick of yourself say you're not going to do it again and back in the same junk the next time around
I'm going to wait on the Lord Lord just let me out of this situation and I promise you I will never get back in you said it about your credit last year uh-uh and your back in trouble financially this year and hate it you're picking up the shoe and got it
love hate relationship with shoes I love this one this Gucci is sharp here but I really can't afford it and when the bills come you wish you could take it back but you already wore it and sometimes you buy them and keep the tag on
wear them one time hate yourself oh I'm talking to some real folk in this house ah I hate it I hate to be pulled by somebody that I know when I'm through I'm going to be real sick of what I've done don't like you but I got to come to borrow some
money from you I just hate to have to come I just wish I could stand on my own two feet sick of being defeated by something I ought to walk right by I wish I could talk to you and then for you to go back in again can I preach like I feel it
now can you imagine being like Samson you laying up in Deliah's lap enjoying oh sweet Deliah and Deliah suddenly starts asking you about your strength and you tell her what your strength is and then she holler
Samson the Philistines be upon you and out from behind the same couch you were laying on here come your enemies trying to tie you up now its one thing for that to happen one time but for you to go back to Deliah's house
I feel the Holy Ghost I need some real people in here who have decided this year I'm not going in the same circle touch somebody by the hand and say neighbor I've been back to Deliah's house I've been back and back and back
and back and back but this year I ain't going back I feel the Holy Ghost I feel like having church here pull on somebody you coming out of it today you coming out Job's friends their analysis mean nothing mine means everything
because I have to deal with me I have to sleep with me every night I have to go to bed with me and I don't feel like crying every night about something I should have walked right by I don't feel like being held hostage
and having somebody holding something over my pastoral head and can threaten me with something I should have walked by in the first place because some folk like to give in to you to control you oh I know I'm talking to somebody in here
but God says I've got purpose for your life and I've outlined the road I want you to take and I need you to rise up on your level and quit keep going down stay on your level until I send somebody your way
quit lowering your expectation and feeling what you're feeling and just lay hands on yourself and say Lord give me a double anointing that I might get through this moment
something is pushing me here now it is true here then that its the Holy Ghost because David cried out in sin did my mother conceive me and I feel the power of God and I can't live in condemnation because I was conceived this way
I've learned that anything that is not going away they kept running me to the altar mistake just tell me the truth you're going to feel like lying you're going to feel sexy sometimes you're going to feel your libido rise
it ain't going away touch your neighbor and say it ain't going away you ain't frigid you ain't morbid you ain't dead you feel what you feel ah I feel the Holy Ghost I feel like having church here he might not be the one she might not be the one
but the one is out there somewhere and when you run into the one you going to feel what you feel but you got to tell the Lord double my anointing and help me to get by here because what's not going away you have got to bring it under control
if its not going to leave I might as well have church Patrick I don't care how many hands get laid on you it ain't going away after they lay hands on you and you get out of here on a Friday night about 12 midnight and you feel the party spirit
that used to hold you until four come on it ain't going away sometimes you're right in the house of God and here comes a flashback I wish I could talk to somebody it ain't going away so I need the Holy Spirit to hold me
the Spirit that exposes me is the same Spirit that delivers me for I heard him say it shall come to pass in that day that his burden shall be taken off thy shoulders and the yoke off thy neck and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing
somebody in here tonight might as well pray silently and tell the Lord I need to leave this yoke not only shaken off me but I leave it totally and completely destroyed because God's got a blessing coming your way and you are hung up with the wrong situation
and before God can release your blessing you got to release that situation because you can't have the situation and have your blessing too and I'm sick of waiting around the window waiting for my next opportunity 'cause I wasn't ready when the right one came
by I got to be ready for the next one and that might take three more years and at my age I ain't got the time so I might as well sit over here give God the glory and say double my anointing I feel the Holy Ghost in here
give somebody a high five say I know the time is rough when you know what to say you know what to do you got the money to do it and you still got to wait I know the time is rough touch somebody and say the time is rough
but he will increase your anointing 'cause once the Holy Ghost sees the yoke then the Holy Ghost removes the yoke then the Holy Ghost breaks it up that you can't put it back together again God told me I'll mess with some lives
in Atlanta Georgia this year and I'm fixing it so you can't go back I'm shattering it so good I'm messing it up so much that you can't go back can I preach like I feel it God says I'm going to show you the truth
and let you make up your mind because you've been holding onto a lie trying to satisfy yourself but I'm opening everything up and I'm making you so made when you find out the real deal you're going to walk away slam the door
and won't go back no more if you ain't ready for this don't say hallelujah but if you ready for a big break up in order for God to give you the make up then you ought to say do it Lord whatever you got to do
do it Lord I feel the Holy Ghost in here do I have five more minutes just give me five more minutes when he talks about the yoke it is the anointing it means to be rich to be prosperous to be well doing it means riches of the field oil
is a symbol of prosperity and he's going to rain it down on you the blessing identifies the yoke that he gives you the strength to break the yoke all the way up I need a chair I got to preach this thing Paul says the Spirit helpeth our infirmity
which means the Spirit comes together and takes on the yoke in other words the Holy Ghost is feeling your drive the Holy Ghost is feeling your temper the Holy Ghost is feeling your energy and he didn't leave you by yourself
but the Holy Ghost is yoking with you and what he's saying is I'm not going to take it by myself but if you will understand it and all you've got to do is will it then I will help you through but you can't be caught
between two opinions leaving and coming back but you've got to make up your mind Lord I'll be here I'll stand with you until you work it out because the Holy Ghost on the day of Pentecost it sat on them I feel like preaching in here
give somebody a high five and say when I need to do the right thing I need the Holy Ghost sit on me when my flesh is at the other level sit on me when that woman looks too good and I can't get around it Lord sit on me
I need you to sit on me till I learn how to control myself sit on me don't let me up Lord don't let me move I'm vulnerable right now I'm real susceptible right now I'll do the wrong thing right now sit on me hold me down
hold me till I change my mind hold me till I change my thoughts hold me till I decide I'd rather have Jesus hold me I don't want to lose my church hold me I don't want to lose my job hold me I don't want to lose my anointing
Lord Lord Lord hold me hold me I feel the Holy Ghost in here I feel the Holy Ghost tell your neighbor the Lord knows your heart and he's sending you a double anointing a double anointing that you might walk the walk
a double anointing that you might overcome what you shouldn't have in the first place a double anointing give somebody a high five I feel the Holy Ghost a double anointing touch your neighbor say this is the year
of your victory this is the year of your release this is the year of your coming out coming out I feel him in here I feel him in here give somebody a high five say I need his help I need his help 'cause I know what to do I know what to say
I know when to say it and I can afford it oh God but when I think of the goodness of Jesus and all he's done for me send me the Holy Ghost send me more power I want to look at the same person that had me bound
you used to but I'm free free at last thank God almighty free at last now I can walk in my purpose I can walk in my destiny I can walk to the blessing that God has prepared I'm sick of having flesh mates when God wants to give me a soul
yes yes he will increase he will increase your anointing he understands the struggle he understands the battle I want you to take one person by both hands the person a prayer partner by both hands
you didn't come in this house to be condemned and to those who have maintained quality relationship with the Lord we're here to encourage you too and in a moment when you think you should be doing something different
keep on trusting