Game Program Attack! - Hovercraft!!

Uploaded by MondoMedia on 17.08.2012

[Purple:] The crown will be mine!
By the sacred and ancient rite of Hovercraft,
I shall be king!
[Orange:] Incorrect. You will never be a dynastic monarch.
[Purple:] Why does a robot even want to be king?
[Orange:] Incorrect.
I am not a robot.
I am a cybernetic organism.
[Purple:] Aw, yeah!
Missile time, you robot bitch!
Call me Prometheus, because I'm bringin' fire.
[Orange:] Correction:
Sumerian would be a more apt name for "Bringer of Fire."
Metaphor: I am Sumerian,
dramatic pause: bitch.
[Purple:] AAAAAAH
You crafty orange f*ck!
Let's end this!
Hey. What the hell is this?
[Orange:] Conclusion: And so we enter endgame.
[Purple:] Who designs a hovercraft to move like a car?
You should be every-directional!
[Orange:] Request: Give my greetings to oblivioooon.
[Purple:] Ah jesus it's so hot!
[Orange:] Agreement, Declaration: Fire is hot.
[Purple:] I'm alive? I'm alive!
I'm s-still in a hovercraft.
Nope, I'm dead.
I'm dead and this is hell.
[Orange:] Correction: There is no god.
But there will soon be a robot king.
[Purple:] I thought you were a cyborg.
[Orange:] Declaration: When asked, I will lie.
[Purple:] Something's seriously wrong here.
Doesn't it bother you that I came back to life?
[Orange:] Concession: Your re-existence is an anomaly.
[Purple:] Maybe I, you know, was sent back to serve a purpose?
The universe WANTS me to be king!
[Orange:] Correction: The universe wishes to watch you die. Again.
[Purple:] What the g******* hell?
[Orange:] Self-correction: Ha.
God does exist. He is hilarious!
[Purple:] Shitting ass, my eyes are boiling!
This is forever unpleasant!
Ah, f*ck this.
[Orange:] Declaration: Rules violation in progress!
Query: What actions are you taking?
[Orange:] I'm gonna pop your hovercraft, climb into your cockpit,
and stab you in the face.
[Orange:] Error. Error. Error.
[Purple:] Welcome to the stab party.
[Orange:] Invitation declined.
[Purple:] Maniacal retort!
Too f*cking bad.
*stab stab stab*