Jonathan Endean '11

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>> Jonathan Endean: When I think about my time at Rice, I think the thing that comes
to mind most is the amount of different things that I was able to do while at Rice and I think
that Rice is just an absolute wonderful place for all sorts of different opportunities
and things to engage in and all sorts of exciting things to do.
So obviously, like most people, I was involved in my college, I loved doing that but I think
when push comes to shove, the biggest thing I got was
that academic variety that's unparalleled at any place I could have gone.
I came into Rice, ready to be a math major, I was super excited about it
until I hit honors calculus and that's when that dream died.
By that point though, I'd already found a new interest,
I had taken John Hutchinson's intro chemistry class, loved it and thought, you know what,
I love chemistry, I like this teaching, let me be a chemistry major.
So I tried that out and towards the end of my sophomore year, I realized, you know what,
I think I'm going to try to go to medical school.
And chemistry -- well, why don't I switch it to biochemistry, I thought that was a good idea
at the time and it was a good idea for the first few months and then I hit biochemistry class
and genetics class, saw my GPA plummet and decided
that that might not be such a good idea after all.
So finally, end of junior year, I decided, you know what, this science thing, I started out,
I took a lot of classes, I've got 100 hours of credit at Rice in science
but I don't think I'm going to do that.
So I'm going to switch to sociology, this is second semester of junior year
and so my senior year, I loaded up with 17 hours of sociology classes the first semester
and 17 hours the second semester.
And I graduated in four years, four majors later with a sociology degree.
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