Targus Laser Presentation Remote review

Uploaded by danieljamesgreene on 23.07.2011

I wanna show you this Targus remote controller.
I love it. It's 2.4 GHz wireless technology.
I got my brand-new MacBook Air yesterday,
which I love, but it has no IR port.
So, there's no way to use, like, the classic Mac remote
Or the newer, um, pretty one like that
which I love the look and it matches but… it doesn't work.
So, I searched and I searched and I found this— Targus.
And it is called…
Targus Laser Presentation Remote.
And it makes this queen feel like she in *control*!
I'll tell you all the things it does that are so cool:
If you look at the back here—nice ridges, very ergonomic by the way—
if you look at the back there's this little thing; you pop it open.
Not only does it have a spare battery compartment which is really nice;
it also has this liiiittle 2.4 GHz receptor in there. Or receiver.
And it only takes one AAA battery. You just snap that back on
and you plug this in to a USB port.

Turn this on with the little on/off button.
[Andy] Wait…
Okay. There's a little on/off button there.
You turn it on, lights up… okay?
Now this is really cool.
I have a presentation open there
and I'm just gonna press this little button
and it's gonna go into presentation mode.
Now I just use the forward and back buttons…
And… of course… it goes *forward* and *back*…
And does all the little animations for bullets
and things like that.
Now, if I want to, let's say, do something else, okay?
Can you back up, mister? Mr. Demille?
So, if I'm like, "Don't look at that, look at me, okay?
Show is ovah heah?
Then I can just darken the screen with this little button.
Which I love. I don't think I've ever had a remote that did that before.
Darken the screen. Screen back to presentation mode.
Right button out of presentation mode / into presentation mode.
*And* if I wanna show you something like…
like my diploma, then I can press this button in the middle
and say, "Oh, look! I got a Bachelor of Arts!"
Anyway, I love this thing. This is great.
This is great. See? Love the product. Targus. I love it.
It's ergonomic… it seriously gives me the wonderful feeling of control.
And I love presenting workshops and this is gonna be great for me.
So, if you wanna do the same thing, you go get yoself a Targus remote! Okay?
Mr. Demille is laughing now! LOL