Word Choice for Public Speaking : Using Generic Language in Public Speaking

Uploaded by expertvillage on 27.04.2008

Hey, we're talking about words and word choices and great words for a great speech in public
speaking. I want to talk to you about something else in language that you need to be aware
of, and that's gender use. Now what I'm talking about in gender use is he versus she or he/she.
OK. It is best when choosing your language that you stay away from gender specific words.
You don't want to reference everything as he. You you don't want to reference everything
as she unless you're talking about a specific person. You also want to stay away from words
like police man. OK. A better choice is police officer. Fire man. Well, what's a replacement
for that? It's very important in the society we live in today to keep things gender open.
Alright. Because is it always a police man? Or is it always a police woman? No, it's a
police officer. It's like when I was your age, we used to call them stewardesses. Well,
that was a female term. So then it became stewardesses and steward. Well now we don't
even use those words anymore. They are flight attendants. It's a more general term that
doesn't get gender specific. Check it out.