How to Access Netflix® on a Sony TV

Uploaded by SonyListens on 29.06.2012

Hi I'm Peg from Sony and I'm going to show you how to enjoy Netflix video on demand using
your BRAVIA network enabled tv
First you must have a network enabled BRAVIA tv and the tv must be connected to the internet
To see how to do this visit us at or on our Sony Listens YouTube channel
once your BRAVIA tv is able to access the internet the tv needs to be registered with
the Sony My Essentials website
After your tv is registered with My Essentials you will be able to use the tv to directly
access a number of online video and music services including Netflix
To see how to register your tv at My Essentials please watch our video titled What is Essentials
and How Do I Use it?
This video is located on both website and our Sony Listens youtube channel
To access and activate this service you will need an active Netfilx account
We recommend that you create an account and have a computer with internet access available
In addition we suggest that you have a pen and paper ready as we go through these steps
To access Netflix turn on your tv
Make sure you are using the remote that was supplied with your tv to perform this setup
Press the home button on the remote
Using the remote arrow keys scroll to the video icon
Then use the up or down arrows to navigate to the Netflix icon
Now select the Netflix service by pressing enter
You will see a message asking you if you are already a Netflix member
Select yes and write down the activation code that appears on the tv screen
Using your computer go to
Once you are at this site enter your Netflix username and password
Enter the activation code that you wrote down from the tv screen
Click activate and you are ready to enjoy the Netflix service on your tv
Now whenever you want to view Netflix streaming videos just press the home button on the remote
Using the remote arrow keys navigate to the Netflix icon
Once you have selected a video or a movie to watch normal buffering should complete
within 10 to 15 seconds
Just so you know buffering is when your picture freezes or you recieve a message that states
If you see the buffering or this message for longer than this check the speed of your internet
It is recommended that you have at least 2.5Mbps speed for watching online video content
For more information on this please see our video Buffering or Loading messages when Streaming
Online Video Content
This video is available on both or on our Sony Listens YouTube channel
For more tips tricks and how-to videos please visit us at or on our SonyListens
YouTube channel
Thank you