Indian GP - Stefano Domenicali, about Race

Uploaded by ferrariworld on 01.11.2011

- Stefano, the first question refers to the penalty
inflicted on Felipe Massa. How did you see it?
- Well, you know me, I’m in the habit of respecting the decisions of the Stewards,
so in this case we have to accept what they decided. However,
I think this time, looking at the footage several times,
that Felipe Massa was absolutely ahead
of the kerb at the apex to the corner and let’s just say
if I had been deciding it would have been a different decision taken.
- The front suspension breaking, the right front in qualifying the left in the race…
- Obviously, these two events, the right on Saturday and the left today
were damaged for different reasons.
We saw that in the collision with Hamilton,
that part of the car did get damaged after which,
it’s probable that going over that kerb in a reasonably heavy fashion,
unfortunately led to what happened.
We will have to get a good understanding of it as it only happened on Felipe’s car.
There is nothing strange or new involved and so we will have
to make sure it doesn’t happen again starting immediately
with the next race in Abu Dhabi.
- There is on the other hand the well deserved podium for Fernando Alonso
who vigorously defended his third place
and it also owed something to a well run strategy.
- Yes, it was a really important result,
because I have to say with today’s performance
overtaking Webber under normal conditions
would have been probably impossible.
Therefore we tried to find a way of getting by him
with the strategy and in this respect,
I have to say we made the right choice.
And I have to say Fernando drove a perfect race,
always on the attack, a shame that he lost a place at the first corner after the start.
But unfortunately, whereas normally
the side on which you find the pole position is the cleanest,
this time it was the opposite and so he was not able to maintain position
at the first corner and had to recover from that.
However, it was a really positive race from him.
- A word on the new Buddh International circuit
of New Delhi and on the whole facility.
- I have to say that they have done an amazing job.
Over and above all the buildings which you can see at a glance are really incredible,
what really struck one and this for the first time
in a long time at a new venue it has to be said,
was the enthusiasm, the way it was promoted and you only had to flick channels
to understand how the news bulletins were just filled with Formula 1,
the drivers, the history. It has been very, very nice
and we are really happy to have been here
for the first time and I think this is a country
that will have a great future also from the perspective of the sport.
- Penultimate round of the championship
at Abu Dhabi and in some ways a home race for Ferrari.
- Yes, a home race, a race we return to with a bit of a painful feeling,
I’m joking of course.
It’s a race where we will continue with this programme
we have been running for a few races now.
It’s very important because it’s producing
some very important data for next year’s car.
And also we have to continue fighting for Fernando
as he tried to finish second in the Drivers’ championship.
- Thank you
- Thank you Stefano