How To Kill Christmas

Uploaded by ZJemptv on 22.12.2010

It's become an unfortunately regular feature of the holiday season for conservative Christian
groups, like the American Family Association, to become utterly fixated on one very important
word: Christmas. How important is it? Well, they've gone to the trouble of putting together
entire lists of businesses ranked by how often they use the word "Christmas". And even if
they do say "Christmas", they might still be criticized for recognizing other holidays,
or even just "the holidays" in general. And it seems that merely uttering the words "happy
holidays" is enough to mark you as the Antichrist-mas. So they've embarked upon some absurd seasonal
crusade in the name of baby Jesus to convert the private sector to Christmasianity - as
if their faith is so flimsy that they need Best Buy to affirm its truth. But aside from
the breathtaking entitlement of demanding that your religion's holiday be promoted by
private businesses, and all the rest should be completely unrecognized, think about what
they're trying to do here. If this is intended to actually promote their preferred religion,
it's hard to see how. A business that merely uses the word "Christmas" is not the same
as them saying, "Yes, we completely agree, that baby *was* a magical hybrid god-man!",
especially when they're only doing it to cater to people who think their religion is special.
Businesses don't really care about that kind of thing. So, if you were looking to have
your deeply held beliefs reduced to nothing but an empty gesture to satisfy your sense
of religious privilege, mission accomplished! What groups like the AFA don't seem to understand
is that they're not actually taking over the entire holiday season in the name of their
religion. Even if every business used the word "Christmas", prominently and exclusively,
it would still achieve absolutely nothing. If anything, they're only encouraging the
redefinition of a word from their religion to refer to the holiday season in general.
That's the only part that would be changing. And this is already happening anyway, without
their help. When someone says "Christmas", there's no guarantee that it has anything
to do with religion. The Christmas season encompasses a diverse array of cultural practices,
and the inclusion of any religious elements is optional, not essential. In reality, Christmas
is just a general term for the holidays. And when Christian groups try to force Christmas
on people who just don't care about their religion, they're only encouraging this. And
for all of us non-Christians out there, we can actually help accelerate this process.
All we have to do is celebrate Christmas, by name. I know there are plenty of atheists
out there who still love Christmas. I'm one of them! So why not call it Christmas? After
all, Christmas is whatever we use it to mean. What are they going to do, tell us to stop
saying "Merry Christmas"?