Passport to English - IELTS speaking test with Lester: Test 3, Part 2 - Individual talk

Uploaded by australianetwork on 12.07.2011

Describe the public transport system of your home town.
In Hong Kong we've got a very well developed transportation system.
We've got buses, double-deck buses, taxis, trams, ferries, underground metro and minibus.
It's, minibus is about half the size of a bus and takes around sixteen people. A lot
of people take them 'cos they're a bit faster than normal buses. And we use the ferry for
carrying people across the harbour because Hong Kong is formed by an island and a peninsular.
In Hong Kong we have an underground metro system for over twenty years and it's very
convenient. You can, 'cos you can get to, from the Hong Kong island to the peninsula;
pretty much you can get to everywhere and a lot of people take it because you can avoid
the traffic. Traffic in Hong Kong is a huge problem 'cos there is so much people in so,
in a small space so we get a lot of cars in the roads. And it's also a very reliable system.
Buses in Hong Kong are very comfortable and very clean. Actually I was a bit surprised
when I came over to Adelaide 'cos I saw a lot of graffiti and tags inside the bus. You
don't really get that in Hong Kong.
Always remember to talk slowly and clearly. Good luck.